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^^ My face at the moment. ^^

Just hopped on DA to respond to the 13 notes I have sitting in my inbox, mainly commission related, and am hitting the giant wall of they are not loading at all in my note window. Is anyone else having this problem with their DA message center? Also none of my drop menus are working.

In other words, I will not be able to respond to any notes until this is fixed. If you are one of those people waiting a response and you need to contact me ASAP please email me at
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I know its really last second but figure it'll be hit sometime in the next couple days.

So I'm going to do a surprise Kiriban for 30,000 page views.

The prize will be in the form of an item or items I sell in artist alley. This can be in the form of buttons, or papou fruit or other items which I will be going through photos of and posting this week.

Rules, pretty simple, just shoot me a screen cap if you're the lucky person to catch my 30,000th view.
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^^ Good times... good times... ^^

Its now 2 weeks since Otakon ended and finally got for the most part unpacked completely from the trip.

Had a really good time. Spent the majority of my time with :iconneoangelwink: sharing a table in artist alley and :iconstillvisions: who stopped by a number of times to hang out while bouncing back and forth from the dealers room. Also had some help from Steve and the added bonus of my friend Ryan from back home visiting while not on shift with dealers room/artist alley security. This was one of those cons where it paid off to be stuck in AA 9/10's of the con since most of the people I was hoping to see ended up coming through at one point or other during the weekend.

Saturday my and :iconstillvisions: helped out a bit with the Cosplay Burlesque show, mainly being extras for the Macross act and moral support / keeping people from tripping while heading back stage as Plusle and Minum. The show was a huge hit with the highest attendance to date and the response was really great as well.

So that all said thanks to everyone who stopped by and hello to everyone who picked up a business card and is visiting here for the first time!

As for now that all of that is over, I am now working on finishing up some remaining outstanding commissions to get them out the door. This past Friday was my birthday which was spent doing some cleaning in preparation for my younger sister's visit for the weekend. Not horribly exciting but to be honest as much as I enjoy some sort of party I also don't mind having just a nice relaxing day with people popping in to wish me happy birthday. Then yesterday was our friend Carlo's annual BBQ, which although a couple people couldn't make it it was still a great time as usual.

So as for the next few months will be prep time for the next batch of cons, which you can find the list for on my shoutboard. Plus the very exciting event of :iconjeic:'s wedding at the beginning of October. Very excited for the next few months while trying to remind myself that the next month and a half can pass by in the blink of an eye if I'm not careful. I will also be posting as often as possible and include more of my Artist Alley pieces as I finish them.
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^ That sums it up pretty well ^

Its a mix of being really excited and having a lot to do in not a whole lot of time. Just about 2 weeks left so I'll be working every single day probably 10-12 hours at a time to get everything finished. *crosses fingers and makes face above*

As I get closer to the con I'll make another post with my location and whatnot.
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I know I just posted 2 pieces today and I actually have a bunch of other things I want to post but I've also been meaning to do something else. Which is upgrading my mac from Tiger to Leopard. After updating my ftp client and getting a big fat "does not work with OSX" I finally gave up and decided its time to upgrade now while I have the chance.

So tonight I will be doing the mass data exodus to Steve's (the S.O.) terrabyte harddrive to give it a nice clean wipe and will tomorrow be installing Leopard and possibly Snow Leopard since we have it. The remaining notes in my inbox will be answered as soon as I'm back up and running.
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In roughly 2 days I'll be on my way down to Somerset, NJ for this year's AnimeNEXT.

Ended up having to scrap one of my costumes due to a scheduling back up as a result of my work with the con's program guide taking longer than originally planned. Its unfortunate but to be honest the location wasn't actually the best for the costume. Hoping to be able to make up for it at Otakon with the much more urban environment.

That all aside this weekend I will have a table, but due to staff responsibilities will not be around as much as I would have liked. Filling in will be a great group of friends sharing the table - :iconathena1chan: :iconneoangelwink: :icongoddessffx: :iconeffycrush: :icongmrgirlx: .

We will be located just inside the entrance to Artist Alley so please stop by and say hello even if I'm not there.

