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Has it really been 5 months since I last updated? What's wrong with me?
Anyway, sorry again. I have been busy with school. I hate my Japanese class. This year is just awful. My school really screwed it up. But the good news is I got accepted to the college I really want to go to. They have Japanese language studies there so that should be fun next year. They also have biology and art which is a definate "yes, I'm so excited!" ^^ I want to major in Biology and Art and minor in Japanese (I hope i can do that).

I've been drawing so much. I have about a million things that are unfinished but that's alright because my art teacher keeps bugging me to finish them all for my art portfolio so they'll be updated soon. I've been drawing a lot of stuff for Zetapets these days. I'll have to upload what i've drawn for them recently sometime soon too.
Right now, I'm going to upload a German Shepherd i drew for a friend for Christmas. I'll upload everything else either tomorrow or over the weekend when I have time to do so.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season. I did. I got a Wii ^^ and i also got a really awesome new black DS with Palkia and Dialga on it. (which is awesome because my pink DS's hinge breaks a lot).

I have 2000+ deviations to look at...oh joy. I'll probably just delete them all and start over fresh. Sorry guys ^^; i didn't look at them a lot because with DA updating all the time, my computer has a hard time loading everything and takes a while to even look at a few deviations.

Ok, thanks for reading. I'm glad to be back at DA. I've had a lot happen to me within the past 5 months that have changed who I am. I even got a message from the amazing Midori Harada :iconmidoriharada:, which is always nice to get.

Again, thanks for reading!

help animals and the environment today! go to and sign up. then sign as many help the animals and/or wilderness petitions! they need your help against the frickin government!

My Clubs:
:iconbloodandchocolate-fc: :iconmewtwo: :iconeeveefanclub: :iconiloveanimals: :icontheneopetsteam: :iconchikaloversunited: :iconspyrothedragon:

My Friends: (no real order except for the first 5 people)
:iconmonku: :iconsuicidlemonkey: :icontaijiya-kitsune: :iconmusicalchains: :iconlilmissvampire24: :iconbluragazza: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :iconzee-all-shudupit-one: :icondadoo158: :iconkesha67: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmelissakaye: :iconpoellephantom: :iconshegosdrakken: :iconembermclainerocks: :iconbloodrain1991: :iconcollineesh: :iconcolli-worter: :iconkeniiness: :iconphantom-of-wings: :iconpolar-bear-queen: :iconsnow-white-king: :iconzetapets: :iconsergeantfruitfly:

Idols: (all in abc order)

Drawing Idols:
:iconailah: :iconaokibengal: :iconbubak: :icondirefly: :iconeclipsis: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconexileden: :iconsastrei: :iconskitzobits: :iconsolyrosas:

Painting/Drawing Idols:
:iconbalaa: :iconbovar: :icongoldenwolf: :iconkivuli: :iconstarfinder:

Digital/Oekaki Idols:
:iconcosmicsprinkles: :iconakita: :iconarctickiitsune: :iconarticuno: :iconarunatramp: :iconblue-fox: :iconchikapika: :icondagger-chan: :icondeborahs: :icondeligaris: :icondevikuro: :icondirefly: :icondruihd: :iconemiya: :iconestarial: :iconevana: :iconguardianofire: :icongyzmo: :iconhibbary: :iconhibikio: :iconhoundourka: :iconic3starz: :iconiceandsnow: :iconkaziczek-wolf: :iconkesha67: :iconkhangaki: :iconkakiwa: :iconkitokii: :iconkivuli: :iconkuitsuku: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmeroko-rio: :iconneondragon: :iconox-of-ice: :iconpockyy: :iconraveh: :iconsahtori: :iconcorrosivefool: :iconsmcnonnahs: :iconsowa-chan: :iconsunflic: :icontakotank: :icontigon: :icontrixity: :iconxx-rin: :iconxyiru: :iconzaphk: :iconzayger: :iconzombifiedwolf:

Photographer Idols:
:iconaokibengal: :iconcola92: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhexentanz: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :icontrish-the-stocker: :iconwazabees: :iconwhitepaws1:

my all time favorite artists in the world (abc order):
:iconbalaa: :icondeligaris: :icongoldenwolf: :iconguardianofire: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconneondragon: :iconexileden: :iconwazabees:

My Favorite Pokemon card artists (abc order by last name):
-Mitsuhiro Arita
-Masakazu Fukura
-Midori Harada :iconmidoriharada:
-Kagemaru Himeno
Naoya Kimura
Hajime Kusajima
Hisao Nakamura
Atsuko Nishida
-Kouki Saitou
-Ken Sugimori
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LindaLee Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009
Hi there, it's nice to hear from you again!
InuMimi Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i know. bad inumim for not being on in forever XD
SergeantFruitfly Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:glomp: YAY! You're back!!!! I can't wait to see the new stuff!!! :3

lulz I saw a DS like that at a store once! (I wanted to get it!! xD)
InuMimi Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
ph! i forg to upload the german shepherd *goes to do that*

it is a really nice DS. it came with a nice case with palkia and dialga on it, a really nice poster with a devious grovyle on it (it's very nicely drawn), and the mystery dungeon 2 dvd ^^
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January 8, 2009