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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 12:13 PM

Some times.

Was an interesting mix of good and horrendously bad moments. Good news is combined it wasn't too bad and I learned a lot for next year. It was frustrating at the beginning of the week when it felt like even though I limited commissions and axed out any new cosplay that I still ended up so behind the ball as far as getting anything finished. That said I do have a good indicator of just how much I can get done and better understand just how to handle that amount of time.

One of the most interesting parts of the weekend is both winners of my last Kiriban stopped by my table and I at first thought one of them was the other. Standing next to each other it probably wouldn't have been as easy to mistake them but even though the joke was on me for making the mix up I was amused at how similar in features they both looked and the odds of it happening.

Traveling Octopus

Before Otakon I started playing with different prints and odd fabrics with some great results. The end result was an overabundance of Octopussen. It was the largest type of item I had for the weekend. That said once I'm done going through emails and cleaning I will be taking photos and making a sales post of everything left from the weekend.


It must be a theme when I go to a con my inbox explodes. Today/tonight I have one last minute thing to finish before I can dive into the cleaning and message responding that needs to be done so please give me until Friday at the latest to respond. I'm feeling a bit scatter brained from being away for nearly a week (left last wednesday and got back yesterday) so I would like to get settled in a little bit.

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