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NV3-Suite final

By invaderjohn
NV3 suite final, its finaly here :D

been working my ass off this one
made alot of app skins

cd art display
logon studio
GRJ 2.0
Icon pack (png and ico format)
and ofcrs the visualstyle

i rly hope u guys enjoy this
myself i just love it :D

made miranda ([link]) and litestep ([link]) for it aswell but
made it with my good friend :iconimilj:
so we released it separately

well well i hope u all enjoy this
and that everything works like it should

i use :iconpsycob:'s styleselector to apply the VS with arial -1 font
© 2008 - 2021 invaderjohn
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Can anyone please tell my what program i need for the Cd Art Display? Thanks. thanks!
dmc4ever's avatar
OMG! This looks freakin sick! Is there any other way to install it since I can't find Styleselector anywhere?? Also is this compatible with SP2??
zaidie's avatar
tQ sir nice skin
Cool theme. Ville bara fråga, är det msn det där eller vad, ser cool ut vilket fall :D
borg80's avatar
How i install it?
eboye's avatar
Hey, I thought if there is possibility for someone to port this wonderfull VS to win7?
spitfire-exe's avatar

Incredible suite. Will use this fo sho!

And oh, fav'd. :)
Grymt tema!!!!
da-slut's avatar
Can you include a .PSD for the text dock icons?
Fakih777's avatar
Ive been lookin at all ur stuff mate and i love ur designs
keep it up and ill watch u so i can get more of this incredible stuff
gd work lol, keep it up XD
can i have the browseui file for x32/x86 please thanks
TheZeeEffect's avatar
Wow, this is TRULY a work of art. This really blew me away, nice job.
xM477's avatar
Alright, i'm very confused, and it would be hugely appreciated if someone were to to help me out. I'm dying to know how everyone changes there right-click dropdown thing, is it some type of program that does it?
Can someone make a readme that shows me how to install everything
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Snyggt! Anar jag en costumize logga?
invaderjohn's avatar
naeh va inte meningen. men såg sen att d va jävligt likt haha xD men då va d inte mkt att göra åt!
The-Ralphy's avatar
Wow this is just amazing!!!
I love it :)
keep up the good work
sophiasjdu's avatar
hey! awesome VS!
can this work with vistaglazz? i have 64bit nd styleselector is for 32bit vista > <
invaderjohn's avatar
it works when u patched the system files yes!
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What font is used for the object dock? I'd like to create my own icons if that's ok. Thanks
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cant remember.. sry :/
alexs2602's avatar
Ok, thanks. =/ Old PSDs of the icons?
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