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Her Servant 16 - Poison 2 :icondangersque:dangersque 83 24
Her Servant 15 - Poison 1
"You really don't have any shame, do you?" Kagome chuckled, thinking of her servant's antics at the picnic.
"Keh, of course I do," Inuyasha replied, leading her through the huge front doors of his mansion. "Making you smile and laugh makes me ignore it."
Kagome blushed and gave her boyfriend a peck on the cheek, "So what was so important you begged me to come here?"
"It struck me that you've never seen my wing of the house," Inuyasha replied.
"I know you're rich, you don't have to brag."
"Dad made sure to tell the staff not to bother with this section tonight; he's making Sesshoumaru help with something at his company. There's no little brother to interrupt things, and we have a backup generator. You owe me a ravishing."
Kagome blushed, remembering the night of the blizzard. "I guess I do," she started nervously, "but you'll have to earn it."
"Oh?" Inuyasha was intrigued, "and what will my mistress make me do tonight?"
"You'll see," Kagome replied with a wink. "I just wish I'd thought
:icondangersque:dangersque 77 9
Her Servant 13 - Limits
Golden eyes opened as the whirring of the house signaled that the power was back. He got up to check the weather, only to see that it was still storming hard. He glanced at his sleeping mistress and her little brother before exiting the shrine to shovel.
Three hours later Kagome and Souta awoke to the scents and sounds of breakfast. They stumbled into the kitchen to see Inuyasha making up plates.
"Keh, I was just about to wake you," he said, blushing at their surprised faces.
"You can cook?" Kagome asked.
"I get bored easily so sometimes the servants give me stuff to do," he answered.
"But... but..." Kagome couldn't properly express her surprise, so she changed the subject. "How long have we had power?"
"A few hours. I did some shoveling when it came back. I'll probably have to redo it soon though."
Inuyasha sat on the ground after his shoveling was finished. "It just had to be tonight," he griped. He shuffled his way to the house, meeting Kagome at the doorway. She had a small
:icondangersque:dangersque 74 11
Her Servant 12 - Slumber Party
A terrified scream came from Souta's room.
"He's afraid of the dark," Kagome explained. "And with the power out, he has no nightlight. I guess we won't have our night alone after all."
"It's fine," Inuyasha replied. "Stay here and I'll go get the runt."
A few minutes later Inuyasha came back carrying the quivering kid in his arms. "I don't suppose you know where the flashlights are?"
Kagome directed him to the cupboard with the flashlights and batteries and he quickly retrieved them, which made Souta calm down considerably.
"I hope the power comes back soon, our bedrooms don't have the best insulation," Kagome said.
Hours later, it was time for bed and the power still hadn't returned. Inuyasha and Kagome took Souta to his room to change into some pajamas, and just as Kagome had feared, their bedrooms were too cold to sleep in. After she found an old pair of her father's pajama bottoms for Inuyasha she started to plan out their sleeping arrangements. They needed a room that was warm
:icondangersque:dangersque 74 6
Her Servant 11 - Snow Day
Innocent, heavy tufts of white fell to the ground, gradually covering the shrine.
Kagome squealed with delight as she looked out the window, "I love snow! Don't you Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha looked up from his sweeping, "Keh, no."
"But..." Kagome grabbed his arm and dragged him to the window, "It's so light, and soft, and fluffy!"
"Yeah, until I have to shovel it," Inuyasha muttered and returned to his chore.
Kagome stuck her tongue out at her Hanyou boyfriend. "Party pooper."
He simply smiled to himself and finished the last section of the floor. "That's the last of the list your mother gave us."
Just then Souta ran down the stairs babbling excitedly. "It's snowing Sis! Let's go outside!"
"I don't know Souta," Kagome pretended to think about it. "Mr. Cranky-pants over there doesn't like snow. He might not want to."
"Keh. I want whatever you want."
Hours later, the snow was really starting to pick up.
"We'd better go inside!" Kagome called out to the boys.
"You two go! I'll shovel first!
:icondangersque:dangersque 76 9
Her Servant 10 - Birthday Bash
That's where Inuyasha thought he was. Kagome looked like an angel as they twirled around the dance floor. He usually hated these functions, but having Kagome here made everything bearable.
His father seemed to take a shine to Kagome's family, even sharing a dance with her mother. Even Sesshoumaru wasn't bothering him tonight.  Sesshoumaru had caught sight of his knuckleheaded friend Kouga and Inuyasha hadn't seen him all night.
Inuyasha had worried that the night would be a disaster, but was pleased that he was able to enjoy holding Kagome in his arms for the night.  She also seemed to be enjoying herself.
"May I cut in?" a deep voice asked politely.
Inuyasha looked to Kagome, who nodded. He handed her off to his father, telling them he'd be by the refreshments.
"So, how's my son been treating you?" he heard his father interrogate the girl.
As he was finishing his punch, he faintly heard Kouga's evil cackling. He went to investigate.
The scene he came up
:icondangersque:dangersque 76 13
Her Servant 9 - Silver Spoon
Inuyasha trudged down the snow covered stairs. He had tried to wave off Mrs. Higurashi's gratitude for looking after Kagome and for cleaning the house with a "Forget it, it's my job," but the lady would have none of that. She almost didn't let him leave.
