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neion vs.. finally here :P
i did the last parts kinda quick so some things may not looks as good as i hoped :/

well well

includes browseui x86 and x64
and shell32 x86

and inlcudes a wallpaper (not the one in the preview, that one can be found at


:iconpathard: just wrote me :quote:
My friend and I were messing with it, trying to get the thing working.. finally he renamed the folder Neion-Black, and it appears in the menu. It works that way. Not sure why, but.. it does.

So, the folder named neion, has to be renamed Neion-Black. That fixes it.

i know some ppl had problems with this.. so i hope it helps :)

thank u pathard

UPDATE: i have changed the name in some files and done some small changes, so for those who didnt get this to work, please re-download
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i dont know how to download this. please help
can i reverse this change?
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but the theme odd ...
Hey what exactly do you use for the UI Portion on the Bottom Right of the pic? im just seeing my plain Pull out bars and what not.. Thanks and great job :D
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qko e mersi za vsi4ko nego znaeh :D
i can't seem to install it?
when i download it, and try to open it via the personalise>themes etc it doesn't show up?
then if i open it with jZip and extract, it shows up but it just a bunch of empty files?
please help :/
How did you that dock saying FFX IMC etc.. and those things on the right side?? thanks!
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Sweet, I love it.
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sweet, thx dude
hi i like your theme that u guys make for windows vista i wanted to download it can u send me a download link for Neion Vista Theme and ProjectX 2 Vista Theme pls.
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very nice. took me a few tries to get what i was doing there, this being my first Vis Theme change, but man, it was worth it. thanks much. was wondering if u had a few of those wicked sweet icons laying around?
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Jävlar va snyggt thin bar skin!
How to install this theme!!
how do download the theme
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im going to install this, awesome! Btw, what kind of dock are you using?
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omg. I really want this >.<
but i don't know how. :<
how do u like get it to work ? comment back fast i wanna down load it
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I love it! Thanks, man!
I can't find that style selector program anywhere. Everywhere that used to host it, doesn't seem to host it anymore.
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I'm sort of a newbie at doing this, so I'm naturally having trouble downloading and adding this whole thing onto my laptop. Any help?
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