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So silly me, setting a meme there was no way I was going to be able to follow through with. Didn't realize it until Tuesday or Wednesday that I was going to Nekocon later that week. I'm not going to restart it just yet since I'll have the same problem with AUSA.

BUT I did do something to make it up to whoever was looking forward to it. Last night I was working on drawing some ornaments to prepare for paint and decided to make use of the webcam on my macbook.

Video can be found here!</u>


Pt. 2 of the process is now up.

Video can be found here!</u>
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Not feeling that great, could be directly tired to being tired. Not really looking forward to work tomorrow (mostly the getting up at 7:30 part) but at least I'll be there for about around 7 hours instead of the normal 10.

Anyway going to do a little meme. For the next week going to submit a new image, they will all be a mix of types and some may be of completely new pieces I'm finally getting off my butt to post. If it goes well I may just keep going and see how long I can go.

Anyone interested in joining in?
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Stomach is rebelling against me. Must have been the cookie dough I ate.

So delicious but probably so horrible for me. *ignores tub of cookie dough calling to me*
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First need to say, decided to go on a whim to check out Joann's and pick up some materials for future projects/products. It wasn't until a couple hours before we left that I checked the site and found their entire stock of fleece was %50 off. This changed my plans of picking up fleece for just one project into getting fleece for as many projects as I have in the "time to buy materials" stage as possible.

Between stuff for myself and stuff for a hoodie for my boyfriend (extremely large project and this is comparing it to his squirtle hoodie) we ended up walking out with 15 yards of fabric for $55 to $60 bucks. Considering I was pretty thrifty before dating my own personal Jew we were both pretty pleased. It seriously was an example of why it helps to be nice and as understanding as possible to people who are helping you. The woman who cut my fabric was terrific and ended up giving us a couple extra small discounts for putting up with a couple issues beyond her control.

Anyway, this all means there's going to be a few more blankets popping up in my gallery in the next couple weeks. Really hoping to get as much done as possible tomorrow so I can see if its worth making another run up to Joann's on Saturday to pick up more.
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Came and went, it was an interesting day in Oaks, PA. Closer to Valley Forge than Philadelphia really.

Met some nice dealers and got to throw stuff back and forth at our friend Alex who's now working for VideoGamesNY. All and all it was an ok event.

Next con on the agenda is NYAF. Looking to make some additional improvements on Medicine Seller and put a couple items together to be sold in the dealers room, some friends who got a table are willing to sell for me. So that should keep me pretty busy for the next 2 weeks. I'm considering doing something new for the con but still on the fence about that one. So many choices and probably not enough time.
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All 4 badges are now accounted for including the ones from my last post. Still if anyone is interested the normal ticket price for Game Core is $10 at door. You can find more information at

So this week will continue what seems like near nonstop preparation of things for various Artist Alleys. I've recently added another 22 button designs to the collection I've slowly amassed. There's a lot of neat stuff in the "just about finished" stage that I really need to focus on that I believe would do relatively well this weekend. Current plan is to clean the crap out of my craft nook/also known as part of the living room and then focus on getting everything else accomplished.

On a more personal note, had what could probably be considered a falling out with someone I considered not only one of my closest friends but also longest friends. Not sure what exactly brought things on but the only thing I regret in things is the manner in which my initial contact was made in matters. I've privately made my concerns clear and received absolutely no response other than a "Yea I read it." and an admittance of forgetting all about it. It probably wouldn't bother me so much to this degree if the person didn't lament on multiple occasions having the same exact thing happen with one of their friends. Its just really rough, I know they're under a lot of stress but at the same time they already read my response and didn't take the 10 minutes to type up any type of response and didn't even acknowledge reading it until asked a week later.

At first I wanted a response but now not so sure. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at the very least upset about being repeatedly forgotten. Its just completely hypocritical and shows zero appreciation for all the times I dropped everything to help them out, which I was happy to be some help with until roles reversed and this all happened. First string my right foot. *edit*Yep been proven right, not enough time to respond to a note but plenty of time to sit down and write up a 3 or 4 paragraph update. Seriously upset to the point of tears of just how little our long term friendship obviously means to the other person.

Really I'm just tired of bottling all this crap up. I'm allowing it to screw up my focus on important things and in general bawing in private over it too much.
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So getting a table at Game Core, a gaming inspired convention set to take place Saturday, September 12th. With that table I get 2 badges and at the very least one of those will be going to waste.

It is a one day convention just outside of Philly. You can find more info at the website below.

Please contact me if you're interested in my spare badge. Or even going at all.
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I love insomnia. Its awesome. It makes me do insane things such as spend all night organizing files and backing up all the images on my DA. Regardless of if it keeps me up most of the night.

Someone please shoot me. *sets an alarm to wake up at a somewhat reasonable time and tries to sleep again*
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Used to not be too concerned with watermarking my images since my artwork wasn't really that great. But since getting into cosplay I've been posting little useful things here and there such as vectors I personally use to reference off of.

