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only 1 week left of school! (my school area takes for ever to get out for the summer)

i got my class ring! it is white gold, has an amethyst stone, on one side it has a tiger (my favorite animal) and 2009 (the year i graduate), and on the other side it as an art pallette and InuMimi writen above it! :D

yes well, i am going to upload some photos. i haven't done it in a while...then i am going to play the farm with buzzy the knowledge bug! :D

help animals and the environment today! go to and sign up. then sign as many help the animals and/or wilderness petitions! they need your help against the frickin government!

Things recently done:
mewtwo ref :star: [not scanned yet]
White wolf twins :star: [not scanned yet]
foxes a dragon :star: [not scanned yet]
tomodachi picture :star: [not scanned yet]
Lonely Ninetales :star:
Kat's dragon :star:
Houndoom picture :star: [not scanned yet]

personal stuff:
animate icon :star-half: [err]
Mightyena picture :star-half: [sketched]
Amy Lee :star-half: [currently working on it]
lots and lots of photos! :D

Things for other People:
:iconmonku:'s character design :star-half: [just started]
:iconmonku:'s "other" drawing :star-half: [sketching]
Angie's picture :star-empty:

My Clubs:
:iconmewtwo: :iconeeveefanclub: :iconiloveanimals: :icontheneopetsteam: :iconchikaloversunited: :iconspyrothedragon:

My Friends: (no real order except for the first 5 people)
:iconmonku: :iconsuicidlemonkey: :icontaijiya-kitsune: :iconmusicalchains: :iconlilmissvampire24: :iconbluragazza: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :iconzee-all-shudupit-one: :icondadoo158: :iconkesha67: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmelissakaye: :iconpoellephantom: :iconshegosdrakken: :iconembermclainerocks: :iconbloodrain1991: :iconcollineesh: :iconkeniiness: :iconphantom-of-wings:

Idols: (all in abc order)

Drawing Idols:
:iconailah: :iconaokibengal: :iconbubak: :icondirefly: :iconeclipsis: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconsastrei: :iconskitzobits: :iconsolyrosas:

Painting/Drawing Idols:
:iconbalaa: :iconbovar: :icongoldenwolf: :iconstarfinder:

Digital/Oekaki Idols:
:iconcosmicsprinkles: :iconakita: :iconarctickiitsune: :iconarticuno: :iconarunatramp: :iconblackwolf-embers: :iconblue-fox: :iconcarrie-phox: :icondagger-chan: :icondeborahs: :icondeligaris: :icondevikuro: :icondirefly: :icondruihd: :iconemiya: :iconestarial: :iconevana: :iconguardianofire: :icongyzmo: :iconhibbary: :iconhibikio: :iconhoundourka: :iconic3starz: :iconiceandsnow: :iconinuyashaluva: :iconkaziczek-wolf: :iconkesha67: :iconkhangaki: :iconkakiwa: :iconkitokii: :iconkuitsuku: :iconliquidonyx: :iconmeroko-rio: :iconox-of-ice: :iconpockyy: :iconpotator: :iconraveh: :iconcorrosivefool: :iconsmcnonnahs: :iconsowa-chan: :iconsunflic: :icontakotank: :icontigon: :icontrixity: :iconxyiru: :iconzaphk: :iconzayger: :iconzombifiedwolf:

Photographer Idols:
:iconaokibengal: :iconcola92: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhexentanz: :iconlindalee: :iconpikab2001: :icontrish-the-stocker: :iconwazabees: :iconwhitepaws1:

my all time favorite artists in the world (abc order):
:iconbalaa: :icondeligaris: :icongoldenwolf: :iconguardianofire: :iconguitarjohnny: :iconhibbary: :iconhuskie666: :iconsmosh:
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InuMimi Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
sure? lol i have no idea what they are called. all i know is that they are beautiful
LindaLee Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007
Your classring sounds really beautiful! I'd love a tiger on mine. We have a huge tiger photo in our living room over the sofa. :)

Hope you have a nice summer!
InuMimi Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
yay!!! i love tigers so much! i got these...uh, i think they are from taiwan...anyways, i got these huge cloth things you hang on your wall and they have tigers on them! they are so pretty

thank you! you too
LindaLee Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2007
Do you mean a "tapestry" ? My mother had one years ago with cats on them. I don't know what happened to it after she died.
phantom-of-wings Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007
That sounds like a very cool ring!!!
phantom-of-wings Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2007
That sounds like a very cool ring!!!
Collineesh Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2007
lol, poor you *hugs* now I feel bad about being on summer vacations XD

Ring? awesome...I don't get mine for a, yay class of 2012!
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June 8, 2007