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Character Hoodies Are Back!

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 18, 2013, 10:21 AM
Sort of,

You see, I've been getting the itch to start making hoodies again. Now that my summer con season is over and a huge unexpected bill is coming in (we need to have our main sewer line replaced) I've decided now is a great time to get back into it.

For those who have been chomping at the bit, here's whats happening. Originally I was going to choose a character a week (as often as time allows it) and make one of each size (S-XL) then list them on etsy. Since I've decided to start a week early and am unable to make a fabric run until later this week I'm going to be working off of whatever fabric I have hoarded over time for various projects. 

How they will be available is through my etsy store HERE. I will also be announcing on here, my twitter and tumblr accounts that they are available. Once the ones available run out, that is it until I am able to make more. 

Due to a pretty small window before the fall and spring convention seasons I cannot guarentee any specific design will be making a come back nor how many will be available in what sizes, though I am shooting to make as many available as possible. Commissions are closed for the foreseeable future for the same reasons. Thanks for everyone's understand and I look forward to posting again later this week.

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 4:24 AM
Its still a smidge bare but I now have photos and for the most part have figured out how to use it so I think its time to share the Etsy store I've been talking about for so long.

At the moment I'm still working on editing photos and getting everything published. Please check back later this week for a look at the entire range of items I currently have available for online sale!

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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 19, 2012, 3:30 PM
So as usual, sorry for the large gap in updating. It seems like now every season is a busy season for me. Also my fiance's father is going to have open heart surgery tomorrow so I've been pretty distracted the last couple weeks and am totally warning may be for the next month or 2 until he's recovered.

This also is happening atm..

Look at all that fluff!

I'm currently working on inventorying everything remaining after my last 3 conventions. After emptying all of the space bags used to store all of my plushes from the fall this is what my livingroom looks like. Before anyone asks, in the process of sorting through all of the plushes and reaching for things behind them I have managed to walk into the middle of, crawled into, dug through, fallen into, and swam across the pile. Its always an interesting experience that takes a pretty good amount of time.

Now that they are all sorted its time to take pictures which leads me into an announcement thats been coming for awhile now.


Thats right, I'm finally listening to all the requests and taking some time to have an actual online presence, instead of just using it to browse tumblr and listen to music while sitting behind my sewing machine. At the moment there will just be items from the photo you see above but I'm hoping to make Pokemon hoodies available on a ready made basis. That said I will not be taking commissions due to the tight time constraints I am almost constantly under.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 9:21 PM

Anybody want a free mochi?

All you need to do is pay shipping.

I have a couple Germany mochi (I believe 3) that have flaws that are either not selling at a discounted rate or not worth selling. Once I'm done doing inventory from Katsucon and MangaNEXT I'll post more details but as of the moment I'll say 2 are a smaller size and one has a sometimes noticeable stain leftover from my attempt to remove the markings I use when cutting material. I didn't notice it was there until at the convention and it showed up under flourescent lights.

To be clear, the offer is ONLY for the defunct Germany mochi I am unable to sell.

*UPDATE* Its actually only 2 mochi and here are pics.

Please excuse their odd shape, they just came out of a space bag and are still puffing back into their square shape. The one on the left is the normal size 7" cube for Germany with a stain on the top left seam on his face, as shown in the second photo. The other is from my first batch of Germany cubes and is a 6" cube making it noticeably smaller than the size I currently sell.

If interested please note me here or email me at if interested. Please remember you will need to pay shipping and is first come first serve. I will update this post when both mochi have been claimed and paid for.

Other Leftovers

If I were to do a leftover listing of items would anyone be interested in buying directly on here? I'm trying to decide if I'm able to take the time to update items and more importantly remember to post when the store is unavailable due to next convention or sales event.

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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 20, 2011, 11:32 PM


Before I get into this I would like to apologize to everyone for disappearing from here and for the most part in general online. For months I have been trying to do everything and failed at the majority of it when it comes to time management.

This fall has been very difficult between the press of conventions I'm selling at and just a run of bad luck via illness and black outs. Considering this, and working nearly nonstop on commissions when not building inventory I've managed to burn myself out twice this year. I have also been trying to work out a system to be able to juggle everything going on but now realize I am unable to without removing one of the things currently making my life a little insane. Since I am using the money made from AA's as my main source of income it has to stay.

Hiatus From Hoodie Commissions

Which leads me to a very hard decision and announcement. I wanted to wait until after Thanksgiving for this but after seeing some recent comments I have to face that I am giving off the impression of dodging people and its something I need to stop immediately. So, active now, I will not be taking on any new hoodie commissions for the immediate future.

