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Snow Day [Invader Zim One-Shot]The irken stared at the white fluffy snow and crossed his arms, he was not really thrilled about being outside in the cold like this, but Dib had decided on an outing. It was so cold, and all Zim wanted to do was be back at the base, sit on the couch and cuddle with the human under a nice fluffy and warm blanket and drink warm cocoa. Winter was the worst season on this god forsaken planet, but it was something Zim just had to put up with since it was his home now, and he had grown fond of it over the years.“I don’t see why we need to go down this hill, what is the point, Dib?” The Irken asked, sighing softly as he gave a small shiver from under his coat.“We’re going sledding.” Dib replied. “It’ll be fun, you’ll see.” The human set the bright green sled down on the ground before sitting down. “Come on, sit down in front of me.” He said, patting the space in front of him as he looked up at the alien beside him.A small huff escaped Zim’s lips as he moved to sit down in front of the raven-haired teenager. “What do we do now?” He asked, adjusting his pink winter hat on his head.Dib chuckled a little. “All right, hold on.” He said before pushing them off the hill and Zim shrieked as they flew down, holding onto Dib a moment later. The human laughed and wrapped his arms around the alien as the flew down the hill at a high speed.Eventually the sled slows to a stop and Zim hopped off. “That was…” Honestly, the Irken had no words, but he did have to admit that the little activity had been kind of fun. His boots buried themselves in the fluffy snow as he looked at Dib who carefully stood and smiled.“Fun? Told you it would be.” He replied.A scoff could be heard from the green skinned alien, as he adjusted his cap over his wig. “Don’t be so smug human, it’s a disgusting look on you.” He said, giving a little halfhearted glare.Dib gave a small shrug as he bent down to pick up the sled. “Well, want to do it again, or do you want to go get some hot chocolate?” He asked, appealing toward the Irkens sweet tooth as he knew it was a tad cold for the cold blooded Irken before him.A contemplative look etched it’s way on to Zim’s features as if he were thinking about it a moment. “One more time, then we can go get hot chocolate.” He decided, following the human back up the hill.
ZaGr--Driving Test Ch. 18"Gaz, you have no plan," Dib said, standing up. He ran a hand through his hair and stepped towards her. "You don't know anything about the intergalactic criminal justice system."Gaz walked over to him, eyes bright. "We could make a plan." She turned to Gir. "Do you have a piece of paper?" Gir was still chanting. "Gir?" She asked again, a little more forcefully. Her cheeks were pink, and a part of her didn't want him to stop saying those magical words. But if the plan went well, she would hear them soon enough.Gir stopped and ran over to them. "Cupcake?""No Gir," Gaz said, her face tight. "Paper. Paper to draw on.""Drawing?" Gir said excitedly. He jumped up and down. "I love drawing! I draw nice pictures for Master!""No plans," Tak said, walking over to the three. "And NO paper." She narrowed her eyes at Gir.He whimpered. "But--""No.""Draw--""No! And I don't want to have to tell you again." She stared him down until Gir sadly lowered his head."And she's good with kids..." Dib said, smiling at Gaz and laying out his hands.Gaz looked up at him and raised her palm. "I SO don't want to hear it." She turned her head to Tak. "Look, I know we're not friends--""I don't have friends," Tak spat, crossing her arms. "I don't need them.""That's...sad, but--""It is NOT sad. What's sad is that you pathetic little humans are attempting to create an ultimately futile plan to break Zim out of the most sophisticated prison system in the universe." Tak laughed triumphantly. "And what you don't know is that I have already called the guards to take you to prison too! Ha-ha!" Tak's bracelet beeped, as if on cue."You called guards on us? To take us to intergalactic prison?" Dib knit his brows. "Why? How are we a threat to you?""Not to me," Tak sneered, "But as a royal guard I cannot let anyone, let alone filthy little humans, discuss planning to break someone out of prison." She placed a hand over her heart. "That's a direct threat to my Tallest." They heard footsteps start outside. Dozens of guards clad in glowing blue armor were going to storm the tower any second. Gaz's eyes lit up. "Gir," she said, getting down on her knees. "There are people outside who are hungry."Gir raised his head. "Hungry?""And