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Bowser Hoodie

Sorry for those who fav'd and commented on this originally, there was an error was it was uploading and it wasn't showing up in my gallery at all.

So this is what most people stopped by my gallery wanting to see and to be honest I am kicking myself a little bit for not posting it sooner.

This hoodie was a request from my boyfriend of 6 years sometime last fall to put together. With commissions and attempting to get AA stuff together it ended up being put off until about a month before PAXeast this year. So I made it up to him by putting together a really awesome hoodie.

Just a warning to have a hoodie commissioned like this is going to cost quite a bit more than my normal hoodies. There is an insane amount of time, effort and supplies put into this.

At the moment I am currently closed for all character hoodie commissions. I will be posting on my journal when I am able to take on more.
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I wish I had this hoodie...*sigh*
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Did you buy or make the shell backpack? O:
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O_O It looks so cozy!! I love the detail you put into this hoodie. Does the shell come off like a backpack? Or is that sewn on to the back? It looks removable.
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Ah yes I saw that walking around manganext ; A ;
It is simply amazing.
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That is freaking amazing. I've been looking through some of your hoodie designs and I am absolutely fascinated. I love you.
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Thanks! Glad you're enjoying what you've seen so far.
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Hey, I remember seeing you at AnimeNEXT.
Probably one of the coolest costumes I saw that whole day.
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Thanks! I had it most of Friday while our friend Alex wore it Saturday for the pokemon tournament and I believe Steve (the BF) had it all of Sunday. XD
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the shell looks good.
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Thanks! It was interesting to make.
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OMFG! That hoodie is SO AWESOME! How long did it take you average?
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The Bowser hoodie is probably the most time consuming of the hoodies I make. If I were to sit down and dump 8 to 10 hours at a time into it and nothing else I could do the shell in 2-3 days and the hoodie itself in a day or 2 but by the end of it I'm nearly completely burned out because it is really stressful so I try spread that out over 2 to 3 weeks.
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I see. I may commission ya this coming Friday if that's allright with you? :) I can tell that you put a lot of hardwork into it.
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That would be great! Feel free to contact me anytime.
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:) I will. Are you also able to do one of a character of mine? Depending on the difficulty?
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wow.. great job! question: how did you make the shell? ^^
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That is actually a pretty complicated answer. To put it simply I start by making a foam insert to put into the shell and the spikes then work from the outside in to make the rest of the bag.
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how did you frm the spikes? ^^
it looks great!
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Wow, thats amazing!! Does the shell come off like a backpack??
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