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Date 2010/01/24
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Wow Alice, looking pretty seductive there.
licking your feet
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Pretty sexy, and most important of all, such an amazing work. I admire both the pose and the perspectvie, as they may have been pretty hard to achieve this wonderfully.
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Wonderful work!
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Wow, the muscle and bone structure, toes and fingers curving like they would normally, the attention to detail in the stockings, the shading on the clothes, hair and face, even the folds in the furniture, everything is done so well here. I love this picture! :D
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Cutie, I love her stockings!!
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that legs is beautiful !!
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Very Beautiful !
Just glorious. That's all I can say. I'm really glad I found you through this picture =D
very, very nice...!
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OMG what an AMAZING alice o_0 and the POSE <3 though the colors are my fav!
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Those legs.. I'm a fan of nice legs :D. They really define the body type of a woman :XD:
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Sweet jesus those legs :heart:
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I really love the coloring here! Very awesome pic!
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This is very beautiful. Gorelus basically summed it all up for me so yea. this is an awesome piece.

And before I forget: I want those beautiful puppeteer legs :D
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this pic make me love alice thank you:heart:
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Wow, gorgeous!
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:wow: really beautiful piece. I love the pose, and expression held within the face. Amazing work with the coloring too. This is truly a marvel.
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