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Bulbasaur Hoodie

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Got a bit of a last second Christmas commission for a Bulbasaur hoodie. Can thank Adam for the commission since he's been great working as a walking advertisement at cons.

Anyway, since I was working on a tight schedule for this one I decided to take a crack at making the bulb backpack. It's all put together with a number of reinforced stitches (at least 2 on each seam) and like the original is large enough to keep the hoodie in it.

What else is also different from the last hoodie is the zipper closure for the hoodie itself and took the time to pad the little horns in the hood as well as improved on the embroidery for the eyes.

At the moment I am currently closed for all character hoodie commissions. I will be posting on my journal when I am able to take on more.
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catslabHobbyist Digital Artist
Do you think you could make me one? It looks really awesome and I really want one o.o
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MellieMasterPrimeHobbyist General Artist
are these for sale?
Finf's avatar
FinfStudent Digital Artist
Waaaaaaaannt O.O
2195Razielim's avatar
2195RazielimHobbyist Photographer
I want one :love:
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bobbyb85Hobbyist General Artist
I love this! I want one ha
Notclose2perfect's avatar
When are you able to make more, I really like to buy one! I think the back should have vine whip to make it much interactive but I still love it!
pokemonfanatic4's avatar
how did you make this i loooooove bulbasaur
BeautifulFang's avatar
Pleeeeeeeaaaaaassssseee let me know when you're doing another Bulbasaur one :'3 and an Espeon. I know you said that you are closed for character hoodie commissions but I just want to know when you're doing them again. Pretty please??
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Flare346Hobbyist General Artist
I want! :o
keddybear18's avatar
are you selling??
Divinair's avatar
DivinairHobbyist Digital Artist
Are these purchasable at the moment? :)
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I'm sorry I'm not taking commissions at this time. That said I am trying to figure out a way to make custom hoodies available without destroying the little bit of free time I currently have.
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I love bulbasaur! Can I buy one of those hoodies with the backpack? You can contact me at My name's Ella. Thanks, and you did a great job on that!
Points4Free's avatar
This looks so awesome you did a really great job :D
TheNinja495's avatar
Is this for sale?
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ShaneeyProfessional Digital Artist
Hi, i know you wrote this

"At the moment I am currently closed for all character hoodie commissions. I will be posting on my journal when I am able to take on more."

but was wondering if you be able to make me one sometime
or be able tell me in near future i got anime convection coming up in 3 month's time and then another one like November I'd love turn up one of these xD

hope you get back to on this sometime thank's in advance it really make my day :)
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LooneyLuneStudent General Artist
Um, would you be willing to sell a bakc pack by itself? and if so, for how much, in aproximate, if you can...
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I ADORE this! I am Bulbasaur's biggest fan. :) Haha. I think the only thing that could make this sweater better is to put little Bulbasaur-ears on top of the hood! That would be SO CUTE!!
CordlessStereo's avatar
No. You are not. Bulbasaur's biggest fan.
And no,
I am not.
But there is this one chick.
With 7 bulbasaur tatoos.
fallen-angel-6660's avatar
omg i want one i love bulbasaur!!!!
CABooSEfml's avatar
hi i want this um can you add me on facebook to talk buisness
kaosinfekterad's avatar
kaosinfekteradStudent Photographer
I really really want this one.
boyce52's avatar
hello my school might be doing a video game theme for homecoming i was wondering how much it would cost to buy one idk whether i want a piplup or bulbasaur jacket idk im please contact me and my name is rebecca boyce thank u very much
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See artist comment on how to inquire for price.
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