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NV2 Final

By invaderjohn
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NV2 final release

i didnt include objectdock and cd-art display
to a pack cuz i thought to put em up individually insted

Objectdock: [link]

CD Art Display:

i put alot of work and time on this one
first i was about just to make one in grayshade

but yeah then i made something in green and thought it looked good

i wont include browseui.dll cuz lots of ppl have problems getting those to work
so if u rly want it and know what ur doing let me know
and il give it to you

cuz i dont want ppl to come to me after and tell me their computer crashed or anything

i use StyleSelector104 from :iconpsycob:
and have arial -1 for font

hope u guys like it.
© 2008 - 2021 invaderjohn
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Hi What is the dock at the bottom?
I want my objectDock to look like that but it looks too mac style on mine... help D:?
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Love the theme and see the amount of time you put into this. I am requesting to get the browseui.dll file from you. you could email it to me if you still have it @
amen665's avatar
sweet........ i despise green, but you make it look good ^^ very nice *thumbs up*
Jointmaster's avatar
Nice! :thumbsup: What miranda skin did you use?
I really like this skin! And may I get the browseui.ddl?
Wow det här är lika snyggt som NV3!! :D Synd att den buggade med max o min knapparna.. :'( men den här gör inte det i alla fall :)
guys guys guys could anyone tell me how to install this one on my lap pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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Anyone know a good GTK theme to go with this?
wait sorry i just did it thanks!
dude the theme doesnt work how come?!?!?! im sp1 32 bite
spitfire-exe's avatar
Impressive theme.

Downloaded and fav'd!
M-cReaTionZz's avatar
Nice theme :)
But maybe a tip for next time, try to make the buttons for closing minimalising and stuff better visable xD
Saviourking120's avatar
Could you send me the browser UI?

Hey can you please send me the browse ui? The skin just doesnt' look complete w/o it. Thanks :D
nice theme but, what iconpackages are u using in this theme? I like it
MyNameIsDev's avatar
DUDE! now THATS awesome!!
I'm sure this has been answered before but i can't seem to find it... how do these work with windows 7? DO they work at all? And where can I find the instructions for applying them?

Thank You
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wow i really like this. thank you!
Trunks392175's avatar
one problem i don't have the wallpaper
jerrys9's avatar
this is beautiful!
heres a link to anyone having trouble:
I like this very much. Just wish you could make a brighter one. This black is too dark for me.
ziltoidtheomniscient's avatar
this is just brilliant!
excellent work dude!
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well...there's a downside for this theme, when i'm using this theme, and i open microsoft office 2007, the office looks like crap...hope this gets fixed!...and its the nicest theme i'm come across so far...tks!
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