As far as how this applies to DA, I have 8 notes sitting in my inbox from the past 36 hours or so. Right after posting this I plan on replying to all of them and then I will be just about completely AFK until Monday. I plan on checking in but just a warning, if you have not already contacted me or your order is not time sensitive I may not be responding to it until Monday. There is a lot I still have to do and I need to focus solely on that.
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So this weekend was the 3rd con a row called Castle Point Anime Convention at Stevens Institute. The school is an amazing spot perched on the cliffside just off the side of the Hudson River with a fantastic view of NYC. So where was I? Sitting in the small classic styled gym selling in Artist Alley, with the exception of venturing out to retrieve dinner.

Those joining me this con was the great :iconathena1chan: and world famous cosplayer (at least to some adorable young teens) Carrie Wink! Also known on here as :iconneoangelwink:. They were there selling their Pokemon inspired and original fleece hats which flew off the wire cube shelves they built up. I was selling mainly buttons and some charms along with another of the metroid plushes I wasn't able to get finished up in time for Anime Boston.

There were 2 interesting moments at the convention. The first being someone I had issues with in the past (at the time felt like a nasty break up minus the important detail of wasn't dating he just mooched at my house for 3 months) was there, and seemed to have an extremely awkward time of things when it came to building up the courage to come over and ask for prices on some items. Considering it all went down almost 7 years ago I'm surprised the guy thought I would be anything but overly amused at his antics. Then the second was I expected to get a finger wag from a certain friend for tossing around connections involving some recent probably minor drama but was pleasantly surprised to find out that if push came to shove I'd be backed up in blowing up their spot. A lot of drama I know but very little I actually have reason to be concerned with.

So! Next up will be shipping out 2, count em, 2 commissions that have admittedly taken much to long. Something that I hope will bring all of my recent off luck as far as crafting goes to an end. The first is a batch of 4 evokers unpainted which took insane amounts of time for each to properly harden (didn't realize just how old my resin was). And the second is a Zexion wig which was a matter of trying a wig I was sure I could work with (another wig from but needed to take apart and then had issues while dying it in the form of the results were too light and washed out too easily. Some toning and a 2nd wash later and it looks awesome. Hopefully my luck will change quickly enough so I can find my camera and get decent shots outside but going to assume its buried somewhere under the mess which is the living room and dining room at the moment.

Other than that there is a potential even the first weekend of May I am hoping to be at AND I started last night on a new potential product I am hoping will be up to snuff for sales. Its something I would actually like to debut at the even but we shall see. Depending on how things go today I may post some preview pics. Oooooooooo~~~

Haven't taken the time to say it but thanks to everybody for your watches, your favs and not to be forgotten although I'm terrible at responding in a timely manner, your comments. They do mean a lot and are a huge motivator to keep me going when I feel the grind.
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Sums up my week pretty well.

A smidge of the dramu, a smidge of the dumping money on to repairing damage caused by other people and a lot of working.

BUT Anime Boston was overall an amazing time. Especially getting the hoodie to :icondragonfire76:. She looks utterly adorable in it and I will be posting pictures as soon as I finish this.

Also the other major awesome amazing event was a bit of a spin off from PAXeast. I was featured in a story on by Game-Boy after we met at PAXeast while in our hoodies. Its a really great post and I can't thank him enough for taking the time to not only visit but share it with his audience. The response has been fantastic and I plan on releasing more posts asap to give the new people stopping by reason to come back.

The article if you're interested in seeing it can be found here…

So next up this Sunday is CPAC (Castle Point Anime Convention) at Steven's Tech in Hoboken, NJ and I'm hoping to spruce up an old costume a little bit for it. It'll be something comfy and easy to stand around in since I will have a table in artist alley.

In the mean time I have a bunch of messages to respond back to which I am steadily plugging my way through. Also thanks to for the reminder. I was not aware that the new episodes of Dr. Who start up next week, that'll make 2 shows I actually watch on TV.
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So a Sandshrew, a Bulbasaur and a Bowser walk into a bar...

More update to come once I wake up from my coma. In the meantime hello to everyone who found me after meeting at PAX, if you have any questions or comments feel free to shoot me a comment or note on here or email me at .
I know I have a couple unreplied notes sitting in my inbox at the moment but just wanted to toss up a quick deviation and a journal update before I get back to the grind of attempting to finish things.

Next week is PAXeast in Boston, Mass and my boyfriend and I will be attending. We've been pretty excited about it for at least a year, but as excited as I am considering the amount of crap I need to do before Thursday night I'm kinda wishing I had another week.

