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Large Hetalia Mochi
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Published: November 21, 2010
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No idea why it took me so long to get these up, other than insane number of cons hammering me over the head.

These guys are the larger size of the small Hetalia mochi found here ->

They are roughly 10"tall by 12" across and feature appliqued eyes and embroidered details.

More will be prepared through November and into December, if you are interested in making one your's they are $30 for all 7 existing designs. Other designs will be priced based on difficulty and time it takes to complete, most cases will be $30 but covering my bases. If you are interested in one please feel free to note me here on DeviantART or email me at
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There are a lot of America mochis in that pile...
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I would die for a prussia mochi with a little Gilbird! Temptation to buy...Rising by the second...!
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HElCHOUHobbyist General Artist
mochi overload!
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SrgtHamytheGermanHobbyist General Artist
so. many. mochi...
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tthe13thHobbyist Digital Artist
omg u praduce mochi like italy produces white flags! MASS MOCHI PRODUCSHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sounds like my house at the moment, I'm restocking in time for NYCC and am swimming in mochi in various stages both large and small.
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tthe13thHobbyist Digital Artist
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peinaprenticeStudent General Artist
I think i just asked this in the other picture but how did you get such a thick stitch for the eyes and is that fabric as the eyes also
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I bought a Austria Mochi at Katsucon this last weekend and I love it! It will go very nice with my Hungary Cosplay. Thank you very much. I would love a Prussia with Gillbird.
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Do you make Italy? and or Germany.
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germanyalyssaHobbyist Artist
I want a Russia one how much?
They're very cute!
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SinfulNekoRoseHobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, how adorable~<3
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Medicinal-JingleStudent Writer
I want to order one for a friend of mine! Do you guys have a Austria Mochi?
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BlackButlerFanStudent Traditional Artist
*mind has been blown up* WOW
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HetaliaUchihaHobbyist Artist
I want to buy them~ How can I?
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g-ryphonHobbyist Digital Artist
Dawwwwww~! They're so cute~! I want one~! :iconeeeeeplz:
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Hey! I bought a Germany this year at Otakon right before AA closed, I was sooo happy!! :D So yah I have two quick questions for you. 1) Where did you get all the official facial expressions for the mochis because I think you did an awesome job on them, they are PERFECT!!!
2) Could you explain in detail how you make one of these, for example could you make a tutorial for making Italy, I would be soooo greatful if you did, or even if you get sent me a note of step by step instructions if you dont want them open to the public. I just really want to become good at some type of art because I suck at drawing, painting sculpting etc. :( PLEASE HELP ME, an aspiring sewer.
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Hey to answer your questions.

1) I kept an eye open for new mochi comics and use them as a reference. For ones that haven't shown up I make one based off of what I would imagine to look like.

2) Its a bit of a tough request just because I do these for sale so I want to be helpful but not give out all of my "secrets". That said though, I will be eventually doing a tutorial on the basic mochi shape and I have also done videos of myself making these. The process has changed a little bit but the basics are still there. Here is a link the the America one I did, you can find the rest on my channel. [link]

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Ok thank you sooo much for your time, and no need to worry I really suck at stuff like this so I will not be selling them or taking ANY of your business, plus I have no desire to do so. Once again I would like to thank you so much and let you know how much I really appreciate this! :)
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No problem, to be honest I don't think you specifically are going to be trying to make your own to sell. I've had people ask specifically for my patterns and the delivery might as well have screamed wanting to make their own to sell.

For people like you who have an actual interest in learning I want to put together more tutorials because a pattern is a bit too narrow a view to learn from. A tutorial will give me a better ability to show what else you could do with a shape or technique. I have 2 I want to do which is how to put together your own mochi shape and adjust it to meet your needs and one on how to work cleanly with fur. The fur one is actually all documented, I just need to do the write up and put it into tutorial format.

Also if you see anything you'd like to see put into tutorial form please let me know and I'll add it to the list of ones to work on.
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I have one of these! I got the England one. But I modified it by making the eyes have more depth and I made a little top hat for him :3
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That sounds really cute! I'd love to see pictures if you have any.
creamated-chocolate's avatar

Yeah here~ *is an amateur sewer*
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