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May 4, 2008
TransblackV2 by ~invaderjohnThis skin just makes Vista Visual Styles rule. One of the best, if not the best, VS on Vista so far.
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ok at last, heres the final

info in the preview

also included readme file

hope u guys enjoy this

other stuff running in the screenshot

is CAD (cd art display)
with a own modded theme

and the weather and sysinfo is yahoo widgets called
widescapeweather and informer
and can be found on yahoo widgets site

and a SPECIEL thanks to TQDgamer98 :icontqdgamer98:
For helping me out with lots of stuff
and made it faster and esier for me to do this
hes been rly great

and i wanna thank all u ppl out there :+fav:'ing my stuff
also made me rly wanna finish this as good as possible

thank u all!

EDIT* The system dll files wont work on x64 machines
and i have sp1 on mine so i think maybe they doesnt work if u dont have sp1

and i heard some guys had problems get it to work
and i got worried, but there were many ppl who got it to work too so yeah
and they work for me.. ive checked it up!

i use tuen-up utillities [link]
to change my VS and so on
i dont know if that has something to do that my system files work
and not for other ppl
but if u can u should test it.. its rly great app and u can do alots with it
and it has helped me out alot when i had problems gettinf explorer to run properly i could just open that from failsafe cmd and change theme or whatever
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a black theme for windows is what i was looking for.