Anyway, week after that is Anime Boston at the same place as PAXeast where I will be selling again in the Artist Alley. Once again have lots to do between commissions and preparing things to sell.

Then the week after that I got a last second Artist Alley table at Castle Point Anime Convention in Hoboken, NJ. Its a one day con so I'm not going to be killing myself too much scrambling to finish anything for it. I will probably just be selling any leftovers I have from AB.

So as much as it pains me to admit it its going to be tough for me to respond as much as I would like to everything. I will still be checking in at least once a day but that may be it.
Back from Katsucon, a few days ago at least.

I went into it expecting quite a bit of rough patches and I wasn't disappointed but I had a really good time regardless. Call me odd but I find it hard to not laugh when other cons are setting themselves up for a fall by dropping the ball all over the place or making rookie mistakes (this especially for a con in its 16th year). Anyway like every other con that just falls short of delivering a good time, and even though that don't, I found my good time in my current friends and potential new friends.

This past weekend I attended with the plans to sell in Artist Alley but due to some unexpected issues with whatever in the planning and organizing stages (not worth the time to get into) I ended up 'loosing' my table. Still I managed a bit of a bail out from a friend at Otakon who had ample space to allow me a small set up (was expecting a corner of a table and ended up with the entire thing). Got set up on Friday and due to really horrible placement ended up only interacting with maybe 20ish people the entire 6 hours it was open. Saturday I end up having a somewhat late start (an hour late) and I get down there to see my table already set up and someone I sort of recognized as an Otakon staffer sitting at the table running it for me. Her name was Shannon and was later joined by her twin Kelly, not only did they do me a huge favor by covering for me the couple times I had to run off but were awesome to hang out with. Plus they were both cheery enough to cover up my normal mid day -_- when I've been sitting at the table too long with nothing to do. I doubt they're going to end up seeing this but I am planning to make a post where they can actually see it thanking them for helping to make my weekend awesome.

Anyway, now that I'm home and have had ample time to recover from not only the con but a brush with accidental food poisoning (the boyfriend made me breakfast and I ended up loosing 4 pounds by the next day) its time for me to dive head first into the few commissions I have to finish up and get some more work done on the program guide for AnimeNEXT.

The real question is, would anyone be interested in progress photos as I work? I'm considering either posting some as scraps on here or creating a twitter specifically for DA related updates.
Actually 20,001 but still. Thinking of maybe doing some form of Kiriban for the next "milestone". Question is what would be good to offer as a prize? Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks everybody for taking the time to stop by and in many cases comment, fav and watch my stuff. Its a great motivator and boy at the moment do I need it.

The reason for it is Katsucon is in 2 weeks and I have quite the bundle of work I need to do. I have a big whopping 5 commission hoodies to work on, which I have been somewhat steadily attempting to hammer out plus hopefully a new costume. It may seem a bit overkill, and sometimes it feels like it, but in alot of ways it is easier to work on a couple hoodies at once instead of one at a time. I find it much easier to brainstorm and figure out the best way to put something together if I'm thinking of multiple designs/pieces at once. Especially because something that may not work for one thing may work amazingly for another.

So all of the great comments and everything have been fantastic in the moments when I'm feeling a little strung out its the reason I still attempt to post new pieces as often as I can. Once again thanks to everyone!
Simple answer blowing my nose, downing cold medicine and sleeping.

Dunno if anyone noticed but my activity as of late kinda took a dive into the crapper overall. Responding was taking forever and the only thing I managed to really keep up on was notes. Well there was a fairly good reason for it.

Managed to catch the plague, or it might as well have felt like it. Started having my typical stuffy nose occassional coughing and sneezing (wooooo post nasal drip!) on Tuesday that by Friday turned into full blown miserable illness. Part of Wednesday and then Thursday to Sunday morning was spent sleeping insane amounts, as in was up 4 to 6 hours at most each day. When I was awake it was runny nose and more coughing and sneezing than usual but I had massive migraines and my jaw at one point started hurting plus the fun light sensitivity that popped up at random moments. Problem was it wasn't all of these symptoms all at once, it was one thing one day one thing another and so on and so forth. Was a bit afraid my Mom's decision to not have me immunized for mumps as a child was blowing up literally in my face.