Once I am completed with my back log of commissions I will be looking at my schedule for the next year and planning out the best time and way to reopen commissions. That said, I will still be taking commissions on some of the smaller props and plushes since the demand isn't quite as high and they take a fraction of the time (1-2 hours as opposed to a minimum of 6 hours for a hoodie). At a guess it might be 6 months before I am able to open it up again.

I cannot stress enough that, I will not be even considering taking ANY new hoodie commissions until I have sent out all outstanding commissions and make sure they have arrived to their owners.</b> For any friends reading this, this also applies to you.


For anyone wondering, I do have a tumblr and it is something I check occasionally but aside from the occasional reblog the majority of my posts have been made using scheduled posts and cache. Also for the foreseeable future I'll probably only be posting pictures for over a year ago or ones taken by other people at cons. The Traveling Octopus one is actually being handled by the significant other, so I apologize if it appears I'm more active online than I actually am.


Managed to get myself a dealers room space last second though for multiple reasons in hind sight I am regretting even going. Just barely broke even and lost far too much sleep to make it and the frustration worth it.

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 12:13 PM

NYCC and Nekocon

Or better known as the reason I have disappeared for the past 2-3 weeks. Back in September I received an email alerting me to an opening in their Artist Alley and I was next on the wait list. Knowing how well I did last year just sharing a table I hopped on it immediately.

I once again did really well and although hectic with the nonstop flow of people, especially Saturday and Sunday, I still had a fantastic time. Also took a little while to check out my guilty pleasure of the designer toy section and walked away with a few new DIY pieces to play with.

Next up is Nekocon in about 2 and a half weeks. I do have a fair amount of leftovers so I'll probably only be adding a couple items to the mix.

A Call To Arms - Evil Dead Tribute

Over the summer I was asked to be part of a tribute art show to the Evil Dead movie series. I was honored to be asked and immediately started brainstorming possible pieces I could do. In the ended I went the custom Kid Robot Munny route but as a challenge to go with the 7 inch base figure instead of my normal 4 inch base. It paid off as far as challenge goes and there were a number of people who were bummed I didn't have it for sale.

^^The finished piece on display.^^

Emails and Messages

As much as I say I'm trying to get better it really is my hardest challenge when things get busy as they had in the past almost month. That said since I now have almost 3 weeks before Nekocon (2 of possible response time) I'm going to be responding as much as possible.

So today I'm shooting to respond to a total of 50 messages between email and DA notes.

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Journal Entry: Sun Aug 7, 2011, 4:36 AM


First you're too warm to the point where I'm working at night partially because its cooler. Then I finally get to the point where I'm ready to take stuff outside to take pictures of (natural lighting is the best kind of lighting) and its going to be miserable rain off and on. I LOVE the rain, especially at night, but the timing could have been a lot better.


It's coming along. I'm trying to somewhat limit the number I'm responding to in one sitting so I don't get myself mixed up. At the moment I'm responding to 20 per sitting. It seems to be working well and seeing the numbers go down on my new messages here and starred messages on Gmail (what I use to mark commissions) is helpful. Also the responses aren't flooding my inboxes thankfully so I can get some back messages taken care of as well as current conversations.

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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 2, 2011, 12:13 PM

Some times.

Was an interesting mix of good and horrendously bad moments. Good news is combined it wasn't too bad and I learned a lot for next year. It was frustrating at the beginning of the week when it felt like even though I limited commissions and axed out any new cosplay that I still ended up so behind the ball as far as getting anything finished. That said I do have a good indicator of just how much I can get done and better understand just how to handle that amount of time.

One of the most interesting parts of the weekend is both winners of my last Kiriban stopped by my table and I at first thought one of them was the other. Standing next to each other it probably wouldn't have been as easy to mistake them but even though the joke was on me for making the mix up I was amused at how similar in features they both looked and the odds of it happening.

Traveling Octopus

Before Otakon I started playing with different prints and odd fabrics with some great results. The end result was an overabundance of Octopussen. It was the largest type of item I had for the weekend. That said once I'm done going through emails and cleaning I will be taking photos and making a sales post of everything left from the weekend.


It must be a theme when I go to a con my inbox explodes. Today/tonight I have one last minute thing to finish before I can dive into the cleaning and message responding that needs to be done so please give me until Friday at the latest to respond. I'm feeling a bit scatter brained from being away for nearly a week (left last wednesday and got back yesterday) so I would like to get settled in a little bit.

