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^^ Good times... good times... ^^

Its now 2 weeks since Otakon ended and finally got for the most part unpacked completely from the trip.

Had a really good time. Spent the majority of my time with :iconneoangelwink: sharing a table in artist alley and :iconstillvisions: who stopped by a number of times to hang out while bouncing back and forth from the dealers room. Also had some help from Steve and the added bonus of my friend Ryan from back home visiting while not on shift with dealers room/artist alley security. This was one of those cons where it paid off to be stuck in AA 9/10's of the con since most of the people I was hoping to see ended up coming through at one point or other during the weekend.

Saturday my and :iconstillvisions: helped out a bit with the Cosplay Burlesque show, mainly being extras for the Macross act and moral support / keeping people from tripping while heading back stage as Plusle and Minum. The show was a huge hit with the highest attendance to date and the response was really great as well.

So that all said thanks to everyone who stopped by and hello to everyone who picked up a business card and is visiting here for the first time!

As for now that all of that is over, I am now working on finishing up some remaining outstanding commissions to get them out the door. This past Friday was my birthday which was spent doing some cleaning in preparation for my younger sister's visit for the weekend. Not horribly exciting but to be honest as much as I enjoy some sort of party I also don't mind having just a nice relaxing day with people popping in to wish me happy birthday. Then yesterday was our friend Carlo's annual BBQ, which although a couple people couldn't make it it was still a great time as usual.

So as for the next few months will be prep time for the next batch of cons, which you can find the list for on my shoutboard. Plus the very exciting event of :iconjeic:'s wedding at the beginning of October. Very excited for the next few months while trying to remind myself that the next month and a half can pass by in the blink of an eye if I'm not careful. I will also be posting as often as possible and include more of my Artist Alley pieces as I finish them.
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madamhojo Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
Believe me, I appreciated your support. :hug:
invader-gir Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
Same here <33
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August 15, 2010