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Welcome to the Inu-Anime club. Please keep the art clean. There may be kids viewing this site so please keep it clean for their sake. Feel free to join and submit art though.

:bulletblack:Gallery has been fixed! Enjoy yourselves! :)

IMPORTANT: Please, please submit to the right folders and if any of them are full please let us know. Thanks.



Gallery Folders

Lizitober Day 23-24 Firefly / 25-26 Zodiac by Lizally
Team Setsuna or Team Towa? by Lizally
Destroyer of lands by Lizally
Kikyo cosplay u by CuyahogaBobcat
Hanyou no Yashahime
Setsuna - Yashahime Fanart by Guusagi
YH: Towa Hime by Kay-I
Inuyasha Family by Gedainegu
Fanart - Moroha by RheannS2
INUYASHA by GilwenGreenleaf
Demon Inuyasha by AlchemyFox
Inuvember | Day 1 | Inuyasha by princess-pandi
InuYasha Halloween by FreddyKruegerFan12
Fanart - Kagome Higurashi by RheannS2
Waterbender Kagome 2 by kirin2009
Inuvember | Day 2 | Kagome by princess-pandi
Pop Figure Bookmark - Kagome by InkArtWriter
[Inuyasha] Sango by AriseMerveille
prepare for a beatdown by Unlovedneko-chan94
Sango Tells You To Wear A Mask by DisneyOtakuXL
Sango Schoolgirl by inu-sessh-rin
Customart Miroku folder by AyosDesignz
Miroku - Purple Haze by pogona-does-art
Miroku by Princesspuffball
Screenshot of Miroku animatic attempt by AyosDesignz
Shippo and Kirara
Adult Shippo by KitsuneHalfbreed91
Teen Shippo by Lilgrimmapple
Shippo by MarshmallowBreeze
Shippo and Kilala by AlchemyFox
Kikyo by MasakoMarvell
Kikyo holding a pumpkin by Lionartistic
Kikyo Schoolgirl by inu-sessh-rin
Kikyou by HopelessAromantic
leader of wolf pack by Unlovedneko-chan94
Customart Koga folder by AyosDesignz
Koga watching Inuyasha by C16B
Koga by LucDandelion
Sesshomaru Portrait by GretaMacedonio
Sesshomaru: WHAT?! by tobizgirl
Sesshy Fanart by Breiana78
Sesshomaru by Shizuku4GDB
Rin Schoolgirl by inu-sessh-rin
Naraku and Co.
Kagura Schoolgirl by inu-sessh-rin
Other Characters
Kagura inuyasha by ludmila-meza
Canon couples
With you forever Sesshomaru-sama by inu-sessh-rin
Non-canon couples
i will never let you go,kikyo by Unlovedneko-chan94
Multiple Characters - Group Pics
safe  in mothers  arms by Unlovedneko-chan94
Inuvember2020 Day 19 by AyosDesignz
R bio by Unlovedneko-chan94
Doujinshi - Fan Comics
k-i-s-s-part 3 END by Unlovedneko-chan94
Take it easy by Shadica1stClass
Fan Fiction
Prince of Egypt Crossover Ch 9 and EpilogueI do not own Inuyasha, One piece, Bleach, Naruto, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, My Hero Academia, One punch man, Pokemon, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Mortal KombatAs all the people began putting their stuff down, their toddlers down on the ground, taking off their shoes and drinking water with their Pokemon.Suddenly a horn blows out loud which Itachi blew the horn which all people turned around behind them which they see an army of Egyptians riding on their phantom steed chariots and Naraku was leading them. Inuyasha was horrified that Naraku is going kill him and his people for all the pain he suffered and Hakudoshi killed. Naraku screamed in anger that all the Egyptians soldiers ran down the hill.All the people got scared, they began moving the Pokémon, grabbing their kids and ran away but they saw grey clouds on sky heading towards Inuyasha and others.Thunderstorms began booming, waves in the ocean moving out of control. Fire shoots up from the water and crashes toward Naraku and his army. The phantom steeds neighed frightening so Naraku and the Egyptians tried to move to the other side but the fire was blocking them.All the people looked at Inuyasha which is now their time to escape so he turns around, looks at his wooden staff and approaches to the ocean. The Dog Youki hybrid held his wooden staff up and closes his eyes."With this staff, you shall do my wonders!" God shouted as Inuyasha puts his wooden staff on the ocean which the water flows ups by rocks and wind. All the people were amazed that Inuyasha is able to do this. He turns to his people and looks at them. Sesshomaru approaches to his younger brother, looks at him and smiles which Inuyasha smiles back at him.Sesshomaru enters the path which Kagome and Rukia smiles, following him and others.Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Rukia and others walking towards the other side of Egypt. Sheeva, Erron, Reptile, Kars and others are helping the Pokémon go with Inuyasha's people. Sasuke and Itachi were moving the cart until it got stuck which the Uchiha brothers were trying to pull the cart out."Leave it!" Inuyasha shouted as Itachi and Sasuke left the cart and continued walking.Kagome began lighting up the torches for the people to see. They began walking, a legendary whale Pokémon Kyogre appears and swimming into the ocean. Rin got scared of the legendary Pokémon but Kaede confronts her, that she is going to be okay.Inuyasha and others still walking which a Numel got scared and lay its head on Sesshomaru."Yeah, me too." Sesshomaru replied as he began petting Numel. Inuyasha puts Tsuru down and sees the fire tornado disappearing. Naraku sees a pathway that Inuyasha and others went to. He took his sword and screamed."CHARGE!!" Naraku screamed as he and his army charges into the pathway. The phantom steeds jumped down on the ground causing Naraku's chariot to broke, and Naraku fell on he ground. Naraku gets up now his long hair out and sees all the phantom steeds running out of control and looks at his army."Don't just stand there! Kill them!" Naraku shouted as all the Egyptian army ran towards Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Kagome, Rukia and others."Kill them all!" Naraku shouted as Inuyasha ran back towards his people."The soldiers! They're coming!" Hiashi shouted as all the people ran fast as they can. The Egyptians soldiers continues running Inuyasha tries to catch up the others."Inuyasha Hurry!" Sesshomaru shouted as Rukia was helping ."Look! The shore!" Kenpachi shouted as Sesshomaru and Rukia turns and sees the other side of the ocean opening an exit to Egypt. Inuyasha turns and sees the Egyptian soldiers now approaching to him. All the people ran out towards the exit while the Egyptians soldiers to almost near the Dog Youki hybrid. Suddenly thunderstorm boomed Inuyasha sees the water began flowing down which Aizen, Hidan, Dosu, Deidara, Kano and the other villains were washed away by the waves. Naraku sees the waves now coming towards him."Nooooooo!" Naraku shouted as the tide pushes him onto a large rock while Inuyasha, Rukia, Sesshomaru Kagome and others ran towards the exit which the water transform back into an ocean. Aizen, Dosu, Zaku, Deidara, Kano and the others Egyptian army drowned. Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru, Rukia and the others sees the pathway turned back into an ocean. Hanabi, Hinata Neji were hugging Hiashi. Rukia smiled and hugs Sesshomaru now that they are finally free.All the people chattered and cheered in happiness that they are no longer in Egypt anymore. Yukina hugs her brother Hiei, Izuku hugging his mother, Gaara picks up the sand and Run hugging Kaede.Inuyasha hugs Kagome while Sesshomaru hugs him in the back. Rukia hugs Kagome as Inuyasha approaches to Rukia, smiling at his sister, which Rukia smiles and hugs him."Thank you." Inuyasha replied as Rukia approaches to Sesshomaru and Kagome. Inuyasha walks towards the ocean which Rukia sees him and looking at the clouds and the other side of Egypt where Naraku is at.Meanwhile Naraku was standing on a rock and was in complete anger."INUYASHA!" Naraku shouted as he cried in defeat."INUYASHA!!" Naraku screamed as Inuyasha heard him."Good-bye, brother." Inuyasha replied as he walks away never to see Naraku ever again. He approaches his family and his people. The chorus began to sing.A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah! A-shi-ra l'a-don-ai. Ki ga-oh ga-ah.Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia and Sesshomaru were cheering, Kagome hugs Inuyasha which he hugs her back."Look. Look at your people, Inuyasha." Kagome replied as she and Inuyasha looked at all the people including those who used to be slaves and pawns of Naraku such as Kotal Kahn, Erron Black, Baraka, Sheeva, Kars, Reptile, Ermac and others."They are finally free." Kagome replied as Inuyasha smiled and now happy that his people is finally free.Na-chi-tah v'-chas-d'-cha. Am zu ga-al-ta. A-shi-ra, a-shi-ra! A-shi-ra!Inuyasha, Kagome, Rukia, Sesshomaru and all the others began to travel to Mount Sinai.In the sunlight Inuyasha was walking down with the ten commandments in his arm and looking down at his people.Deliever us!Owari
Misc - Memes - Fun
Yeet That Child by InkAndQuillPen

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Hello everyone!

I've been some inactive lately because the school but finally I'm more free.

This time I wanna share with you the amazing contest that :iconyukisama24: is holding.

Inuyasha Contest (Closed)

Don't forget to check it and enter if you are interested. There are amazing prizes for the winners.

That's all for the moment.


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