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You Stole Away My Life

Inspiration song:…

It's super late over here, but I really wanted to finish this and upload it today, so here it is.

This was the first time I tried to imitate broken glass. I used this tutorial I found over Google:…

A little bit more Sunset Shimmer. I blame Mandopony and his awesome song about her that I made this drawing.

It doesn't really matter how Equestria Girls handeled Sunset Shimmer, I still freakishly love the concept idea behind her (I'm talking about being Celestia's former personal student of course).

Characters and MLP:FiM (MLP: EqG) (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Well the good news is Sunset and Celestia were reunited and Sunset managed learn on her own what Celestia failed to teach her...and Celestia is so very proud of her student. :D

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I found this 7 and a half years later, and I like it. But it seems Mandopony deleted that song... What was it? Maybe I could find it somewhere else.

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Now... Everything Celestia planned for you... everything she gave you... you aren't even capable of appreciating it.
ShaleZookeeper7's avatar
"...And soon you will pay."
Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar
There is so much pain and hate in those eyes. It's great.

"Once I thought I could be a hero. My destiny was laid out before me. I KNEW what I was meant to become. But I was robbed by the one person I trusted. The one person I thought believed in me."

"Once, I thought I could be a hero. I thought my destiny was clear. But if I have to be the villain of this story to get what's mine, you better believe I will."

"She stole my life. I will gladly repay the favour, tenfold."
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
:iconangrycelestiaplz:You know what happens to those who seek power for itself, for their own petty goals. You brought this on yourself.
bruiser128's avatar
If she was an orphan adopted by Celestia, that would explain how she could fall so far down.
DavidZDragon's avatar
Well, that's something I wish to know about. To learn about her, I'd like to begin where she began. On the very day she was born.
bruiser128's avatar
At this point I am fine with not knowing since she is
already an interesting enough character as is.
DavidZDragon's avatar
Well, I just thought it'd be even more interesting.
bruiser128's avatar
Although with the sheer amount of headcanons, we would most likely be disappointed by what they cook up since they have to following demographic guidelines. 
DavidZDragon's avatar
Not I! I'm sure they could brew up many good ideas.
bruiser128's avatar
Unexpected yes, but others have more potential.
DavidZDragon's avatar
This is probably what she was thinking about as the royal guards escorted her out.
Stuflox's avatar
That's so sad, but beautiful..
Jlun2's avatar
And this is how a new school shooter is born.
Combatkaiser's avatar
sunset shimmer doing the tai lung rant in 3...2...1...
Son-of-Dromund-Kaas's avatar
Man that would fit so well too. 
dinodude0091's avatar
Dammit, Youtube says the inspiration song is listed as "private" (I hate when that happens).  And it's a damn shame too, because judging by the quality of this picture, it must be one Hell of a song.  Know of any alternative location where I can listen to it?
SpringTrap-Bonnie's avatar
I Thimo it's not private anymore
And I'm also pretty sure, this is the song for her 'Inspiration"
rapidwave's avatar
i love this picture , will you draw alicorn sunset shimmer in the future  ?
Typplo's avatar
It seems that Sunset Shimmer (in the broken mirror part of the drawing) is an alicorn.
Alptraum-Gheist's avatar
this song matches this picture eerily.…
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