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Otakon Prep

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 9, 2011, 1:02 PM

More email related fun

As the title suggests almost immediately after AnimeNEXT I dove into Otakon prep. I'll be in the Artist Alley (will be posting an image of where in a bit). Since this spring I have been trying to get a little bit more on the ball as to actually working on AA stuff more than 2 weeks before the convention while also putting aside a few hours every night for actual "relaxation".

Its something thats always been an issue of a somewhat single minded approach to things, I'll have a bunch of things going on and for most things I'll be able to think of other things or plan other things while working on the 1 thing but I will also end up ignoring other things which are important. Even with the taking some time to relax and spend time with Steve, the boyfriend, I will still end up sitting there crafting part of the time while we watch Netflix. I know its probably not the greatest idea but its a step in the right direction and Otakon is starting to loom a bit.

Although I've been taking it slightly easier and not running myself into the ground I have let one major thing fall far too far to the side. I've been absolutely terrible when it comes to responding to messages. What I hoped when requesting everyone start contacting me via email was it would be easier to respond back to everyone and it has but the timing of the request wasn't very good. For those who may not know, I volunteer at AnimeNEXT in the publications department. When I made my last post it was actually right when things were at their most hectic for my department with emails flooding over the program guide (the thing I work directly with).

Please do not consider this an excuse for my lack of response, its something I've been attempting to correct for weeks but just not managing. Since I currently am really sore from yesterdays running around NYC yesterday on fabric and catching up running, I'll be going through my messages.

The only thing issue I can see now are some new messages are months old I have missed from either it getting shuffled funny when I realized using my phone to send messages on DA was a terrible idea or ended up clustered in the middle of spam on my email. Would it be considered insulting to contact the person now when in most cases the events they wanted items for have either passed or are too soon now to do anything with.

If you have not received a response from me or want to send a new message for any reason please email me at . All I ask if you have contacted me on DA and are emailing me as well let me know who you are so if needed I can reference your original messages.

Traveling Octopus

^^ Bill Rogers delivering a knock out!^^

One of the few things to be somewhat constant these days other than work. In some ways I do feel a little guilty working on this when there are other things to do. That is until I realize how little time I'm actually devoting to this in between other things. Tumblr is great for allowing me to be able to schedule posts. The most time consuming part of the entire blog is coming up with something anywhere near witty to put with the image. Even editing the photos take me less than a minute a piece to open, adjust color, resize and upload as a draft.

To many it may seem like its not a big deal or its just a silly blog, but I really enjoy doing it and any attention its getting is an added bonus. Also I've never really had friends who support these types of things, normally if I have an idea for a larger project its that cute thing they humor. But having people I know actively want to be a part of it through photos or even mentioning it to me in person, even if its to tease over a specific image. Its a great feeling and I'm really thankful for those who take the time to check out my silly little photo blog.

^^My first user submitted photo!!! ^^

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon May 23, 2011, 10:26 PM

Notes to Email

I have been badly bogged down with work for one of the cons I volunteer for. My position is publications head so right now is my most hectic period and this year has been the worst yet with last second additions to things like the program guide. As a result I've let my messages pile up as much as I hate doing that. Since things should be clearing up this week I will be trying to pick through those messages that aren't from paid commission customers.

That said, I am also going to be switching from handling the bulk of my messages on email instead of here on DeviantART. The number of different people contacting me makes it difficult to keep track of conversations and I feel terrible every-time I have to request someone use the reply option instead of sending a new message. I will be going through all of my deviations to change the bold info on how to commission to reflect my request.

So if you have messaged me concerning a commission or question and have not received a response please email me at .

Traveling Octopus

^^ Holy crap I'm actually promoting myself.. ^^

So after the original Octopus picture I posted here I was hit with the inspiration to do a photoblog in the same theme. Since I've been making them to sell at cons I decided to keep one aside and when I have a chance run around taking pictures with it.

My goal is to have people who buy them also contribute images to the blog of their own Octopussen traveling in the common method for one, riding on someone's head.

^^ Basically this. ^^

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 14, 2011, 11:38 PM

Got myself a Tumblr!

I'll be using it to repost image from my gallery both new and old as well as WIP images and reblogging things that interest me. Just a warning now although I try to keep my DA somewhat PG since its also an example of my work for commissions, I cannot promise the same for my Tumblr.

PAX east

^^ From the Pokemon Pub Crawl. ^^

Had a really good time considering how little sleep I got. In that time managed to finish 3 last second commissions for the convention and 1 hoodie for myself that I started a month ago. Ended up doing some unexpected work for Sean at Halolz on Friday which also although insane was an overall good time and I hope I helped more than blundered about for the first hour or 2.

