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Things are seriously starting to pile before Halloween/MangaNEXT and some things in my real life have just sprung up in some really terrible ways. Sitting down to 10 to 15 messages every single night is not helping matters, actually stressing me out a lot more, and its taking me forever to get through.

So that being said, until I get a bit more in front of the ball on all of this I will only be responding to messages from open commissions or the couple (literally one or 2) who are about ready to make payment.

I knew this month was going to be difficult because of the 3 cons in a row with the first on Halloween but its been ungodly rough with other non commission/non con related things tossed into the mix. There have been a number of moments this week in particular I have felt completely overwhelmed with all of it in general and my normal method of working through it isn't really working. That being work on something simple but time consuming and process all of the crap thats got me all worked up followed up with a really hot shower to finish it off. Its been effective in taking the edge off the entire thing but normally it takes care of the majority of the problem.

So to those who have emailed me/noted me and have not received a fast response I apologize. My options really are to either answer everything and possibly screw up things all over the place or push those who aren't an immediate priority a little to the side to focus on what needs to get done NOW.
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Animeisha Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Oh man, now I feel like an ass for referring so many people to you in the past couple of weeks. D:

Since people obviously don't respect 'I'm too busy to reply to inquires about new orders for a bit so I can finish my current, in-progress orders', I'll stop sending people to you until you're more caught up.

Sorry! ^^;
invader-gir Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2010
To be honest its not so much the commissions as I brought a TON of stuff I made over 2 months to NYAF/NYCC that managed to be jammed into 4 or 5, 5 pound boxes of fluff. I walked out with one box halfway full box of stuff that was leftover. Fantastic cause I sold out but was an "OMG I'M SO SCREWED!!!!" moment because I had about 3 weeks to make more stuff plus half a dozen hoodies plus helping the boyfriend with stuff for MangaNEXT since he was a vice chair for the con. This week is now Nekocon and next is AUSA then after that the next thing is Magfest in January. Sooooo gist is, if I didn't completely wipe out my inventory at NYAF/NYCC I would have been fine.

So don't feel bad at all for shooting people my way, I'm taking it as a huge compliment that you think I'm worth the referral. <33
clumsyninja92 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
i know youb proberly have lots of orders to do and your social life
how much is the bulasaur hoodie and the snorlex hoodie cost?
how long will they ake to make? depending of the price...we MIGHT be wanting one before 15th december
thank you!!!
please reply
invader-gir Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
The bulk of the issues are I get ALOT of notes that are "what are your prices for x" and that be it. And although it would make things easier I've been trying be forward with the correct appearance of I only do this by commission. By listing prices its possible for someone to mistake that I'm running a store front specifically for hoodies which could easily create large problems for me in the long run.

Though I did write up a description of everything and what information I need for each commission to give a proper quote. Once I'm done with everything the next few weeks I'll be looking over it again and posting it with updated information.

The specific problem this time is mainly I spent 2 months off and on working on things to sell at cons thinking I would have more than enough for NYAF and will not have to do much restocking before MangaNEXT, Nekockon and AUSA (all 3 are one weekend after another). So the last thing I expected actually happened of almost every single thing I had available for sale were completely sold out by Sunday. That and the personal stuff (got sick or my allergies made my life miserable for over a week and some family related things springing up) outside of con make a huge ball of I've been considering banging my head off a wall.
NikkoWolf Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2010
You sound exhausted, It must be difficult to juggle your work and your life.

If some of the messages are just inquires about sizes and prices , THen perhaps a guideline about sizing and a basic price list could help alleviate mailbox congestion, then you can mark each hoodie / commish as basic, basic-extra,extra , extra-complex,complex (just an example) and give a general price per marking .

Just a thought
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October 23, 2010