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its quite true! i was actually going to scan them on yesterday but i had some problems to attend to concerning my tablet (but it's alright now). anyway, a bunch of the stuff i'll be uploading is kinda old like from back in january-may D: oh well. my style has changed alot since some of these drawings. so yeah. i need to get away from oekaki and just start using a pencil and some paper again. i plan on doing a lot more realism soon before school starts again so thats something decent to look forward to :D

[edit]i've submitted one thing...i'll try to submit the rest tomorrow

help animals and the environment today! go to and sign up. then sign as many help the animals and/or wilderness petitions! they need your help against the frickin government!

Things recently done:
mewtwo ref :star: [not scanned yet]
White wolf twins :star: [not scanned yet]
mother and daughter fox and the dragon :star:
tomodachi picture :star:
Houndoom picture :star:
secret picture for someone!=monku in the sky :star:

personal stuff:
Mightyena picture :star-half: [sketched. not sure about finishing it]
Amy Lee :star-half: [currently working on it]
dragon sketches
lots of random oekaki sketches going into my next spam dump!
lots and lots of photos! :D
school art projects. i have 3 i want to put on here,

Things for other People:
:iconmonku:'s character design :star-half: [just started]
:iconmonku:'s "other" drawing :star-half: [sketching]
Angie's picture :star-empty:
dark fenrir :star-half:
wingless, poison dragon :star-half:

My Clubs:
:iconmewtwo: :iconeeveefanclub: :iconiloveanimals: :icontheneopetsteam: :iconchikaloversunited: :iconspyrothedragon:

My Friends: (no real order except for the first 5 people)
:iconmonku: :iconsuicidlemonkey: :icontaijiya-kitsune: :iconmusicalchains: :iconlilmissvampire24: :iconbluragazza: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :iconzee-all-shudupit-one: :icondadoo158: :iconkesha67: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmelissakaye: :iconpoellephantom: :iconshegosdrakken: :iconembermclainerocks: :iconbloodrain1991: :iconcollineesh: :iconkeniiness: :iconphantom-of-wings: :iconsnow-white-king:

Idols: (all in abc order)

Drawing Idols:
:iconailah: :iconaokibengal: :iconbubak: :icondirefly: :iconeclipsis: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconexileden: :iconsastrei: :iconskitzobits: :iconsolyrosas:

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:iconbalaa: :iconbovar: :icongoldenwolf: :iconkivuli: :iconstarfinder:

Digital/Oekaki Idols:
:iconcosmicsprinkles: :iconakita: :iconarctickiitsune: :iconarticuno: :iconarunatramp: :iconblackwolf-embers: :iconblue-fox: :iconcarrie-phox: :icondagger-chan: :icondeborahs: :icondeligaris: :icondevikuro: :icondirefly: :icondruihd: :iconemiya: :iconestarial: :iconevana: :iconguardianofire: :icongyzmo: :iconhibbary: :iconhibikio: :iconhoundourka: :iconic3starz: :iconiceandsnow: :iconinuyashaluva: :iconkaziczek-wolf: :iconkesha67: :iconkhangaki: :iconkakiwa: :iconkitokii: :iconkivuli: :iconkuitsuku: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmeroko-rio: :iconneondragon: :iconox-of-ice: :iconpockyy: :iconpotator: :iconraveh: :iconcorrosivefool: :iconsmcnonnahs: :iconsowa-chan: :iconsunflic: :icontakotank: :icontigon: :icontrixity: :iconxyiru: :iconzaphk: :iconzayger: :iconzombifiedwolf:

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:iconaokibengal: :iconcola92: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhexentanz: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :icontrish-the-stocker: :iconwazabees: :iconwhitepaws1:

my all time favorite artists in the world (abc order):
:iconbalaa: :icondeligaris: :icongoldenwolf: :iconguardianofire: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconneondragon:
phantom-of-wings Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2007
Can't wait to see!!! <3
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August 14, 2007