One specifically I've seen getting passed around online a fair bit is the vectored image of the evokers from Persona 3. This is normally fine until I see them popping up in requests for commissions. Considering that I do castings of a replica based off that very vector I find myself shaking my head. Its usually the situation of the person has had it passed to them after its been edited or resaved so the file name is different or they just saw it before I posted images of the finished evoker. Regardless its my own fault for not tossing any type of watermark on there due to my own laziness.

So just made a batch of simple watermarks that I will be dumping on to just about everything on my gallery. My only issue at the moment is to save extra headaches of having to do it again I placed my website on it, which is still a WIP. Hopefully by the end of the week I can adjust my site to the point where I can have links setup to shoot a person back to here on the pages I don't have ready yet.
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Do you like videogames? I know I do.

If you like videogames there's a podcast currently broadcasting live via live case.

The Video Game Zombies live broadcast!

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Hit 16,000 views just now and feeling great about it.

This past weekend was Otakon hence my being absolutely terrible at responding and updating on here. I've posted the big surprise costume for this convention which was Digiko from Digi Charat. Pretty different from my normal costumes but still had a good time none the less. Making all of those frills was definitely a learning experience along with figuring out how to make a petticoat.

Was also selling in Artist alley with :iconeffycrush:, :icongoddessffx:, and :iconthe-real-nuriko: . Did pretty well but was in and out all weekend taking advantage of Canadian buddy/con photographer StillVisions being down in the states for the con. He was also awesome enough to send me some teaser pics of the 2 costumes he shot for me. The Kusuriuri pics he took are really trippy, I'll be posting them in a few days.

Still it was great to see everyone I got to catch and bummed as anything I missed a few people. Hopefully I'll see them at other conventions soon!

Post con stuff is going to consist of unpacking, more cleaning since the packing for a con bomb went off, and working on WIP costumes I haven't gotten around to finishing. S2 Allelujah is in that bunch along with a couple others I'll be poking at. Also got bit a little by the Hetalia bug, not a die hard fan or anything but there's a character I'd like to do.
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Since animeNEXT is now over and awesome times were had its time to start gearing up for Otakon. Considering I'm too tired to drag myself out of bed for anything other than food and bathroom get might as well do some interweb stuff. So have a Meme!

Dress up doll Meme

You just received a brand new doll who makes their own costumes, me!

- What 3 costumes would you dress me in?
- What series / versions are they?
- Why would you want to see me in that costume?

Feel free to take but please be nice and respond before doing so.
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After months of TEDIOUS preparations AnimeNEXT has managed to sneak up on me like a bear with

Other than that just having a hectic as anything week because, ho-crap job get. Its $10 trial pay design work for a clothing company who sells mostly in the midwest and in Sears. I have the expectations of working with someone who's first language is Korean and thinks his grasp of the English language is much worse than it really is and has no concept of what a normal work day is. In other words I pulled an 11 hour work day last week and had to come in for another 5 this week plus an additional 2 at home when he called to make more minor corrections. So far he's told one of the other employees, my boyfriends mother, that he really appreciates me attempting to drop everything and has liked what I've done so far. Just really wishing we agreed on that 2nd one. I have very little experience in the fashion world and I'm really a fish out of water.

This has pretty much been the gist of most conversation tonight with :icontherealnuriko:

Me: *reading off an of a crazy cosplay chick LJ profile for the lulz* "I am a well known photoshop artist in another fandom." . . . but I will never say which one because I am SO FAMOUS you should already know. . . . *$#%head.
Nuriko: Don't be jealous just because you only have hundreds of people who know you...
Me: Hey now, thats dozens of people... Get it right.

So if you're going to AnimeNEXT this weekend be sure to come visit me in either Artist Alley or Hall Contest. I'll be the judge most likely to poke the crap out of you, your wig and your props. Out of the rest of the judges I honestly am still shocked, amazed and honored to be chosen to join in and want to be as useful as possible to the judging process other than just a vote. I may not be able to remember your name but I'll definitely remember what you're wearing and how you made it.

In other words from this point until Monday night or Tuesday I'm going to be MIA. If you need me prepare to hunt me down :D
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So before I get too far into this I'd like to congratulate this years batch of graduates from their respective learning institutions. My younger sister Katie is among you and still somewhat in shock that its now over.

The ceremony was really nice and family was awkward as usual (how odd is it for the parents to be the "weird" ones in a parental relationship?

So now back in NJ tripping over things as the house has become a disaster from both unpacking from Anime Boston and preparing for AnimeNEXT. It seems like I have to do some form of deep cleaning once a month but with the luggage still out and clothing/fabric/artist alley stuff floating around the livingroom and dining room it has to be done.

For everyone who's left me a note, comment, or message here or anywhere else I WILL definitely be getting back to you sometime this weekend. I've been somewhat avoiding the computer in order to get much more accomplished. If you wanna poke me a bit into getting back to you or toss some additional motivation I'm easy to please so toss a comment my way.
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Like every few weeks the livingroom is once again a complete mess. I believe its the problem of too much stuff with nowhere to put it.

