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Prucan Caipirinha

A flash animation featuring Prussia,Canada and a bit of Prucan for Jasmyn. Happy birthday darling~
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this seems familiar *snaps* I know search(if you are nto yaoi) sexy naughty bitchy misaki and click the one by hooker fangirl XD
Chilli-Cheese's avatar
I opened this in class when everything was dead silent and had the volume on full blast XD so worth the trouble i got into hahaha
zadslady978's avatar
I did that, teacher laughed. Didn't get in trouble.. (DAT ICON XD XD XD)
MettattattonArt's avatar
How did you not get in trouble!?
zadslady978's avatar
Teacher loves me. XD
neigma's avatar
that's adoraqble!
cupcakeswith-hetalia's avatar
XD I LOVE THIS YAYYAYAYYAYAY XD im such a canadian dork XD
Tylerthefox's avatar
( )
( )
( )
freakydayo's avatar
awesome! >w< Prucan for the win! >w<
Inunobaka's avatar
Well it seems like you liked it so much you lost the capacity to put your liking into words ;D
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Inunobaka's avatar
NezumiHaruka's avatar
Eheh no problem!~ :iconprucanplz:
roselilly312's avatar
EPIC now gets fave'd about a million times
Inunobaka's avatar
I don't care so much about favs, in the end it's nicer to get a comment in my opinion <3
roselilly312's avatar
kay... so i give you comments AND favs?
Inunobaka's avatar
just comments are definitely fine to me.
ldisme411's avatar
i must say im watching this at 2:30 in the morning so i nearly pissed myself D: SO glad my headphones r in
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