Anyway that being said, Sunday managed to feel well enough to go to the AnimeNEXT staff meeting where I shied away from everyone since I didn't want to spread my plague. Since the meeting was in Somerset we ended up at The Break afterwards and ended up pushing a bit too far with how long we were gone, so I went home and was out within minutes of changing into my jammies, woke up long enough to eat, brush my teeth and to crawl back into bed. Monday was a lot like Thursday to Saturday except had to run an errand mid day with Steve and then came home and was asleep again pretty fast until dinner then stayed up for a few hours before going to bed. Tuesday was Vertigo day which was more a relief then anything since it pointed at the jaw pain being ear related instead of cheek and the day was working on a couple odds and ends and a nap. Yesterday was another errand in the morning and finished inventory on button designs and organized all my Artist Alley related stuff followed by a small nap.

So its looking like I'm on the mend, still a bit off with the whole sleep bit, last night insomnia kicked me in the face but otherwise I'm back to my normal level of stuffy nose and asthma related sighing. Which means sometime this weekend I can start with my new schedule of stuff to do before Katsucon.

Basic plan is to work on commissions/costumes if I have time during the day and in the evening post dinner when Steve is normally studying, or playing a video game or watching tv in the livingroom I work on one of the projects I have going for artist alley. There's enough to keep me busy and for the most part it is just a matter of mindless repetition once you get the hang of it.

Hopefully my horribly long post makes up for my lack of activity. Thanks to everyone who's been following me, new and old, and those who have been favoriting my work. Its not only a good motivator but is the reason I take the time to post stuff on here.
Hey all,

Working on making use of my subscription and doing a custom journal layout. So this is kind of a place holder post to bump down the post I'm working on to get it off my font page. Mostly to hide the ugly bits that are bound to pop up.

Holiday prep stuff.

Sun Dec 20, 2009, 9:17 AM

Sister's coming out again before Christmas and I have a surprising amount of cleaning to do before I have to go pick her up from port authority. The come Thursday I'll be back in Scranton to visit family. Can't wait to see my aunts and the kids.

Still have pain but not as bad as earlier. I can type with just some mild tightness and managed to get a bunch of fabric cut out for some commissions/gifts. Even have one of the commissions partially put together and customized before it started to cause some pain.

Plan on giving it a bit of a break while I putz around for a little bit and see if I can get anything else accomplished during the day today.

I've also decided I'm going to start listing my current work load to help keep track of it all / motivate myself to work faster.

Chii inspired hoodie - Chii's Sweet Home
Unpainted evoker - persona 3
Bulbasaur inspired hoodie - Pokemon
Zexion's Lexicon - Kingdom Hearts

Winnie The Pooh inspired hoodie - for my mom
So had a small ache in my wrist yesterday and tried to work my way through it. Big mistake. It feels like something is jabbing my wrist with needles. Which means past this post I'm going to be attempting to use my left hand as little as possible today.

I'll be in front of my computer probably all day but only because I'm able to use a mouse with my right hand just as well as with my left. Since I have to make use of the warranty on my macbook I'll be organizing and backing up all of my files before I wipe it and take it in to be fixed.

In other words although I'll be in front of my computer I'll be avoiding going online as much as possible so I can actually get through all of the organizing I have to do without too many distractions. Of course the good news of it is I've already found a couple images that I'm considering posting and I'm sure there will be more in the near future.
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So made it a full week posting an image a day before some things went kaboom. Kinda in a literal sense since had a crisis on Monday. Its being worked out and is more the boyfriend's crisis but between that and getting pretty sick on Tuesday ended up letting it go for now.

But as an apology I have 2 new videos for you all.

Link and Navi from The Legend of Zelda :…


Green Haro from Gundam :…
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Retrying my goal of one piece of art a day for at least a week.

The goal is to go through as much of my past photos and current projects posting what could be considered worthwhile in an attempt to break my bad habit of either not taking pictures or not getting around to posting until months after. Once it eventually ends up broken I will be stretching it to once a week posting.

Anyone interested in joining me? :3
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Had an amazing time at AUSA this past weekend and looking forward to tomorrow when my sister is planning to come in to spend time over the Thanksgiving holiday.

That being said this is a quick entry because those of you who know me know the livingroom ends up a disaster zone in my precon rush so now I have roughly 24 hours to get it and some other things in some sort of shape. Those who sent messages and emails I will be checking and responding as soon as I get this all under control, which may not be until tomorrow or Wednesday. I apologize for the delay but still feeling a bit punch drunk from exhaustion and I want to give each of you my full attention.