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Disney World Map Collage by Invader-Zodiac Disney World Map Collage :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 12 4 Saban Libra by Invader-Zodiac Saban Libra :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 1 0 Saban Leo by Invader-Zodiac Saban Leo :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 0 0 Saban Ophiuchus by Invader-Zodiac Saban Ophiuchus :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 0 0 Saban Capricorn by Invader-Zodiac Saban Capricorn :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 0 0 Saban Taurus by Invader-Zodiac Saban Taurus :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 1 0 Sailor Taurus by Invader-Zodiac Sailor Taurus :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 1 0 Genie!Ace by Invader-Zodiac Genie!Ace :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 1 0
Genie!Smoker X Reader - All Bottled Up (Part 4)
 After the smoke subsided, you saw yourself in the tub wearing a strapless white swimsuit. The scent of the water helped you relax while you checked yourself out. It was a while before you felt two strong hands kneading on your shoulders.
 "I see the master brought you into the bottle." a deep voice brought out, the feeling of cold metal occasionally brushing on your figure.
 "No duh, Sher--Luhhh..." you snapped but moaned as your masseur found the most tight spot on your biceps.
 As you snapped out of your massage high, you felt something wet rubbing on your arm. You turned your head and saw a black-haired man washing your arm and part of your neck. The smell of the soap was exotic, like the fanciest perfume.
 You turned around in the bath, so you could have a better look at the guys who were pampering you. He was tan and muscular, his hair short and green like a fresh cut lawn. His robe flowed onto the floor, his boots curled and ears pointed like Smoker's. H
:iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 5 1
Red-Fur in the Rocks by Invader-Zodiac
Mature content
Red-Fur in the Rocks :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 0 0
Genie!Luffy by Invader-Zodiac Genie!Luffy :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 2 1 Genie!Zoro by Invader-Zodiac Genie!Zoro :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 2 0 Genie!Sanji by Invader-Zodiac Genie!Sanji :iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 4 1
Genie!Smoker X Reader - All Bottled Up (Part 3)
 The next day, you awoke to see your bay window smashed from last night. It had a huge hole from where the punks had smashed through. Plus it was a cool morning, so the last thing in your mind was to feel cold in your shirt and shorts.
 "I wish my window was repaired." you muttered with a sigh.
 You failed to notice Smoker behind you.
 "Your wish is my command, (Name)." he confirmed and unleashed a snake-shaped puff of smoke.
 It not only repaired the bay window, but it branched out and repaired every window in your home! Afterwards, the cloud of smoke returned to Smoker's hand.
 "That's one wish down, master." he huffed and gently bowed to you.
 "What'd you do to all the windows?" you asked him, inspecting them.
 "My white snake transformed the glass into something shatterproof but can bring in more light." he explained, lighting a cigar.
 "Wow..." you compliment before coming back and seeing him light up, "No cigars please. I don't like th
:iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 18 5
Genie!Smoker X Reader - All Bottled Up (Part 2)
 Later on that night, you dressed yourself down to nothing but your undies and your shirt and headed to bed. While you were settling down, you heard a loud smashing noise, like a break-in! You quickly locked your bedroom door and hid under the bed.
 As you hid, you saw the same smoke from that afternoon billowing hard and the scent of cigars filled the air. You had to juggle both avoid inhaling the smoke and trying not to blow your cover. You watched as the smoke slithered from under your door and quickly dissipate. There were screams and punches before the smoke reappeared in the room and dissipated once more.
 "You can come out now, girlie." a deep, gruff voice ordered.
 You looked behind you and saw a silouhette of two boots. As you crawled out from the other side of the bed, you saw before you a man.
 He was tall and very muscular. His attire was a fur-lined vest that showcased his ripped torso like a tarp over a new sportscar. On his bottom half were blue
:iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 15 0
Genie!Smoker X Reader - All Bottled Up (Part 1)
 It was a bright Saturday morning. You were at home, reading a book of fairy tales as you waited for a friend of yours to pick you up. She had just gotten her paycheck and now it was yard sale day. As you read the stories, you came across the story of Aladdin.
 You always wondered if it were you in the boy's shoes. Finding a lamp in a cave, summoning a genie and being granted three wishes, all to win the heart of another. Sure, he started out rough, but you didn't care. The magic almost overshadowed his plight. You were summoned back to reality when you heard the honking of a car.
 After you grabbed your (fabric) purse and your housekeys, you locked up and met up with your friend outside.
 "Hey, (bestie's name)! What's up?" you call out.
 "Road trip, (name)." she replied as you head into her car.
 After you clicked on your seatbelt, the both of you drove off to find the nearest yard sale. From a few rare Beanie Babies to some new clothes, you guys were alm
:iconinvader-zodiac:Invader-Zodiac 22 0


