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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 12:13 PM

NYCC and Nekocon

Or better known as the reason I have disappeared for the past 2-3 weeks. Back in September I received an email alerting me to an opening in their Artist Alley and I was next on the wait list. Knowing how well I did last year just sharing a table I hopped on it immediately.

I once again did really well and although hectic with the nonstop flow of people, especially Saturday and Sunday, I still had a fantastic time. Also took a little while to check out my guilty pleasure of the designer toy section and walked away with a few new DIY pieces to play with.

Next up is Nekocon in about 2 and a half weeks. I do have a fair amount of leftovers so I'll probably only be adding a couple items to the mix.

A Call To Arms - Evil Dead Tribute

Over the summer I was asked to be part of a tribute art show to the Evil Dead movie series. I was honored to be asked and immediately started brainstorming possible pieces I could do. In the ended I went the custom Kid Robot Munny route but as a challenge to go with the 7 inch base figure instead of my normal 4 inch base. It paid off as far as challenge goes and there were a number of people who were bummed I didn't have it for sale.

^^The finished piece on display.^^

Emails and Messages

As much as I say I'm trying to get better it really is my hardest challenge when things get busy as they had in the past almost month. That said since I now have almost 3 weeks before Nekocon (2 of possible response time) I'm going to be responding as much as possible.

So today I'm shooting to respond to a total of 50 messages between email and DA notes.

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October 19, 2011