He let out a deep breath as he sank into his car seat. He glanceed at the passenger seat before he turned the ignition. He stared at the envelope sitting there; the envelope with the Higurashi family's invitations. Then he stared at the top of the stairs.
"FUCK!" he'd forgotten about the invitations. He grabbed the envelope and started another treacherous ascent.
"Kagome's mother wanted me to tell you that she was very happy to accept the invitation," Inuyasha informed his father.
The Youkai looked up from his paperwork, "Is that where you were? You should've called."
"You're out of town so much, it must have slipped my mind," Inuyasha replied.
Touga put his pen down and squeezed the bridg
:icondangersque:dangersque 79 5
Her Servant 7 - Stand
Inuyasha sat before his father like a small child about to be scolded.
"Is it true?" the man asked. Seeing his son was unwilling to answer he pressed on, "Are you playing the part of someone's pet?"
"No," the Hanyou replied, then decided to wipe the relieved look off his father's face. "I'm her servant."
"WHAT?" the elder Youkai was outraged.
"Kagome's a nice girl! She earned her way into that snob-factory that calls itself a school, I'm just protecting her!"
"By lowering yourself?" Touga growled.
"I can't lower myself; I'm just a half-breed!" Inuyasha shot back. "I was a disgrace the moment you couldn't keep it in your pants around a human, so it doesn't really matter what I do, does it?"
"That's not true," Touga replied wearily.
"That's what you've let Sesshoumaru tell me since I was born, why are you only disagreeing when I say it?"
"Inuyasha, I'm not going to let you date-"
"I'm not going to stop being with Kagome!" Inuyasha interrupted.
"Let me finish," Touga scolded. "I'm not goi
:icondangersque:dangersque 83 20
Her Servant 6 - Brotherly Love
Inuyasha had a hard day of chasing off Kagome's admirers after the Kikyou incident. Stupid two-faced asses who spat on her two days ago were now claiming to be her biggest fans.
Then Kagome insisted that he stay again for dinner to entertain her little brother and do homework. And she insisted on rewarding him by rubbing his ears then making out. He smiled to himself; being owned by Kagome definitely had some nice perks.
He was dead tired from playing and studying, and wanted nothing more than a nap. Too bad fate had a surprise for him.
"Oh great," Inuyasha mumbled to himself sarcastically. All he wanted was a little peace, but his brother decided to block his bedroom door.
"What exactly do you think you're doing?" Sesshoumaru asked heatedly.
"Well, I'm trying to get into my room to have a nap, but it seems you don't wanna let me. So what are you doing?" Inuyasha retorted.
Sesshoumaru swiftly reached out and smacked Inuyasha over the head, "Don't be smart with me, half-breed. I will no
:icondangersque:dangersque 82 8
Her Servant 4 - His Ears
Kagome had been watching them off and on for the past hour while she tried to do her homework. She loved the way they turned to better hear any noises they happened to catch, how they twitched randomly, how pettably soft they looked. She wanted to touch them, but how to ask...
Inuyasha sighed, "What is it Kagome?"
"Nothing," she answered a little too quickly.
"You've been staring at me since we came up to your room, so just spit it out already!" Inuyasha snapped.
"Sorry," Kagome mumbled, looking down at her lap.
Inuyasha walked over to Kagome and crouched down to her eye level, "Don't be sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you. I just hate being stared at. Tell me what you want, please," he pleaded.
"I want to pet your ears," Kagome said quickly as possible, hoping he wouldn't catch it.
"That's it?" He bowed his head, "You're my mistress, you can do anything you want to me."
"You're not my pet," Kagome started, still resisting the ears, "I'm not very comfortable with this whole servant
:icondangersque:dangersque 100 22
Her Servant 3 - House And Home
'Weird day,' Kagome thought to herself as she watched the scenery whiz by.
Being carried around by a muscular Hanyou was actually nice; until they entered the classroom, that is. She thought the whispers and stares that accompanied her being carried into the room and set gently on her chair would make her face burn off she'd turned so red. They got even worse immediately after when Inuyasha had once again called her his mistress. Inuyasha had just chuckled at her mild embarrassment and the dumbfounded expressions the other students wore.
She'd convinced him that she didn't need to be carried, only to get pushed down the stairs by someone attempting to "put her in her place." Inuyasha had been livid, and only Kagome's pained whimpers to get her to the nurse drew his attention away from pulverizing the creep. Now her knee and ankle were badly twisted, which meant Inuyasha had to carry her for the rest of the day anyway.
Kagome was pulled out of her thoughts by the car door opening.
:icondangersque:dangersque 91 8
THE LOVE OF AGES by matthew007 THE LOVE OF AGES :iconmatthew007:matthew007 255 13 IY- the sorting tama by LevyRasputin IY- the sorting tama :iconlevyrasputin:LevyRasputin 223 78 OMFG INUYASHA by aestheticirony OMFG INUYASHA :iconaestheticirony:aestheticirony 180 49 InuYasha and Kagome - Finale by Ebsie InuYasha and Kagome - Finale :iconebsie:Ebsie 171 29 Naraku         are YOU smitten by stormbringer246 Naraku are YOU smitten :iconstormbringer246:stormbringer246 61 48



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