they really, really want--""CUPCAKES!" Gir ran full force, zig-zagging across the red rug, just as they saw a dozen glowing blue heads start to appear through the frosted glass. Gaz sent a silent prayer to her mom that Gir would please, just this once, use the door; and she squeezed her eyes shut, anticipating the cold metal around her hands, the zap of an electric current, her eyes rolling back, her toes curling, her body hitting the floor, pure dead weight--The door clicked shut. She let out a sigh of relief and a quiet "thank you.""WHO'S HUNGRY?" Gir screamed, his voice muffled through the thick wood and heavy glass. The glowing heads didn't retreat, but they didn't come any closer.Gaz got up off of her knees, her entire body weighed down as if by lead. "So--" she started, but Dib cut her off with a loud thud as he slammed his body into Tak's."The spear!" He cried out, "Get the spear!"Gaz, too surprised to question his command, ran to where Tak had been standing and picked the spear up off the ground. She marveled for a moment at the crackling blue electricity as it crept in and out of the silver etchings. She turned her head to look at Dib. His face was red and furious, his hands clamped down on Tak's wrists, looking back at Gaz."What are you doing? Get over here!"Gaz walked quickly to where they were, and stood awkwardly next to them."I know you're hurt," Gaz started softly, reaching out a hand to Dib's shoulder. "But maybe we should think carefully before--"Tak struggled and took advantage of Dib listening to his sister. She smacked her forehead towards his face and his head shot back, his eyes shut with pain. He let go of one of her wrists to put a hand over his nose. Tak used her free hand to grab his neck, but his pain lasted less than a second. He slammed her wrist back down, his nose dripping blood, eyes wild and huge behind his glasses. "Oh, I don't think so," he said quietly, smiling deviously and shaking his head. Gaz stood as still and tense as a statue, tightly gripping the spear's handle. She thought quickly of what to do next. She had to control Dib, that much was clear. She took a few wobbly steps closer to the two of them "Don't scream," she said nervously, pointing the spear down at Tak's face. It was heavy, and she fought to keep the tip in place as it dipped and swayed in her hands."Or what?" Tak said, eyes dark and filled with rage. She continued to struggle, trying to avoid Dib's eyes, but he kept his gaze intently locked onto hers. "If I scream, the guards come in and kill you."Gaz glanced at the doors. The dozen glowing blue heads were gone, and she felt pride surging in her throat. "What guards?" She said. Her voice was quiet but even, and she let herself smile like a canary was singing in her throat. Uncertainty started to fill Tak's eyes. "Nervous?" Dib asked, voice almost sweet. "Don't be. We just need a few favors."
ZaGr--Driving Test Ch. 17The rain felt like acid on Gaz's skin, and she was momentarily thankful that Zim had bought her the thick coat. It felt and looked like leather, but she knew better than to check the tag. She couldn't read Irken anyway.The sky above was red as blood, with clouds tinged with darkness as black as pitch. Gaz ran through the Irken streets, now empty, calling out for Gir. She came across an overlook and put her hands on her knees, panting. The view was gorgeous, the giant Irken towers huddled up like children, all the purple bathed in a red glow. The rain shimmered, every drop like oil, turning the view into a Van Gogh painting. Gaz noticed she wasn't the only one enjoying it: Gir sat on a bench to the right of her. The rain slipped and slid around his small metal frame. His face was sad."Gir," Gaz said. She stood awkwardly next to him, her hands in the soft pockets. She was sorry to say she didn't know the little robot very well. "I've been looking everywhere for you."Gir sat motionless and silent. Black lightning crackled overhead. Gaz winced as she crouched down in front of him, taking off her hood and exposing more skin to the rain. Her face was soft and worried. She couldn't tell if he could see her; his eyes didn't move. "Let's go back to Dib, okay?" She reached for his hand. Gir scooted away from her. Gaz pressed her lips together. "Look," she started softly, "there's no way we're going to let them reprogram you. You're with us now, and even without..." Gaz gulped. "Even know, you could still come back to Earth with us. We'd take care of you. My dad's a scientist, so he could really--""I'm not going back to Earth." Gir's face was still blank, and the serious words sounded