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Some people have sent me notes asking prices of commissions and I am starting to get tired of answering. I decided then get this little entry, explaining the best prices. The prices shown here are commissions patterns that usually do because, as I have not much experience, I can not do much yet.

Bullet; Red Basic colored linearts: 50 Points
Bullet; Red Cartoon vectors: 80 Points 
Bullet; Red Complex colored linearts: 70 Points
Bullet; Red Digital drawings: 100 Points
Bullet; Red Lineart without shadow: 25 Points 
Bullet; Red Lineart with shadow: 40 Points 
Bullet; Red Mesh vectors: 60 Points
Bullet; Red Minimalist posters: 10 Points
Bullet; Red Minimalist wallpaper: 30 Points
Bullet; Red Simple facebook cover: 20 Points
Bullet; Red Typhographical posters: 20 Points

The following are examples explaining each of the commissions.

Bullet; Red Basic colored linearts

Colored Bagon by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Cartoon vectors

Korra in fighting pose by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Complex colored linearts

Destruction in New York by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Digital drawings

The balance of the universe, Raava vs Vaatu by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Lineart without shadow

Lineart of Yellow Bird by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Lineart with shadow

Lineart of DemiMeramon by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Mesh vectors

Life Mushroom by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Minimalist posters

The face of the goddess wolf by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Minimalist wallpaper

The origin of Sakuyamon by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Simple facebook cover

Yellow swan by InuKawaiiLover

Bullet; Red Typhographical posters

Standing frozen by InuKawaiiLover

How do I ask? You send me a note giving the details and when getting ready, I host the image in low quality with watermark so you can see how it is and when I pay the appropriate points, I put the image in high quality without the mark water. Have any questions related commissions? Comment here that will answer as soon as possible.
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