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They are so cute together, my favorite ship in the show. Your style is stunning, so satisfying to watch.
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Gallus Queen(me) Approves this SHIP
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"Twilight and Spike are gone for the day. So, it's going to be only you... and me... tonight..."
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This ship, I approve of :eager:
Ashezth's avatar
I couldn't support this more if I tried.
darkwee009's avatar
(showoffy pone noises)
NeverLastStanding's avatar
Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss StarTrix 
Loki06's avatar
Trixie:"What are you doing?"
Starlight:"Oh, Princess Twilight was teaching me the importance of 'Friendship Nuzzles', I don't want her to think I'm falling behind on my lessons so I'm giving you all the nuzzles I can!"
Trixie:"... I'll get you for this Sparkle... Just not right now."
I wish they'd just get married in the show already D:
RevolverSoul1984's avatar
Sink. StarBurst FTW
MichelleKyura's avatar
Also sink. 
Underrated starlight ship that will only be mentioned upon request FTW
RevolverSoul1984's avatar
I mean, if Starlight just build a whole communist cutie-mark-exterminating dictatorship all because Sunburst left her, she must have loved him a lot to go crazy. And also, there will be a new episode about Starlight and Sunburst, so I'm eager with StarBurst desire
MichelleKyura's avatar
I honestly think they are better off as Friends. Just friends. And that doesn't mean she loved him romantically. He left her, And never contacted her again until the first time she went to the empire. He left her when he got his cutie mark. she lost her friend when he got his cutie mark. This led her to believe Cutie Marks are bad and nopony should have any. 
You don't have to love someone to get mad because you've lost them. And I do know this but I still just can't get into it. I prefer Sunburst with Fluttershy, I think Fltuterbrust just.. Goes better. I think they are more likely to get in a relationship. I also like Starlight with Dr. whooves. 
It just.. Kind of fits better. I used to ship Starburst too but I stopped. I had to really think it through and I just can't see them actually getting in a relationship. i can see them being Best Friends. But no more than that.
RevolverSoul1984's avatar
WTH?! Damn crackships. Those characters haven't even met each other.
MichelleKyura's avatar
Just because they haven't met in the show doesn't mean shit.

People ship ButtonBelle yet they've never met in the show, Are you gonna complain about that too (I don't ship it but eh)
People ship Trixieblood even though they've never met in the show,
People ship  Scootarumble even though they've never met in show,
These are all popular shippings too, And those aren't crackshippings either. 
And they havent met each other in show but that doesnt mean they cant meet in writing.
RevolverSoul1984's avatar
Yep, they don't mean shit (yet)
Until they meet in the show I'll start considering as a ship.
RBDoucette's avatar
Adorable couple. :3
FrustratedInExcelsis's avatar
I really like how Starlight's mane came out.

And these two are adorable together.
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