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This is Gonna be a Suprise

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Someone going to have a bad time after they wake up~

Little fact here, don't know if you guys see it, but the lines are a bit wonky 'cos I drew this when my laptop's (aka the thing where I do everything, like my art) adapter died on me. I was super lucky I had my dad's old laptop adapter that worked on mine. However, it was 65Watt and my laptop needed 130Watt. I could use it, but my graphic tablet didn't like it, making the cursor shake around. I'm actually shocked I could create this drawing and it came out pretty well X'D


This drawing was a Patreon Special one for June. Patreon Specials are drawings I share on the 2nd of each month with 10+ supporters over on Patreon and can be viewed only there for the whole month. Than it becomes public and be shared on other sites.


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
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Discord will never say no to a easy prank target!

Discord is a troller and prankster, he love make other angry and that's is cue!

Celestia her do Prank but to make everyone in the room smile and she go even to look silly to make smile a child! but look to make other angry? nope, she don't, so is not make her a troller! only Discord is the troller of all equestria and no creature are safe from his prank and trolling....of course he go easy on then ..thanks of Fluttershy but when he don't hold back, he will make you very angry!

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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer

¿sabían que las zanahorias son malas para los conejos?

MasterDarhil's avatar

*Snerk* Trickster gotta be.

alexwarlorn's avatar

You're gonna need a way bigger needle to pop that fantasy.

Yet-One-More-Idiot's avatar

Yep, someone's definitely gonna have a bad time after they wake up...and his name is Discord. :P :P :P :P :P

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That is so Discord. 😆

MGlitch's avatar
I'll never understand why Angel doesn't like Discord. They look like they can be the best of friends who enjoy pranking each other.
GokuMartin's avatar

Maybe they ARE friends, but they have trouble expressing it.

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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer

Do it Emperor Palpatine Cackle Icon

LevelDasher's avatar
LevelDasherHobbyist General Artist

Oh, that's glorious. XD

sonicandmario826's avatar

Ha! Discord is a jerk.

ZarinaRoseYT's avatar
ZarinaRoseYTHobbyist Digital Artist

Now I just see Discord being bored at Night not sleeping and just looking into dreams because he can (Luna would be upset at him most likely lol)

CocoCandy2007's avatar
CocoCandy2007Student Digital Artist

I always imagined that this would be their relationship

RavenHeart1984's avatar
RavenHeart1984Professional Traditional Artist

So funny

Foxlover91's avatar

lol this will be epic!!!

ILuvSmexyShowgirls's avatar

I take it Discord and Angel share a mutual loathing for each other. ;)

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Madarao123Hobbyist Photographer

Eh, that bunny deserves it

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DanDrazen Writer

So Angel is getting his just desserts. ;)

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sithwolfHobbyist Writer

or in other words "This is gonna be good!"

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