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The Tour Begins
Pulling into one of the many empty parking spots, Bulma let out a sigh seeing no other vehicle. It was just her luck that she was on time and would have to wait for the arrival of her guests. She was grateful that it wasn’t winter or even fall which would have her fighting snow and cold weather! With a shiver she grabbed the coffee cup and took a small sip of the steaming brew—not that she would need the warmth, only the caffeine it provided. After her shower last night she had gone back to the dorm room and read while listening to her roommate’s keyboard tapping. Bulma had hoped that the dull atmosphere would have her drowsy in minutes but it hadn’t and she had been awake well into the morning hours. So with only a few hours of sleep here she was, hoping she wouldn’t bite any of the Saiyans’ heads off as she gave them the official tour. With a snort she opened the door—making sure to grab her coffee—and reminded herself that while Saiyan
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Nothing but Stress
Bulma walked into the dorm she shared with Chi-chi. The girl was nice enough, but she was quite shy and one of those people that was always trying to please everyone. Sometimes Bulma just wanted to grab the girl and shake her to see if it would bring out a different personality. There were glimpses of a tougher veneer that Bulma would catch when her roommate became annoyed or frustrated but somehow she managed to contain it. It might be better to learn from Chi-chi rather than bring another volatile college student into the world. Tilting her head to one side, Bulma watched her roommate—who was oblivious to other girl’s presence—as she typed away on her laptop. While it was nice to share a dorm with someone who wasn’t noisy as hell it was also just as irritating to live with a person that ignored you most of the time.  
Closing the door behind her, Bulma strode to her side of the room so she could lay her keys on the tall, narrow dresser. Next was her purse
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Mature content
Fifteen: Stubborn :iconinuy21:inuy21 4 1
The Overdue Book
Bulma sat behind the library counter, watching the other students ignore and pass her by to use the private study rooms or desks set around the two story college library. She propped her elbow on the countertop and slouched in her chair, letting her chin fall to her open hand. It was so boring being on duty but she had volunteered to help out even if she was now regretting that decision. Her classes were far too easy and didn’t require a whole of studying on her part, so she had thought that lending a hand with small jobs around the campus would keep her occupied enough. Sighing miserably into the palm of her hand, Bulma closed her eyes and tried to bolster her spirit.
She felt the tremor of something hitting the desk before the sound of someone clearing their throat caused her to look up. Her mouth fell open at the handsome face. Sure there was a bit of arrogance and tightness that should have warned Bulma he was more than the average rich kid running around the university, but
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Revelation Chap. 2
As Bulma strode across the yard she was so angry and confused that Yamcha’s yelling didn’t reach her until he was almost upon her. She scrunched up her face in annoyance before turning toward the man.
“What,” she hissed in frustration, still moving toward the door. She just wanted to be alone and wrap her mind around what Vegeta had just proposed.
Yamcha stopped short of her, matching his steps so that he kept walking behind her. “What happened? Did he hurt you?”
Bulma couldn’t help the laughter that burst free. “Hurt me? Nothing more than usual, I suppose.” When she heard the shocked gasp behind her she slowed her pace. “Vegeta’s just being a jerk today. He said a few things that upset me and he knows I won’t put up with him when he’s in a mood.”
“Did you even get any training in?” he asked as his eyes raked over her form. “Or are your sessions usually this short?” Yamcha didn
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Revelation Chap. 1
Yamcha eased the door to Capsule Corp open. The house seemed deathly quiet for the usually chaotic family that lived inside, but he wasn’t too concerned. He knew that Bulma would most likely be down in the lab with her father and her mother would be doing some kind of chore around the house. Then there was the latest houseguest: Vegeta. It had been a little over two months since Yamcha’s last visit, but if Vegeta had decided to unleash his temper on Capsule it would’ve been on the news. The buildings wouldn’t be standing and the Saiyan’s next target should have been Yamcha.
Walking through the silent hallway, Yamcha thought of calling out a greeting but decided against it. He didn’t want to attract the wrong type of attention, so he moved down the hall as silent as possible. This would take him to the main living area and to the backyard. Just as he was about to cross the large open space Bulma came sprinting down the stairs in what looked like worko
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The Real Test Begins
Bulma stood in the lab that she shared with her father, her jaw was now slackened by the news she had just received. Her father, the person to tell her the devastating news, was staring at her with a look of concern.