It was really great seeing Carrie and Carolann, my Artist Alley partners in crime outside of the Artist Alley. Those 2 are a god send in the Alley and really great friends outside of it, I really wouldn't be able to mentally make it through so many cons without them there to just break up the monotony of it all. Talking to other attendees and customers are great, don't get me wrong there but when you're alone things tend to end up being a blur after 10-14 hours in one room not moving more than 3 feet except to run to the bathroom.


Which leads me perfectly into my next topic which is my next convention. This weekend I will be at Zenkaikon in King of Prussia, PA. Once again I will be selling with the awesome Carrie and Carolann. We will be located in the 24 hour section of the convention. Although it is 24 hours we will probably be setting up between 9-10 am and packing up to leave around 11pm or when traffic die down a bit. This convention I will be focusing a bit on some smaller items although I will be bringing some of my larger items with me.

If you're there feel free to stop by and say hello.

40,000 Kiriban

Just a reminder I am doing a 40,000 Kiriban give away. The prize is a $30 mochi styled item I sell in AA. This includes my Hetalia Mochi, Heartless Mochi, Metroid Plush, Octopus Mochi, or another AniMochi of choice animal.

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Journal Entry: Mon Mar 14, 2011, 11:34 PM

40,000 Kiriban!!!

I've decided since the last Kiriban went so well that I'll be holding another one. Since it'll be a big one I'm offering something pretty big for it so!

If you manage to screen cap my 40,000th page view you will win one of the large $30 Mochi designs I normally sell in Artist Alley. All you will need to do is pay shipping for the item.

The available styles to choose from will be, Large Hetalia inspired Mochi, Large Heartless inspired Mochi, Large Octopus in their choice of colors. If the winner is interested in another character or animal I can accommodate within reason.

In the case that no one catches the 40,000th page view the closest to 40,000 will receive a smaller, hand held sized version of the items listed above with the same terms of winner pays shipping.

Good luck!

Work/Commission Update


As you can see I was making a new Evoker mold and a mold for a figure I plan to cast and sell when I ran out of mold material. Currently waiting for more to come in the mail since Pearl Paint was all out and the employees are never informed of when they get anything in.

Mini vacation / PAXeast

I'm taking a couple days off from commission and AA work to prepare a couple things for PAXeast this weekend. This one I've been looking forward to for months so even though I'll be keeping the costuming simple I have a couple things I've been working on in my limited free time I look forward to showing off this weekend.

I'll be clearing out my messages beforehand but may not be able to respond again until after this weekend.

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Brain Melting

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 3:18 PM

DeviantART Updates

Recently I've had a large influx of people contacting me for commission information and it has caused delays in response as I try to juggle it with my life away from the computer. So I've posted a quick guide for those who are interested in commissioning me.

Since I am really really terrible at CSS I currently only have the guide but will also be putting up a list of examples and prices for those items that actually have a set price. Although I can figure out CSS I'm really inexperienced and it takes me a large amount of time and brain power to make it all work so it may take me a little while to get the 2nd page up.

Life Update

I've been meaning to update for awhile but the last 2 months have been a series of illness and injuries that could be a result of massive burn out from doing 3 cons in a row at the end of October/beginning of November.

Quick list is, came back from Anime-USA (the last con of the 3) with no voice after my small sniffle turned into a massive cough the Friday of the con. My voice came back by the next Saturday probably from the massive amounts of sleep I got but the cough took another 2 weeks to completely clear up. Almost as soon as that cleared up something bit me during the night leading to my right hand bouncing between slightly itchy and swollen to stabbing pain whenever I moved it which took another week and a half to clear up. Went a week completely fine before waking up to a bit of a tooth ache, which the next day ended up being the gums around my wisdom tooth getting badly infected, enough I thought I was also having migraines on top of it. Keeping the area clean and treating with anbesol did the trick and 3 days of taking my pain fueled aggression out on Assasin's Creed I was back to work just in time for Christmas.

Work Update

Was at Magfest this year in the Marketplace and had a really good time. My experience of the Marketplace itself as well as the con was I enjoyed how uniquely the show is being run, sometimes it lead to some headaches but overall it seemed to be a sucess.

Currently working on items for Katsucon as well as a few commissions. I will be in the new Marketplace which has had a major shift in rules this year. As usually I plan to adapt as well as possible and hope the staff are willing to allow a little leeway in the form of warnings if someone has been found breaking a rule due to the new changes in rules/policy.

