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Transblack FINAL v1

Transblack FINAL version is out

i call this version 1
cuz u thinking of doing more stuff on it
and maybe change som mayor stuff
il see what it turns out

i know there maybe will be som minor stuff i could work on
but hey.. im just a living person
it would take ages to work on it all
and thats why i call this V.1

as u can see in the preview i included som stuff
i didnt include the OD skin cuz, everyone doesnt use that
so u can find it in my gallery

i wanna thank :icontommyboyhr:
for helping me out with some resource searching
and giving some advice

and i wanna thank all guys out there who have given me credits making me wanna work harder on this

i rly hope u enjoy this for now


use vistaglazz (google) then patch ur windows file so u can use an visualstyle

put the folder in normal or autohide
in the windows>resources>themes folder
then go in personalize>window color and apparence then open classic appearance properties to change it

the browseui.dll i recommend to use either total commandor or restorator to change it, its located in windows>system32 folder, in restorator just run it as administrator open the browseui.dll from my theme, and replace it (make a backup of the old one, i think restorator do that for u)

and it should work after u restart explorer

im sry for my bad english!
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how can i download anything??? Where must i click?

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what is that cd case? is that a skin for wmp? i need that xD
hey man...does this tweak make my taskbar look like your taskbar on the top???
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hey can you help me? my explorer buttons for explorer are still the original circular buttons :/
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You need to replace browseui.dll
Its in system32
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wow this is so sexy! Thanks a bunch!
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does it work on 7 64-bit?
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I saw this and was inspired. can you tell me how to do this or send me a link describing. forgive me if am I not supposed to ask. I'd really like to make one of these.
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what wallpaper is that
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I like it very much and use it on both my laptops - you did a wonderful job! It goes really good with both google chrome and firefox (4 beta). And nive wallpapers!

Actually, i like this one better than the second version - i tried these too but it didn't seem to work as well, so i stayed with this one.

Thanks for doing these!
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awesome&neat love it thanx
VERY nice, I have been looking for a nice skin like this for a long time. its really hard to find a nice, simple, dark skin that isn't over the top with crazy (Impressive, yet Memory intensive) effects. As a Web Designer, I try to keep projects functional, elegant, and easily used, this is just that, simple, effective, easy to use. Thank you.

can transblack be a vailable for XP Please?
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I using it now. Best theme for Vista. Clean & Elegant. I like this combination. :P
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anyone got links for working x64 sp2 browserui.dll, all the links i've tried crashs pc help me out :(
Hey. Just a heads up. As someone who uses their computer daily for work and needed a serious change of scenery to look at, I went through and tried various of these differing visual styles. When it comes to aesthetics and functionality (ie it works with MS Office) Yours bar none is the best. Your getting a big fav from me. If you were to put a nature background in the preview shot it would really compliment the reality of this better.
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I wish I could use this with Windows 7... :(
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this is my favorite theme. :D any chance you will make a win7 version?
Best Theme ever!!!
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jäkla snyggt tema! :O

having some problems with the browseui.dll, it won't get recognized as valid .ddl for the cause. any known bugs with x64 OS's?
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how do i install if i run vista on my laptop
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