Positive side is its warming up so Steve will be moving a chunk of his work outside to the garage so there won't be as many wooden parts waiting to be made into various controllers floating around.

Only problem is I have a ton of cosplay stuff that still needs going through along with other odds and ends relating to artist alley type stuff. The half of the room that has most of my fabric and other stuff is all in some sort of order so now its a matter of doing the other side.

Wish me luck!
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Not in the literal sense but came across a post over on the otakon comm on LJ.

:iconstudionightflower: is a crafter looking to make some spare money and put together some neat hats to raise cash for her Otakon artist alley table.

BTW the Cthulhu one is FREAKING AWESOME

Just look at that! I wish I didn't look so stupid with a hat cause I'd totally drop $25 on one.
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Can't sleep for lack of a better excuse and after much kicking around the idea after the fimo teeth tutorial went so I well I believe I am going to put another clay tutorial together.

This time probably of general cosplay pieces in preperation to be casted. For this I'm having a small issue... whether to just do the belt piece from Gundam 00 S2 outfits or also toss in another piece I was considering casting pieces of to sell. Hint to all you TWEWY fans out there, its relevant to your interests.

Tonight I think I'm either going to work on just the sculpting part and put off baking and whatnot til tomorrow or just finish the whole thing at once and edit it tomorrow.
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I started this account about 2 to 3 weeks before my first day of classes at Marywood University. This was after taking a year off that consisted of a bit of drawing but to be completely honest a lot of sleeping and sitting online being pretty useless and eventually getting not one but 2 jobs. About a week after opening this account I was thrown out of my house after my mom went, for lack of a better explanation, insane between her meds and an ongoing issue of not being able to prioritize her kids over the current man in her life, who was at that time feeding her nonsense about how I should be out of the house whether or not I'm in school.

So now staying with a friend's family I go into the first semester with a full 12 credit schedule which consisted of 2 3 hour classes, a lit and the freshman seminar twice a week. Also was working 35 hours a week between classes only to come home around midnight and work on homework for another 3 hours before sleeping 3 to 4 hours and getting up for class again the next day to repeat again. Also during that semester I ended making amends with my mom after one too many drunken phone calls from the current guy in my mom's life followed by one from my sister the next day crying her eyes out. After a threat involving calling the police assuming he'd have another DUI on file, lovely guys my mom manages to get, and a threat to knock teeth out/pull beard out the Charlie Manson look alike disappeared one night to parts unknown for about a month before he came back for his stuff. I was once again living at home by that point after having to quit my job due to the never sleeping barely eating problem that was developing.

Finish the semester and less than a week before the 2nd semester I end up developing something "like mono" apparently my habits by that point already did enough damage to my immune system and some small bug had me out for a solid week and took me months to completely recover from. As a result I ended up bombing 2 of my courses (luckily not art courses) and that was the end of me going to Marywood.

So how does that relate to now? Well after years of grabbing courses here and there online to get the credits I need to go back to Marywood and finish I decided to completely change tracks as far as schools go and begin attending classes at Bergen Community. At the very least I plan to pick up a lesser graphic design degree and decide where to go from there. With the way the economy is at the moment its probably the smartest thing I could do at the moment.

Anyway so last week was my first week sitting in a classroom and although its only the one class this semester there is something to be said for the confidence boost you get from paying for the class out of your own pocket. Today I finished my first assignment for my Letter-type course and trying to decide if it'd be worth posting my assignments online as I go. I know they'll probably end up in the scrap section by the end of it but since I tend to poke my head into DA often enough it'd be nice to look at.
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G00 costumes...

So right now we're working on Gundam 00 costumes which were mentioned in my last entry. They consist of:

-1 pair of 2 toned pair of pants (x4)
-1 dark blue tank top (x4)
-1 white, pilots color, black bias tape and green diamond colored top (x4)
-1 jacket in the 2 tones of the pilots color and bias tape (x4)
-1 pair of dark brown gloves (x4)
-1 pair of boot covers (x4)
-1 belt (x4)

I'm not sure what Ginny and monty have accomplished as of today but yesterday we managed to get to this point:

2 pairs of pants in need of pockets and waist band/belt loops
1 nearly finished tank top and 3 in need of hemming and edge finishing

Considering how insane the pants are that is actually quite a lot of progress.

Costumes in question:
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Just under a month until Katsucon and much like around this time last year I'm gearing up for another super amazing cosplay group. This time with :iconsetaginny:, her fiance Monty and Yesod as the S2 meisters from Gundam00. Right now we're still in the beginning process of finding fabrics and working out the patterns, good because it gives me a little time to loose some weight but bad because each uniform has its own set of colors that are IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND all in the same fabric.

Along with that I've managed to procure a table at Katsucon and will be selling goodies along with :icontherealnuriko: and some adorable onigiri made by his sister :iconeffycrush: (go look at the picture she posted they're awesome). I will have the usual papou fruits, pins, charms and odds and ends with a few new pieces I been developing and am currently in the prototyping stage. And Ball jointed doll owners might be interested in seeing the newest developments.