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heres my new visualstyle for vista


this version isnt rly finished yet
well its all done
but there were some more stuff i should do on it
but everyone has asked for it so much so thought i could release it like this right now

To get the best view of this
go to
right click on desktop choose personalize>window color and appearance>open classic apparance for more colors bla bla

hit the visualstyle and hit advanced then choose menu
and change the menu color to something lighter
like white or whatever u want.. light blue maybe
and hit apply

the go back to window color and apparance (where u choose colors of aero) and hit graphite with like 70-80% intensity

and it will be good ^^

includes a BASIC version aswell

i will probably release an update soon

but yeah.. this is what u get for now

hope u guys like it

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