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Sasameki Koto-Hetalia:prucan-

A parody of sasameki koto's ending featuring some characters from Hetalia, mainly Prussia and Canada.
Took me about 7 hours orz
I don't own hetalia or sasameki koto~
Don't reproduce please~
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Now I just want to cry...But very nice ^^ though I don't know what Sasameki Koto is...Sweating a little... 
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*See's France*
My gawd... >_>
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PRUCAN amg I love you :iconamgplz:
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thank you. I love Prucan as well and might make more art involving them (even if my big OTP currently tends to be FrUs and I have tons of other non-hetalia projects ongoing.)
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The music... it won't stop
Even when I leave the page...
All well, the song's good XD
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That is odd and shouldn't be happening, though it probably is linked to your computer being slow? when mine is it keeps on playing stuff for a while after I closed a tab so.
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I don't know what could cause it, but it is done now so it is all good :)
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The song is repeating
Inunobaka's avatar
lost the files, can't fix it.
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Nice try thought!
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Seriously, this is brilliant! Very good job! <3 :D
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sasameki koto, hetalia AND prucan...

Inunobaka's avatar
Thank you, that's sweet of you!
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Matthew...your father penis is right above your head...doesn't that bother you?
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The fluffy rose covering it makes a great pillow.
animer334's avatar
Really? How often do you try it out?
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Ever touched a rose? it's the same thing. All soft. So I'd imagine it'd make a good pillow.
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ahhah! but every rose has its thorn! /shot//
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