foreign coming from his mouth.Gaz wasn't surprised that this was his reaction. She couldn't imagine living without her dad, especially since her mom died. What did surprise her, though, was how easily she gave up Zim--how she was so ready and willing to go home without him. She couldn't remember what it was like before he came into her life. Gaz closed her eyes and sighed. She remembered seeing him the previous morning: white button down shirt, black jeans, checkered Vans. She remembered realizing her crush on him. She looked behind Gir at the empty wet street. She may never get the chance to tell him how she felt, or how he looked that day...Hot, Gaz thought, but pushed it from her mind as soon as it entered. Now wasn't the time to feel like...that.Gir's eyes focused on her as she was remembering. Her lips moved, her eyes big and desperate. Gir could see how his master thought she was pretty, although he usually didn't understand words like that."Gazzy is pretty," Gir said, smiling. Gaz's eyes snapped back to him and she smiled too. "Thanks," she said, laughing a little. "Do you want to go back to Dib? I mean, are you ready? To go?" Gaz's smile wavered a little. She wasn't great with kids, or pets, or...robots.Gir hopped off the bench. "Will Dib eat some of my waffles?""Sure," Gaz said tentatively. "Yeah. Waffles. Dib...loves those."She didn't know whether to pick him up or hold his hand or just let him be. She decided on the latter. The rain had stopped, and the whole planet seemed to be bathed in that hypnotic dark rainbow light, every alien streetlamp illuminating the buildings. The colors made them look angry and vibrant, and, unsettled, Gaz decided to look at the bricks at her feet as she walked. Gir skipped behind her, loudly relaying his waffle recipe."Am I arrested?" Dib panted, laying on the floor, covered in a thin layer of sweat. "This isn't Earth, idiot. You don't really get any rights." Tak stood over him."Darn," Dib mumbled. He really wanted to say something stronger, but he was worried about Tak's bracelet of pain thing. He didn't want to know the policy about cursing. "So," he started, sitting up. Tak stared him down, her finger inching towards the button."No no no!" Dib raised his hands, bound by the handcuffs. "I just...I'm not going to run."Tak eyed him coolly, eyes narrowed, but put her hand down firmly by her side. She walked to the folding chair and grabbed her spear. "I have something worse than those handcuffs." She glared at him.Dib grimaced. "What is with you?""What?" Tak asked, too forcefully, quickly walking toward him with her spear in her hand.Dib raised his hands again. "I just mean, like, you win. You don't have to keep threatening me, I'm not going anywhere."Tak pushed him down, the toe of her black boot on his chest. She kept it there. "Maybe I just like to see you squirm." She pointed her spear an inch from his nose. Dib crossed his eyes to look at it.For a second there was silence. Both were panting although they hadn't moved. Something electric buzzed in the air, making the back of Dib's neck prickle. Tak's eyes were full of anger and hatred, and something else: uncertainty?"Okay, let's go home." Gaz entered the room, Gir in tow. "How do we get to--whoa." Gaz knit her eyebrows. "What's...going on here?"Tak practically jumped off of Dib, and he sent a silent "thank you" to a god he didn't believe in. He wasn't sure what would have happened if Gaz hadn't walked in. His whole body felt hot."Nothing," both Dib and Tak said in unison. Tak glared at him."Okay," Gaz's face looked worn, and she didn't look convinced. Dib decided to convince her later. "Can we go home now, please?" She looked at Tak. "How do we get home?""I'll have guards escort you out." Tak crossed her arms and jerked her chin in Dib's direction. "But he stays.""What?" Gaz didn't even bother looking surprised: this seemed to be the theme on this planet. "The Tallest have plans for him." Tak shrugged. "That's all I know."Gir ran to Dib. "Do you want WAFFLES?" He happily shoved a plate in Dib's face. "Oh, I..." Dib held up his hands, still restrained. "I wish I could."Gir was silent for a moment, slowly removing the waffles from between them. Then he simply opened the top of his head and out came a robotic arm. The arm, a series of small screens running up the top, was patted and clicked by Gir until it could undo Dib's handcuffs. They fell to the ground with a heavy clang. Everyone stood dumbfounded, their mouths hanging open. Gaz took a step towards them. "Did you just--""WAFFLES?" The plate was back in front of Dib's face. Dib was hesitant, but