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Sort of, You see, I've been getting the itch to start making hoodies again. Now that my summer con season is over and a huge unexpected bill is coming in (we need to have our main sewer line replaced) I've decided now is a great time to get back into it. For those who have been chomping at the bit, here's whats happening. Originally I was going to choose a character a week (as often as time allows it) and make one of each size (S-XL) then list them on etsy. Since I've decided to start a week early and am unable to make a fabric run until later this week I'm going to be working off of whatever fabric I have hoarded over time for various proj
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Its still a smidge bare but I now have photos and for the most part have figured out how to use it so I think its time to share the Etsy store I've been talking about for so long. At the moment I'm still working on editing photos and getting everything published. Please check back later this week for a look at the entire range of items I currently have available for online sale!
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So as usual, sorry for the large gap in updating. It seems like now every season is a busy season for me. Also my fiance's father is going to have open heart surgery tomorrow so I've been pretty distracted the last couple weeks and am totally warning may be for the next month or 2 until he's recovered. This also is happening atm.. Look at all that fluff! I'm currently working on inventorying everything remaining after my last 3 conventions. After emptying all of the space bags used to store all of my plushes from the fall this is what my livingroom looks like. Before anyone asks, in the process of sorting through all of the plushes and rea
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Are you still alive on DA?

Hello! I hope you don't mind my posting on your page today! I'd like to invite you to a brand new group; Covid-Con2020. I'd love to make this group a place where vendors and patrons alike, who are missing out on Cons worldwide because of the Covid-19 pandemic, can connect.
Happy belated birthday

Hope you have a great day!
:V I just seen your bowser hoodie... and i would totes pay 400 bucks for that shit.
T___T but its discontinued. Any way i can persuade you i to making one for me as a commission?
Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! :D