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  • Listening to: A Perfect Circle
  • Reading: wikipedia pages
  • Watching: going to see the golden compass!
  • Playing: the heptic game of life
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: tea
yeah, i know, i'm so far behind in deviations and journals and such. i feel bad that i rant about pointless stuff and i never read other peoples' journals...but being in 11th grade=busy 24/7. i still don't know why my scanner is not working and i never really get to draw anymore. i wish i could just draw so much more to improve. i know i need to but i don't have time. i go to school and then i just have to go home and do more school work. and it always gets so tight around the holidays when it comes to stupid school work. i can't even relax on the weekend with a test in psychology coming up this week and i don't know the information real well, and i have my japanese exam coming up this week...i only have this week coming up and half a week after that left until i get out for winter break...and thank god for that. i will be updating with new art and i will start on the 1000+ deviations i need to to look at...and i hopefully will get that darn scanner working again

until winter break, i'll see ya
help animals and the environment today! go to and sign up. then sign as many help the animals and/or wilderness petitions! they need your help against the frickin government!

Things recently done:
mewtwo ref :star: [not scanned yet]
Houndoom picture :star:
angie's cat :star: [not uploaded yet]
dark fenrir :star:
wingless, poison dragon :star:
Ho-Oh :star:

personal stuff:
Amy Lee :star-half: [currently working on it]
dragon sketches
lots of random oekaki sketches going into my next spam dump!
lots and lots of photos! :D
school art projects. i have 3 i want to put on here
Eagle :star-half:

Things for other People:
:iconmonku:'s character design :star-half: [still working on it]
:iconmonku:'s "other" drawing :star-half:
dolphin for a friend :star-half:
german shepard for a friend :star-half:

My Clubs:
:iconmewtwo: :iconeeveefanclub: :iconiloveanimals: :icontheneopetsteam: :iconchikaloversunited: :iconspyrothedragon:

My Friends: (no real order except for the first 5 people)
:iconmonku: :iconsuicidlemonkey: :icontaijiya-kitsune: :iconmusicalchains: :iconlilmissvampire24: :iconbluragazza: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :iconzee-all-shudupit-one: :icondadoo158: :iconkesha67: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmelissakaye: :iconpoellephantom: :iconshegosdrakken: :iconembermclainerocks: :iconbloodrain1991: :iconcollineesh: :iconkeniiness: :iconphantom-of-wings: :iconsnow-white-king: :iconzetapets:

Idols: (all in abc order)

Drawing Idols:
:iconailah: :iconaokibengal: :iconbubak: :icondirefly: :iconeclipsis: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconexileden: :iconsastrei: :iconskitzobits: :iconsolyrosas:

Painting/Drawing Idols:
:iconbalaa: :iconbovar: :icongoldenwolf: :iconkivuli: :iconstarfinder:

Digital/Oekaki Idols:
:iconcosmicsprinkles: :iconakita: :iconarctickiitsune: :iconarticuno: :iconarunatramp: :iconblackwolf-embers: :iconblue-fox: :iconcarrie-phox: :icondagger-chan: :icondeborahs: :icondeligaris: :icondevikuro: :icondirefly: :icondruihd: :iconemiya: :iconestarial: :iconevana: :iconguardianofire: :icongyzmo: :iconhibbary: :iconhibikio: :iconhoundourka: :iconic3starz: :iconiceandsnow: :iconinuyashaluva: :iconkaziczek-wolf: :iconkesha67: :iconkhangaki: :iconkakiwa: :iconkitokii: :iconkivuli: :iconkuitsuku: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmeroko-rio: :iconneondragon: :iconox-of-ice: :iconpockyy: :iconpotator: :iconraveh: :iconcorrosivefool: :iconsmcnonnahs: :iconsowa-chan: :iconsunflic: :icontakotank: :icontigon: :icontrixity: :iconxyiru: :iconzaphk: :iconzayger: :iconzombifiedwolf:

Photographer Idols:
:iconaokibengal: :iconcola92: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhexentanz: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :icontrish-the-stocker: :iconwazabees: :iconwhitepaws1:

my all time favorite artists in the world (abc order):
:iconbalaa: :icondeligaris: :icongoldenwolf: :iconguardianofire: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconneondragon: :iconexileden:

My Favorite Pokemon cards artists (abc order by last name):
Mitsuhiro Arita
Masakazu Fukura
Midari Harada
Kagemaru Himeno
Kouki Saitou
Ken Sugimori
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December 8, 2007