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5 Step Commission Guide

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 2:52 PM

Step One: Your commission type

Due to the specific types of commissions I have available it is important to know what category they fall into.

  1. The various different categories and examples can be found here (link to follow).

Step Two: Working out details

Before making your inquiry, take a moment to answer the following questions:

  1. When will you be needing your commission for?
  2. Where roughly are you located? If within the US, what postal code and if outside the US what country?
  3. If a hoodie commission what size hoodie would you need? Please specify what type the size is in (men's, women's or unisex/other) or give measurements to determine size.
  4. Are there details you would like included in your commission? For example if a hoodie would you like a zipper or a tail/other detail for the character.

Step Three: First Contact

Once you have answered all of these questions you are ready to begin the price estimate stage. During this part of the process there are a few additional pieces of information that will be needed on top of the questions above.

  1. References to the character or design you are looking to commission. This includes any photos, screenshots or artwork of the character/item. If you are looking for an item already located within my gallery please specify which piece by name or link.
  2. The full name and origin of the character/item you are commissioning. In some cases I will need to search out additional images to supplement what has been provided.
  3. A small description of any design specifics you would like to have on it. For example for a pokemon hoodie if you want an added details for a specific pokemon not common amongst the type.
  4. Additional contact info. If you are contacting me through note then an email address where I can reach you.

Step Four: Price and Payment Details

Now that all information has been gathered I will provide at least one price estimate for the commission and an additional price for shipping. Depending on the price quoted multiple payments may be offered as an option.

  1. In the cases where it is offered a %50 non-refundable down payment must be made before any work begins on the commissioned item.
  2. In cases where it is not offered or requested work will begin once full payment is made.
  3. In rare cases a commission is needed by a deadline which leaves very little work time. In these occassions if I am willing and able to accept the commission I will request an additional rush fee charge. In most cases this will be an additional $25 but will depend on the specifics of the commission request.

If you have made it to this point then you should be ready to make payment. The forms of payment I accept are paypal, check or money order. Concealed cash will not be accepted in any form.

Step Five: Construction and Shipment

Once payment is made I will begin the process of putting together the commission. Any update requests are welcome but please understand that crafting an item takes time and I may not be able to give a substancial update days after payment.

Shipping in most cases will be done through the United States Postal Service via their Priority Shipping Service. Most packages will be sent with tracking confirmations (included in shipping fees) and insurance can be added upon request. Depending on the length of the commission timeline I will ask for verification on the location the package will be sent to.

Once the commission arrives pictures of it in use would be greatly appreciated.

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^^ Feels good man. ^^

AnimeUSA was the last convention of the year for me, unless something pops up unexpectedly. More than happy to say I have survived it, although my voice hasn't. Last week I came home to the height of fall allergy season and was smashed in the face with hay fever and allergy induced asthema. After a day of non stop sniffling I ended up hacking for about 3 hours Friday night which started to whole loss. By Saturday night I was doing a mighty impressive impression of Joan Rivers laugh and all.

That being said an overall good time was had although I didn't really do amazing in AA, but after 3 other cons of doing fairly well I'm not going to complain.

So that all being said, its now time for me to spend the week cleaning, recouping and playing catch up on all of my online work I've been forced to push aside. There's a good 30-some messages sitting in my DA inbox and quite a bit more sitting in my email that I will be tackling through out the week. If I do not get back to you by say Sunday night at the very latest please resend your message and be as annoying as you deem fit.

<33 to everyone who's been following, my customers who have been amazingly patient and those who have just recently stopped by.

PS - I also have more than enough images built up from stuff I've been working on to keep me busy for the next month. So expect a bit of spamming in comparison to my normal posting habits.
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So brain dead already I mixed up what con's next.

Hey everyone, was at MangaNEXT this weekend. Was not only selling in artist alley and working on staff in Hall Contest but was also assisting the boyfriend fellow, Steve, with some of his minor duties as Vice Chair for the convention. The bulk of his work involved HR related things so last week consisted of putting together call lists and making badges in between sewing like a mad person.

The con itself was a crazy rollercoaster. Judging was a bit light, whether it was because of the location of the room or what not sure but it did manage to pick up later on Saturday and we were able to give awards to some nice costumes. Ended up being drafted into assisting with hosting at the Burlesque show in my Kero hoodie and didn't manage to completely screw everything up with how inexperienced I am on a stage.

