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LDTF for vista

it could have som minor bugs.. just started to use aves style builder and im not that good init yet.

but i finished this as fast as i could, like promised

includes browseui.dll x86

x64 browseui.dll can be found here thanks to :icondjabytown:


ok for now it only seems like u can apply this through either styleselector or tune-up utilities
i actually dont know what the problem is.. but im gonna look it up and see if i can find a solution and put up an update for it.


The problem with applying the theme through classic appearance is fixed

so please re-download
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Hey, I have a simple problem. Looks like dll doesn't load properly on my Vista. So no icons, or context buttons are changed. 
What i did, is Install aero, LTDF, style sellector; chanage dll, reselect style using SS;... And few times rebooting pc. Any Advice?
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doesnt work 4 me (
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The BEST theme for vista

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nice theme, but where did you get the wallpaper from?
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Good news! I found the wallpaper, if your still looking for it... [link]
You have to download the wallpapers un-zip it and then you will find the same one used in the theme. The img on the dev is a different color but when you download it there is that version (used above) in the zip file.
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Thanks so much! :)
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Not working for SP2 Vista - Tried to install using Tuneup, says its not compatible with this version of Vista...:(
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Im sort of a total noob... where have you posted instructions for this theme? i got the visual style working but what about the shells and all that are included? thanks man, great theme i cant wait to use it fully
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Windows and taskbar look awesome, man!
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How To Install It ? ?
how can i install this on 64 bit? styleselector doesnt support it...
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Any chance of a Windows 7 Port?

Great vs, +f
Hey man!
your theme is GREAT!
But i have just one question.
some of my apps ( eg. outlook ), gets the message background in grey and letter in dark grey,
could you do a version with withe background / black letter, or tell me how to?
Fan vad grymt!
Är du svensk?
Snälla porta temat till windows 7!
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Awesome theme Featured it on my blog [link]

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OMFG i love the combi of red and black...great job.
where can i find WP and Icons??
what is the browser.dll for?
do i need to put it somewhere?
or just include it with the theme?
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Wow.. Probably one of my most favorite vista themes. +Fav.. Great work :)
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You should continue updating this -- this has so much potential! It's an amazing theme... truly spectacular, it got me off my glass addiction, just needs a little work.
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this is My all deviantArt /Fav i give y 9+
When can whe see more of this kind?^_^
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yeah... looks really nice, thanks :D
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The icons are called Amora, found at [link]

For those who had asked.
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hey, i love this theme, but the text in is two light to read against a white background of windows explorer. does anyone no how to change this?

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