figured that he probably owed Gir for quite literally setting him free. Dib took a tentative bite. "Mmmm," he started, staring intently into Gir's eyes. He turned his gaze onto Gaz, who shrugged. "Mmmm," he said again, chewing, then "oh, mmm! You guys have to try this!" Dib devoured the first waffle. "It's not even my carb day," he said in between bites, "but--"Gaz held up a hand. "Stop," she said, cringing. "Stop. No more. We get it, you work out."Tak fingered her antenna, feeling shy all of a sudden. She remembered why she had chosen Dib as her fake love and not another human. He definitely wasn't the least attractive human she had ever seen. He didn't look anything like the disgusting beings she saw on Irken TV. "I should probably take you up now," she blurted out. Dib noticed her face was dark red under the green: an Irken blush. He smirked a little; he couldn't help it."Why now?" Gaz was clearly unaware of the buzz between them. Her face was hard and tired."Just..." Tak shrugged. "Zim is probably in prison now.""Zim is in PRISON?" Gaz's mouth stayed open. "Why?""He fell in love with you, and that's treason. He was supposed to be taking over the planet, not using it as an intergalactic Tinder."Dib raised his eyebrows. "You guys have Tinder here?"Tak made a face at him.Gaz didn't speak. She didn't know how to feel. Everyone else ignored that little tidbit of information except Gir."MASTER LOVES GAZZY! MASTER LOVES GAZZY!" Gir danced around in circles. No one felt compelled to stop him, so he continued chanting.Gaz gulped. She knew what she was about to say was completely, utterly ridiculous; and not to mention practically impossible. But it was the "practically" that tugged at her heart. With everyone's help, maybe she could do it. She bit her lip. With all the help she could muster, and all the intelligence in the room, just maybe she could save Zim.
ZaGr--Driving Test Ch. 16"You LITERALLY cannot be this stupid." Red placed his hands on his hips and floated towards them. "I JUST told you that I was going to kill your little girlfriend the next time I saw her, and here you are. I know you know that it takes at least six months to get to Earth. You had plenty of time to flee."Purple stopped packing and stood next to Red, arms crossed. "Yeah, dude, what's wrong with you?"Zim stood still, too dumbfounded to be defiant. "I...don't know." All of a sudden he was confused. Just the morning before he was trying to get his drivers' license, and now he was on his home planet. How did he think this was a good idea?Gaz's eyes looked at him intently, confused and caring. "Zim," she said cautiously, taking a step back, "what's going on?"Zim turned to look at her. The Tallest stayed silent. "I think you should go." The words felt heavy in his mouth."Go where?" She looked so bewildered and beautiful, her eyes catching every kind of light, that Zim had to close his eyes. Zim shrugged. "Away. Downstairs. Gir will take you home." He turned back to the tallest."I..." Gaz didn't know what to say. Part of her told her to assume that this was part of the plan, but the other part noticed Zim's face: worn and tired. She hadn't thought what all this stress had done to him. "Okay," she answered finally. All this time, all this energy, and the Tallest weren't even interested in her--Zim was clearly what they wanted. They hadn't so much as looked at her when she came up, cool and defiant, Zim's hand in hers. Zim couldn't have been a good invader--she knew that. She finally came to the conclusion that she was just a chess piece in their game with the universe, just a ploy to get Zim here. They knew he'd make a stupid mistake. Gaz stepped backwards into the elevator, and rode the way down alone."We are reassigning Earth to a new invader," Red said. His gaze was forceful and piercing, and Zim gulped. "You are no longer fit to serve the Irken armada."Zim just nodded. There was not much else he could do. Two guards appeared at either side of him, clad in glowing blue armor. The Tallest's guards: the toughest in the galaxy. Each one was tall and stocky, like a wrestler. They grabbed his arms and took him away, down a long corridor lined with rooms. "Teenage hormones..." Purple said, barely audible. It was the last thing Zim heard before he was placed in his cell. "Zim," the guards chanted, "Former invader of the Irken armada, you are sentenced to 400 years imprisonment for the treasonous crime that you have befallen upon our Almighty Tallest."The ride down was tough. Gaz felt like crying, but the tears couldn't come. She huddled in the corner of the elevator, legs crossed