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When Chaos Protects the Sun from the Evil

Not long ago I heard the egyptien legend of Seth, Re and Apophis:

Re's, the sun god's biggest enemy was Apophis, the god of evil, who usually had the form of a serpent. It said that Apophis could hypnotize Re and it's ship's crew. Only Seth, the god of chaos was the only one who couldn't be hypnotized. So he got the task to protect Re from Apohpis.

Of course as MLP:FiM fan, I had to think right away about Celestia and Discord. And this picture happened.
Why does the snake has similar eye of Sombra. Well because of dark magic and everything.

Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Star brush (c) :iconfrostbo:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Now I want to see apophis in the show
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This looks very nice, I've got to say. And what the image corresponds to really makes you think about what could legitimately happen. (Maybe not canonically, but you get what I mean.)

Keep up with the great art!
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The Nightmare I help you Nightmare Moon grin 
Darkness and chaos Protect the sun
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i love your work nice
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Welp, there's my next fanfiction starting up!!
Thank's for the inspiration, I'll send you the link once I start posting. :)
Fantastic in so many levels!
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Such a gentleman! Just like Beauty and the Beast :love:
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This reminds me of another story that was played out with Adam, Eve, and the Devil in a form of a giant snake.
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I don't ship it... but... I love it
"Stay back Celestia! I'm the only one who can't be affected by his dark magic!" warned Discord, getting in front of the Solar Alicorn.
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He would totally do this! Wonderful picture! I love how it's shaded
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We all know he would do this for her :heart:
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I like discord's face looks like bad <3
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Thats an hoo-rahh dear sir..... sir discord
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Cool allusion-I like the idea
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The confrontation....

What a scene! ;D
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This is a great piece of art.
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Discord vs sombra. Knowing discord, he will laugh at sombra, while he's destructed sombra imprisons him in a dark crystal and breaks him. If discord was mad at him, sombra would have a hard time, but still interesting fight
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