"I figured you would have been happy with the news," he continued on a bit airily while his daughter's face remained in a shocked state. "It's a chance to expand our research. Goku is a great tester, don't get me wrong," the doctor quickly added the last bit to appease Bulma's temper, "but if we want to take this bot to the public we really should think about getting new testers."
The lavender haired woman shook her head, her eyes squeezing shut. "But why does it have to be him, Dad? Can't we get someone else, anyone? Please?" She felt the urge to get on her knees and continue begging, but instead she just opened her eyes and gave a pleading look toward her father.
"Why do we need to go to someone else when Vegeta came to us? Plus he already stated that he wouldn't require
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It wasn't anything extraordinary, the feat she had just accomplished, but for her to achieve such a reaction was something she'd never attempted before. She chewed on her bottom lip just thinking about it. A secretive smile and small blush covered her face as a hand automatically came up to cover her own reaction—even though no one was around to witness it. A sudden chill ran down her spine causing her body to sober and stiffen.
"You didn't get far."
The gruff tone of his voice had her whipping around, the ends of her long hair tossing back over her shoulder. "I wasn't aware I was supposed to be hiding," her tone was neutral, not sure if he was trying to pick a fight with her. When she received a narrow expression her body relaxed slightly.
"Isn't that what you humans do best when faced with danger?" He stepped closer to her, watching for any signs of weakness to prey upon. A foot seemed to unconsciously shuffle backwards, although her face betrayed nothing.
"Danger?" she question
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Mature content
Fourteen: Reward :iconinuy21:inuy21 9 15
The Super Saiyan by inuy21 The Super Saiyan :iconinuy21:inuy21 3 2 Cult of Personality by inuy21 Cult of Personality :iconinuy21:inuy21 3 7
A Cold Reception
"I can't believe that fucker gets the privilege of testing new equipment!" A well-aimed punch connected with the punching mitt. "That son of a bitch's game improved that much in just a few months' time." Another punch, this time aiming much higher, was quickly blocked by another mitt. "It's gotta be whatever Capsule Corp is building. That little shit could not have improved that much by training himself."
"You still bitching and moaning about all that?" the taller man inquired in a gravelly voice. "Maybe the dude takes steroids. Oh, or maybe he's just pretendin' to be poor so he can fuck with ya."
Sharp eyes narrowed and rose to look at the bald man. "I'm not paying you to be my therapist, Nappa," the shorter man spit out as a knee rose to connect with the man's belly but was once again quickly blocked.
"Coulda fooled me." The bigger man blocked another attack. "With all the bitching you've been doing lately, how am I not supposed to think that?" A foot connected with the
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Goku Tribute Colored by inuy21 Goku Tribute Colored :iconinuy21:inuy21 25 14
Fighting Partner
The figure in the ring stood around five-foot-ten. Its blank, black stare confirming that the human-like figure wasn't alive even though it was covered in the most realistic skin he had ever seen on a robot--that, however, had nothing to do with the quality of the robot's insides. Where the hands should've been, there was only a pair of boxing-like gloves, and a pair of wrestling shoes were on its feet.
This was supposed to be the equipment that Goku had used to become a better fighter? Vegeta scoffed, his gaze bouncing from the robot to its creators. "You've got to be kidding me."
"Excuse me?" Dr. Briefs asked sincerely.
Bulma merely smirked at the man. "You have yet to step inside the ring." The lavender-haired woman motioned towards the caged ring as her eyes locked with Vegeta's. "I'm sure you've heard the expression 'Never judge a book by its cover'."
Vegeta raised an eyebrow, as a skeptical look crossed over his features.
"Go ahead." Bulma made a shooing motion at Vegeta, telling
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Cross Epoch Goku by inuy21 Cross Epoch Goku :iconinuy21:inuy21 6 11 The Tower by inuy21 The Tower :iconinuy21:inuy21 3 10

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United States
Slug of DOOM!!! I wanted to keep him as a pet XD

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So I've decided to join this years Writing Month...So far not doing a good job keeping up, but I'm trying my hardest! Sorry for all the inactivity and I promise I'll get back on my DBZ stuff, but I really wanted to try my hand at writing something that one day might have a chance on getting published. I've been writing ever since I can remember, and my teachers and mom have always encouraged me to keep at it and do contests. However I've never had the nerve, but now that I have nothing left to lose I'm going for it! I don't think I can stand having a "regular" job again, and I'm finding that after getting over my health issues (for now) it's a lot easier to get my mind focused.

I will one day, perhaps, post what I'm writing now on here but for now it's going to be my little secret :XD:
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