Creepypasta/Slenderverse Blank Information Sheet

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By InvaderIka
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Real Name:
Age of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
Ethical Origin: (Optional)
Place of Origin: (Optional)
Species:  (What are they? (Ex: Ghost, human, daemon etc...))
Sexual Preference: (Optional)
Affiliation: (If they have one)
Occupation: (If they have one)
Date Of Birth:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Hair Color:
Fears: (What are they afraid of?)
Powers/Abilities: (What powers or abilities do they have?)
Weapons: (What do they use for combat? (If any) )
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat:
Weaknesses: (what weakens them or what are they weakest to?)
Strengths: (What are they immune to or really good at?)
Cause of Death: (Optional- if they had died before becoming a pasta/SV OC)
History: (History of your Pasta/Slenderverse OC)
Place/Type of Residence:
Notes: (Any misc. Information about your OC that we need to know)
Theme Song: (If they have any)
Further References: (Link all your other necessary pictures below here)
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Name: the shade

Real Name: jason williams

Nicknames: jasy (he hates when people call him that)

Age: 20

Age of Death: 17

Gender: male

Species: shadow demon

Personality: insane,twisted and cruel to people he don't like

Date Of Birth: 4 mars 2000

Weight: 150

Height: 6,5

Eye Color: dark blue

Skin Color: normal

Hair Color: brown

Powers/Abilities: send his victims to his mind where he control everything that happens in it even if i look real and become a shadow and enter other peoples shadow (if he enter u shadow only u can hear him talk to u.

Weapons: sickle,shadow puppet (can make living shadows has long there is a shadow formed like a human or a living thing.

How S/he kills/wounds in Combat: if he fells to torture them he cuts his victims with the sickle. if he fell like to see them struggle to survive he give them a chanse to fight his shadow puppets if they win the have a 50% chance to leave or 50% to have a quick death by his hands. or if he fells to watch them trully suffer he sends them to his mind to drive them mad and die has they slowly give in to madness if they die in the shadow realm he call it they become undead shadow (a soul twisted to darkness that only obay the shade.)

Weaknesses: purifite metal (metal that have been blessed by any pure gods)

Strengths: att full moon he take his true demonic form but if it is blood moon just hope u not near him when he fel like to play a little game call hide or die.

Cause of Death: fire att a church abbadon by people who svore to protect everyone

Place/Type of Residence: Notes: in slender woods a abandon stone theather.

Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-I9s4LoFDA

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I spent some time looking at this and my Oc sucks lol
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Real Name: Jack Gage

Nicknames: Jack-Jack (by Spector)

Age: 15

Age of Death: 14


Ethical Origin: (Optional)

Place of Origin: (Optional)

Species: Human

Personality: Beastly,Brutal

Sexual Preference: Any one

Relationship: Youngest Brother of three

Affiliation: Proxy of Slenderman

Occupation: Proxy of Slenderman

Date Of Birth: 5/25/2005

Weight: 150lb

Height: 5'3

Eye Color: Red

Skin Color: Very Pale

Hair Color: None

Fears: Slenderman

Powers/Abilities: Stamina,Accuracy,and Agility.

Weapons: Throwing Knives,Two Karambits Knives.

How he kills/wounds in Combat: Kills and Eats them(often while they are still alive)

Weaknesses:Harm to his crush

Strengths: Taking damage, killing

Cause of Death: Missing.

Place/Type of Residence: Slender Mansion

Notes: One of three brothers.

Theme Song: Cut the cord by Shinedown

Further References: Spector (

https://www.deviantart.com/hellcatodst/art/Download-832617161),Suicide (Not yet made)

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Real Name: Alex Gage

Nicknames: Specky

Age: 19

Age of Death: 14


Ethical Origin: (Optional)

Place of Origin: (Optional)

Species: Human

Personality: Calm,Collective

Sexual Preference: Females

Relationship: Elder Brother of three

Affiliation: Proxy of Slenderman

Occupation: Proxy of Slenderman

Date Of Birth: 5/25/2001

Weight: 134lb

Height: 5'11

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Very Pale

Hair Color: None

Fears: Losing his youngest brother

Powers/Abilities: Enhanced stealth,Accuracy,and Agility.

