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There is No Place for Love Here

Cadance fighting in the war.

This picture is connected to War is Coming. I was happy to see how many people liked that picture, some of you even be interested in to have more. Well, I have to say I would like to do more.^^

There was some questions on that I'll try to answer (I'm gonna post this on the original drawing too): 

"Who is their enemy in this war?"

When I drew the picture I didn't really thought out who is the enemy, because at that time I just wanted to drew a war scene with the airships.
Thought I did think out a story about a war and had an idea for the enemy. Since that I rethinking it and I have some ideas, one or two for the enemy, but right now I can't really give an answer.

"Why is Cadance not with the other princesses?"

Lot of you thought the answer is that, because she is a ruler of her own kingdom, which is separate from Equestria. And actually I have to say, you are right.^^ I always thought of the Crystal Empire as it's own kingdom inside a kingdom, not the best example but kinda like the Vatican inside of Italy.
She has her own airship army and everything, and she goes to this war leading them. Twilight on the other hand not ruler of a phisical kingdom, more so of a role.

To be honest, I have longer headcanon ideas about this, what I'll try to collect together sometime in the future.


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EbonyKatt's avatar
that's pretty and graphic that'a pretty graphic
NasciEquine's avatar
i love how conflicted Cadence is in this. it's true, in war there is no room for love, never mind compassion for your enemy who threatens your home, country, or kingdom
H-analea's avatar
This looks just shockingly beautiful <3
NorthWolf1488's avatar
I beg you, let the enemy will not Chrysalis. Anyone, but not Chrysalis. She should be a friend!
GryphonStar5678's avatar
No, more like she is fighting the Umbras the mortal enemies of the crystal ponies.
NorthWolf1488's avatar
Oh, then it's okay ^^
AspiePie's avatar
Candance kills the Changelings!
NorthWolf1488's avatar
Changelings kills the Candance! 
AspiePie's avatar
Oh shit you a changeling lover?
NorthWolf1488's avatar
Yes, I love Chrysalis more than anything else! 
wolfstorm56's avatar
This is amazing! And I love that you kept her blue magic. I can't even count how many fanarts I've seen where they give her pink 'love' magic and it's always slightly bugged me. I'm excited to see where else you take this war concept.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Never thought I'd find Cadence badass!
Dakathi666's avatar
alienqueenslayer132's avatar
oorah to ashes cadance
TheChubsterWolfie's avatar
wow speechless, so beautiful
BluePaladin42's avatar
Plot twist, it's Equestria vs. The Crystal Empire. x3

I kind of think of TCE as sort of like an allied city-state of Equestria ala Civilization V.
PrinceCres's avatar
Hmm, i can think of one and that would be King Sombra coming back to get his revenged and some how he got an army to attack her kingdom to get it back from her.

Would that work tho?
ImperatorTempus42's avatar
Sure, except he's frakkin' dead.
PrinceCres's avatar
lol very true, but he could come back to life like he did before when Luna slice his head off lol
ScoutCharger's avatar
Just like the first picture about this war, this one displays an incredible amount of depth of character.

Cadance clenchs her teeth in anger, but at the same time her eyes are sorry, maybe sorry for what she is going to do. I imagine that shining got wounded mere seconds before this scene and the princess of love kind of snapped because of this.
I'm really looking forward to more pictures of this "series" and I'm really curious about the headcanon you will provide, great work ^^
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