Major down note was getting REALLY sick Saturday night. I was one of the handful of people that ended up really screwed up by the Chinese being served in staff den and my own stupidity. Had a bit of a greasey/yucky belly from the chinese food and didn't wait long enough after it went away to drink any alcohol. After talking to just about everyone who was around me I can safely say it wasn't much but still didn't end well and my stomach is still a little not happy with me with how sensitive its being with some foods.

Still took a little break on Monday before getting back in the saddle as far as crafting goes. Since wiping out of all mochi was finished this weekend with the final 2 Chinas I had I cut pieces for another 100 small mochi. They're all painted and I'm hoping to get them all assembled tonight so me and Steve can sit there stuffing them tomorrow during the day.

Once again for those who are new, hello to those I met this past weekend, I'm going to be MIA off and on until after AUSA next weekend. So if you sent me a message please be patient.

For those who are waiting to see new images of some of my more recent pieces, don't worry. I have roughly 14 hours of travel this weekend and there are bound to be some down times at the table. During them I will be doing my best to edit some photos.
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Things are seriously starting to pile before Halloween/MangaNEXT and some things in my real life have just sprung up in some really terrible ways. Sitting down to 10 to 15 messages every single night is not helping matters, actually stressing me out a lot more, and its taking me forever to get through.

So that being said, until I get a bit more in front of the ball on all of this I will only be responding to messages from open commissions or the couple (literally one or 2) who are about ready to make payment.

I knew this month was going to be difficult because of the 3 cons in a row with the first on Halloween but its been ungodly rough with other non commission/non con related things tossed into the mix. There have been a number of moments this week in particular I have felt completely overwhelmed with all of it in general and my normal method of working through it isn't really working. That being work on something simple but time consuming and process all of the crap thats got me all worked up followed up with a really hot shower to finish it off. Its been effective in taking the edge off the entire thing but normally it takes care of the majority of the problem.

So to those who have emailed me/noted me and have not received a fast response I apologize. My options really are to either answer everything and possibly screw up things all over the place or push those who aren't an immediate priority a little to the side to focus on what needs to get done NOW.
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^^ About right. ^^

The headache I mentioned in my last post turned out to be a full blown migraine complete with inability to sleep and feelings of stomach wanting to escape when counter pressure was applied to pressure inside my right temple. 24 hours later and still have a lovely case of light and sound sensitivity. Stupid me also hasn't changed my alert sound from something that isn't the ear piercingly high sonic screwdriver sound, so not sure if thats a variable even buried under pillows.

Anyway, point of the post is, I responded to some messages yesterday and will be tackling more later once I get some sleep.

And also I GOTS ME A TWITTER!!! One specifically for deviantART related updates. Just a warning, all picture updates will be done through my phone which has not properly grasped the concept of resizing for internet yet. I'm working on it but until then images may appear huge and bulky in file size. The link is here I also have the Twitter widget going on my front page.

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^^ My face when I finished working tonight. ^^

Reason for it is I started the weekend off looking at all of the commissions I have to do (updating the commission binder) and nearly passed out, there's 14 between now and Halloween between commissions and samples I'd like to have finished. Samples are friend requests I do for a small discount to try new things I don't want to risk on a commission. So after categorizing them into when they need to be done I decided to group up the easier ones into batches and run through those. Started that sometime Saturday and with the exception of yesterday (took a personal day to deal with some things) I managed to get 5 of the 6 over %75 finished. I'm hoping tomorrow is equally as productive so I can finish up this hoodie batch and get a couple other things finished.

Been a little on the slow side as far as keeping up with messages, though not sure if its a matter of being slow or just not used to the influx of messages. Went from getting 1-2 a day to 5-10 and as much as I love all you guys messaging me it is a little draining at times. So normally I end up answering everything then posting a journal or image. Tonight since I have a raging headache (not sure why) I'm going to have to put it off and just head to sleep.

As for more future stuff, the cons I mentioned in my last 2 deviations are listed below.

Next Convention
October 8th - New York Anime Fest…

Upcoming Conventions and Events
October 29th - 31st - MangaNEXT
November 5th - 7th - Nekocon
November 12th - 14th - AnimeUSA
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^^ Feeling loved. ^^

Alright so about 20 minutes after I noticed the whole message center problem start up it seemed to be fixed. Having had messages get nuked by DeviantArts random crashes and errors I decided to wait to respond back.

That being said thanks to everyone who responded to my last post. Considering how unstable DA seems at times I sometimes think I'm going crazy.

So I'll be responding to all of my notes on here then the emails a couple people sent me since my last email.
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