Weapons: Recurve Bow, two Skorpion vz.61,Switchblade

How he kills/wounds in Combat: Shoots to kill

Weaknesses:Harm to his friends

Strengths: Shooting and killing

Cause of Death: supposedly Burnt in school fire.

Place/Type of Residence: Slender Mansion

Notes: One of three brothers.

Theme Song: Cut the cord by Shinedown

Further References: Snarl (Not yet made),Suicide (Not yet made)

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Name: The Doctor
Real Name: mike larsson
Nicknames: mikey
Age of Death:15
Gender: male
Ethical Origin:none
Place of Origin:none
Species: human, undead, demon
Personality: calm, kind mysterius trick his victim with his calm voice to follow him can gett easly angry if u start to disturb his stuff that he don't want u to touch
Sexual Preference: straight
Relationship: single
Affiliation: none
Occupation: none
Date Of Birth: 1968/mars/15
Weight: 65
Height: 175
Eye Color: alive blue and red. dead faint of light blue and wite. demon form blood red eye and bright green emits a faint glow in them.
Skin Color: pale
Hair Color: black
Fears: extrem hight
Powers/Abilities: immune to any kind of poision can trans form to his demon form if he getts mad enugh can climb walls in his demon form
Weapons: sickle poison gas
How S/he kills/wounds in Combat: inject them with posion has he watch them suffer has he did or stab them with a scikle cuttin limb from limb and sew them on to another corpse to use has a scarecrow
Weaknesses: fire
Strengths: fast,teleport when not seen,puts out traps full of poison , can trick his victim to go to places he want them to go, if he gett's anger start to Reveal his demon form wich has four arms twice the size of his original zise and can start to climb on walls
Cause of Death: jeff the killer locking him in a mental hospital feild with poision gas and driping acid pipe.
History: has a small boy mike larsson wanted nothing but to be a doctor to save lifes and cure people his friends and family encurage him to work hard for it but that changed when he whas 15 he meet jeff the killer mike woke up in midle of the night hearing something comming from is big brother room has he walked in he saw that jeff whas stabing him to death when jeff spotted him he said *go to sleep*has he started to swing his knife but mike throw a lamp at him has mike try to run to safety jeff chased him has he ran away mike found a hospital he tought it whas safe but when he whent in there and explored he by misstake whent in a room that had filled with poisinos chemical and acid driping when mike try to run jeff whas att the door waiting for him jeff saw a poision vail and the acid pipe so he took the poison vail and throwed on the flor to spread the venom in the air and he cut one of the acid pipe has he did mike try to run to the door but jeff stabed him in the jaw and locked him in there when mike whas bleeding and succumbed to the venom he died but 2 years latter he woke up inside another hospital has he looked in his diagram his organs and body whas all changed when the nurse try to talk to him but hes tarted to have a mental break down he looked at the nurse thinking she might have coused him to look like this so he stormed out of the room he took a mask to hide his face but when he came out he whas not in a hospital he whas in a lab has he saw on the news paper it said 15 year old mike larsson died by poisoning and that everyone tought he whas dead when he wanted to prove them wrong so he whent to the park thinking maybe one of his family or friends might be there when he came to the park he saw his family and friends talk to eachother when he whas about to say hi he heard what his family and friends said that they dind't care about him that they used him for there own need knowing the betreyal he wanted revange so he whent to a hospital and took some doctor cloth and a sickle he found on the floor att night he when to everyone huse and kidnap them when they woke up they were strap on a table screaming *where are we* has they hear a voice respond *you're in my hospital my dear* has they look on left they saw mike and there friends dead three of them whas cut apart while two of them whas slowly dying by poison has they see mike sliceing his best friend jonas arms of has jonas scream *pls stop mike im you best friend* mike just started to laugh saying *don't worry u will soon look just like me* has he cutt jonas jaw off he succumbed to the wounds that mike put him trough has he stand up reaveling what he look like now hes is no longer looking human he saw that his mom and dad and sister were awake and whent to them with a bloody sickle and a driping syringe gun with a glass barrel filled with posion they strated to scream and cry for mercy mike only responded with these simple word
*don't worry im a doctor*