at the ankles. The doors opened and out she stepped, feeling weirdly...neutral. Like her distaste for Zim was back. But the tug in her stomach when she turned away from the closing doors told her otherwise.Tak was sitting on a fold-up chair looking at her nails while Dib sat handcuffed at her feet. Neither looked particularly guilty or disheveled, which was a relief. Tak just glanced in her direction and pursed her lips. She didn't seem surprised that Zim wasn't with her."Gaz!" Dib exclaimed, scooching around until he could see her. "You're okay! Oh, thank God! I was so worried!" Dib's cheeks were flushed with relief, his eyes big and open.Gaz just nodded. Just then Gir came bounding out of nowhere, rubber pig in hand. "GAZZY!" Gir screeched, running at her full force. He wrapped his arms around her leg like a toddler. Gaz pat his head but otherwise stayed silent. The big question filled the room. Gir was the only one brave, or oblivious, enough to ask it: "Where's Master?"Three pairs of eyes burned into Gaz's skin, all of them already sorry for her. She hated that look. She had gotten it plenty when her mom died--enough for one lifetime. She tried to think of something to say. "He didn't come," she said lamely. "I mean...he just--the Tallest, they--""What your little HUMAN means to say," Tak said, rolling her eyes, "is that the threat to Gaz's life isn't real."Gaz stood still. She had been right. "Yeah," was all she could say. Everyone was still looking at her: Dib with his eyes full of sorrow, still handcuffed and sitting on the ground, looking crumpled like the whole weight of the world was on his shoulders; Tak, with her arms crossed, eyes flicking over her with distaste; and Gir, still holding her leg, whimpering like a puppy.Dib nodded and pressed his lips together, the redness creeping up his neck indicating his anger. "They just wanted Zim," he said flatly, his anger thinly veiled. "And you," he jerked his head at Tak, "only kissed me to distract me." He eyed her bejeweled antennae. "You don't even work in this building, do you? You knew Zim was coming."Tak pursed her lips and looked down at the ground. She didn't speak. She didn't have to."Only one guard in the Tallest's tower..." Dib chuckled to himself. "This isn't their real tower. This is," Dib looked around quickly, trying to gather clues. "This is something else."Everyone stayed silent. Even Gir seemed to know the weight of the moment. He had let go of Gaz and was standing still and silent, his face blank."Can we just go home?" Gaz said softly, head down. "We're allowed to leave. No one cares that we're here." Dib nodded."What about Master?" Gir looked at Gaz, his eyes full of something she couldn't quite place. Hope, maybe."I'll take care of him," Tak said, walking over to grab the small robot's hand. "Oh, great, so now you choose to be helpful." Gaz crossed her arms over her chest."I did not enjoy my time on Earth," Tak said flatly, eyes narrowed, "so you mean nothing to me." Gaz saw Dib bite his lip and look down. She knew those words must have cut deep. Tak had used him, plain and simple, and Dib would be paying the price of that kiss for the rest of his life."Will he go back to Zim?" Dib stood up now, standing at a solid six foot one. His arms were tense. He took a step towards them. "Or, you know, do you melt the robots down and make them into frisbees? Or plates? Or do you just throw them away when you're done with them, like they're disposable?"Gir's robotic brow furrowed, like he was absorbing the words one at a time. Tak patted his head, being surprisingly affectionate. She smiled down at him, teeth razor sharp. "No," she practically cooed, shooting a look at Dib, "we reprogram them. They get to serve new masters every couple of years."Gir took a step back. "But," he said slowly, "My master is Zim."Tak flashed another razor sharp smile. "Not for long."It was then that Gir took off running. He didn't yell anything, which took them all by surprise. Gaz called his name and took off after him. Dib tried to do so as well, but with the press of a button on Tak's bracelet, Dib was writhing on the ground in pain. He groaned."Sorry," Tak said. "I can't let you go just yet. The Tallest still have plans for you."
Dib Membrane by Lykusio
Dib Membrane II by Lykusio
(Invader Zim) GIR the Cupcake Theif Cosplay by KrazyKari
(Invader Zim) TACO TIME!!!!! (GIR Cosplay) by KrazyKari
PC: Zim Commands It! by SilentRosySunrise
Ehh 2/2 by SteelAim
Heh 1/2 by SteelAim
chillin' by SteelAim
Requests IV:2 Fort Invasion by CosmosFiny









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