The Crummy Side of the Sea - BIG Color Commission by The-Sakura-Samurai The Crummy Side of the Sea - BIG Color Commission :iconthe-sakura-samurai:The-Sakura-Samurai 39 18 BLUE MERMAID by FERNL BLUE MERMAID :iconfernl:FERNL 108 6 Phantasma and Tanis TF/TG (by yelllowcatart98) by Dommerik Phantasma and Tanis TF/TG (by yelllowcatart98) :icondommerik:Dommerik 92 11 Under The Sea - Request Prize by tifa-bells Under The Sea - Request Prize :icontifa-bells:tifa-bells 16 27 Wilford AndMinerva's Babies by Jesse220 Wilford AndMinerva's Babies :iconjesse220:Jesse220 56 13 Moon Over Minerva for Dcencia by chesney Moon Over Minerva for Dcencia :iconchesney:chesney 69 11 Octopus Monster Girl by MistressAlexandraSHM Octopus Monster Girl :iconmistressalexandrashm:MistressAlexandraSHM 91 14 Bullwinkle Mermoose and Rocky Mersquirrel by RowserlotStudios1993 Bullwinkle Mermoose and Rocky Mersquirrel :iconrowserlotstudios1993:RowserlotStudios1993 14 6 Team Avatar: Under The Sea by ThePhoebster Team Avatar: Under The Sea :iconthephoebster:ThePhoebster 698 267 Gegege goombah by mysterywhiteflame Gegege goombah :iconmysterywhiteflame:mysterywhiteflame 21 6 Super Smash Bros x One Piece by DrkZlave Super Smash Bros x One Piece :icondrkzlave:DrkZlave 150 33 Sandy Cheeks by DolphyDolphiana Sandy Cheeks :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 336 19 Nostalgia Critic DVD Cover Contest-- 2015 by Spectra22 Nostalgia Critic DVD Cover Contest-- 2015 :iconspectra22:Spectra22 168 54 Around the Whirled and Back Again by jbwarner86 Around the Whirled and Back Again :iconjbwarner86:jbwarner86 136 30 +Crossover+ Sexy men by GueparddeFeu +Crossover+ Sexy men :icongueparddefeu:GueparddeFeu 51 102 Encounter by SlugDragon Encounter :iconslugdragon:SlugDragon 7 0


Brianna Marie Thurman
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
:icontradesopen: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconcommissionsopen: :iconpointcommissionsopen:
:bulletred: Skulls
:bulletorange: Marvel (especially Deadpool, Gambit and Spiderman! :spidey: )
:bulletyellow: Cartoons
:bulletgreen: Cooking
:bulletblue: Video games
:bulletpurple: Monty Python
:bulletred: Drawing
:bulletorange: Mermaids
:bulletyellow: Japanese culture (anime, manga, food, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Sanrio (Hello Kitty and the Mr. Men = Awesome!)
:bulletblue: Diet cola
:bulletpurple: Sweets
:bulletred: Shopping
:bulletorange: Disney
:bulletyellow: Ripley's Believe It or Not!
:bulletgreen: Animals
:bulletblue: Plushes
:bulletpurple: Theme parks
:bulletred: Anything 80s-related
:bulletred: Feminists (I'm for girl power, but I absolutely HATE it when they bash everything girly! I'm strong and independent, but I love the Princesses, sparkles and ponies!)
:bulletblack: PeTA (I love animals and I'm against animal cruelty, but that organization is stupid, sadistic and just the biggest hypocrite on Earth!)
:bulletred: VeggieTales (I love God and keep His word in my heart every day, but words could NOT describe how much I HATE that show! ><* Annoying, preachy and the most horrifying CGI I've ever seen in my life!! ><* I'd rather go for Bibleman than to sit through a pradling produce aisle that makes me wanna blow out my brains!)
:bulletblack: Horror movies (It's the mega gory or gross ones I can't handle! >~<)
:bulletred: Chores
:bulletblack: Tomatoes
:bulletred: My brother (Annoys me to NO END!!)
:bulletblack: Bossy people
Favorite cartoon characters:
:bulletred: Nezumi Otoko (GeGeGe no Kitaro)
:bulletblue: Berii Shirayuki (Tokyo Mew Mew a la Mode)
:bulletred: Sanji and Jyabura (One Piece)
:bulletblue: King Dedede (Kirby)
:bulletred: France (Axis Powers Hetalia)
:bulletblue: Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
:bulletred: Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
:bulletblue: Kilala Reno (Disney's Kilala Princess)
:bulletred: Jeremy Hawke (The Critic)
:bulletblue: Pepe Le Pew (Looney Tunes)
:bulletred: Derpy Hooves, Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich (MLP: Friendship is Magic)
:bulletblue: Mike (Total Drama: Revenge of the Island/All-Stars)
:bulletred: Little Miss Chatterbox, Mr. Stubborn, Mr. Grumpy and Mr. Rude (The Mr. Men Show)
:bulletblue: Hoppo and Rhinokey (The Wuzzles)
:bulletred: Mabel and Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)
:bulletblue: Peter Parker/Spiderman (Ultimate Spiderman)
:bulletred: Rick Jones/A-Bomb (Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.)
:bulletblue: Remy LeBeau/Gambit (X-Men)
:bulletred: Dot Polka (Little Dot)



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