Place/Type of Residence:abandoned
Notes: carries a bloody sickle wering a oberation mask that have a bit of blood on it wear black torn down doctor clothes have a glass barrel filled with poison
Theme Song: cake www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J_D7S…
Further References: not good at drawing hope someone can draw my killer for me ty if u do
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That is awesome

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(note, i don't have ms paint on my account, so it's going to be all text for now.)
Name: The Silent Child
Real Name: Lilly Ashton
Nicknames: The Starving girl, Ana-Mia,(a cruel nickname, making fun of her anorexia) slut
Age: 18
Age of Death: 13 (died 2013)
Gender: Female 
Ethnic Origin: British-American (her mom is from Plymouth,England, her dad is from Austin, Texas)
Place of Origin: Born in Florida, (the exact location is unknown)
Species: Ghost
Personality: Ungodly cheerful, gets angered easily, very manipulative of her victims, murderous, paranoid
Sexual Preference: Asexual, (it will make more sense in her bio) panromantic
Relationship: in no romantic ones, has a best friend.
Affiliation: none
Occupation: none
Date Of Birth: December 3, 2000
Weight: 86 lbs 
Height: 5'10
Eye Color: (when alive) Bright green (2013-now) deep leaf green
Skin Color: (before anorexia) pale, but healthy (after) sickly green color, close to a puke green.
Hair Color: (before dying) bright, strawberry blond w/ pink streak (after) unsaturated yellow
Fears: (What are they afraid of?) gaining weight, being bullied, sharp objects, blood
Powers/Abilities: She can make a person stop eating/ forcefully sew a person's mouth closed. She can also control shadows to her will.
Weapons: kitchen knife duck-taped to a long stick
How She kills/maims her victims: She either forces them to stop eating, or tears out their eyes, making them see her 24/7, 365, or decapitates them.
Weaknesses: My oc is weak to the light, exorcisms, dry weather, and bullying, but there is only a 50/50 chance of the last one working.
Strengths: her strengths are darkness, possession, rain, and bullying, (again, only a 50/50 chance)
Cause of Death: Gunshot to the arm and starvation
History: Lilly Selena Ashton, born in 2000, was a very happy child. Sure, she had one friend, and her house was small, but she was grateful, until 2009, when her father raped her, making her fear and hate sex. In middle school, she was bullied constantly for her small house and normal clothes, and her small breasts and large waist. Lilly started to develop body dysphoria, and anorexia. She started to starve herself, and wanted to buy "popular" clothes. After this, she lost 15 pounds below her healthy weight. With her counselor, she told her about the rape and starving, and helped her find solace, until the info got leaked, then people made fun of her more, until one person told her to kill herself. Lilly shot herself on June 10, 2013, but died of starvation. After she died, instead of going to the afterlife, she was stuck on earth, so she tried contacting her friend, who thought she was missing. Her friend was the only one who could hear her or see her. They made a deal, letting Lilly murder all of the people that wronged her. 
Place/Type of Residence: The graveyard she was buried in
Notes: Lilly is very thin, so you can see her ribcage. Her digestive system can be scene.
Victims: Lilly's victims are usually men that harass and catcall women, and make fun of their bodies.
Further References: none, sorry :(
Please rate my oc on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being bad, 10 being good.
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With this one, I'm unsure if I should combine the two info of two people into one since one of them is a demon that is possessing (not fully and sometimes only on command) a person that was brought back to life by the same demon. (I'm also unsure of what type of demon that fits what I'm looking for and some links to demonology would help)

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Can I also use this??? 

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you dont have to ask thats why shy has it up.
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Miasma: The Smoke of the Dead by GreenThunder321  Used! The Hangman greatly inspired me!
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fav.me/db54myi Used it! Thank you for making this it really helped. * Skips back home with Mr.Axe in both hands* :3
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Would it be alright if I can use this?
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I need this oml!!
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Can I use for both PantoMina and Jeuel The Card Magician? They are my creative oc.
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I think you mean Ethnic Origin, not ethical? 
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