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The Seed of Corruption

"No pony born to be evil"

You guys always come up with interesting story ideas, so I leave that to you.^^


Character and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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O_O Oh nu...(*Not Safe For Woona face*)
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Or maybe they are....? DO WUH OH OH!
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"Many believe that one can be born evil based on their genetics. Others believe that statement is false as history has shown even the most pure intentions, can lead one to the path of evil." a unicorn professor looked at his class as he used his magic to change to the next slide as it was King Sombra. A few disgusted sounds were heard as others were booing as the professor walked over to his podium "Yes, you all know who King Sombra is however, does anypony know who he was?" a few whispers were heard as a pegasus raised his hoof up

"Was? He was always a cruel ruler, banished by the princesses and then destroyed by the crystal heart." his eyes were a light pink color as his mane was cut short with bangs overhanging in front of his eyes "You saying there was a before all that Professor?"

Changing the slide again it showed King Sombra without his crown and armor as he nodded some "Of course in all truth King Sombra wasn't always a king nor was he evil. New light has been shed on the how and why he did what he did back long ago. How a stallion with good intentions caused him to go down a path that lead to his downfall." The professor used his magic to adjust his glasses a bit as he looked at a journal on the podium "Journal Entry 46, the day...even I cant recall I've been so flooded with homework from Princess Luna. Books upon books are stacked on my desk to figure out a way to end the conflict. The Crystal Empire can only survive for so much longer, I am holding out hope though. I received a letter from my beloved and how our unborn foal is doing. Doctors are happy to say she will deliver a healthy foal in just under two weeks so I must hurry to help end this conflict."
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You should make that a thing if you haven't already.
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Now that is a good one.
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They told me not to touch the crown...

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Wow.... This is just so dark and intriguing Cool nod. very well done Nod Emote 
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So many pure hearts have been lost to a crown...

Fashion is evil! :HORROR: 
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which pony is it and if i wrote a fanfic would you be able to make a cover if you like it 
"No pony born to be evil..."
Well, except for this one.
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Woah...!!! So epic...!!! :wow: :wow: :wow:
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Hmmm...Let's seee...

Was he truly evil? Sombra would always ask himself that question from time to time, but he could never find an answer. Each night he'd sit on the balcony and try to recall how he became what he is, but he couldn't remember enough. He had  only bits and pieces he'd see in his dreams. Dreams that would always end up with him waking up in tears, and the same dreams which held some small parts of his shattered memory.

One dream he recalled was him wearing proud shining armor, leading an army of proud warriors towards the Crystal Kingdom...He couldn't remember why, but he knew it was important for...for them...the princess of the Sun and the Moon, but he did remember that beautiful sunrise, for unknows reasons it wouldn't leave his memory. They trusted him with the task of taking the Crystal kingdom, and he wasn't gonna disappoint them. Another dream involved him fighting, blood was spilling everywhere and the sky itself was red...Why was he fighting, was it again for something important....Again, all in a haze of memories. Then, the images would drip away and be replaced with a new one....him dragged trough the streets of the Crystal kingdom with ponies yelling at him all around.

"What have you done?! IS this how you protect your subjects?! By killing them?!

"Where is your Princesses?! Where is her warm sunlight and blessing you mad king?!"

"Have we all died for nothing?! Have we all died for your empty words and promises?!"

Those would be the things they would yell again and again, while Sombra was put in the center of town with a giant axe looming over his head. Then, a mocking voice was heard in his ear, he always remembered that voice. Ever since he took over the Crystal lands and found the old crown....Who's crown was it anyway? Did it belong to the old king or was part of some old collection....

"So, did they really come? Or did they just forsaken you and left you here to die?" The voice whispered, then laughed mockingly in his ear while the axe was slowly coming down on Sombras neck.

"You don't have to die, you know. All you have to do, is submit to me and in the end we'll get our revenge on them" The voice would whisper again, knowing well that the poor unicorn couldn't turn down this offer. An that's when the dream would end, the sound of the axe hitting flesh, ponies screaming in horror and a loud laughter that wasn't Sombras.

Exhaling, Sombra opened his eyes as he levitated the crown off his head, staring into his own reflection he saw a few tears rolling down his cheeks. Slipping it back on, he stared at the night sky only to see the sunrise coming up once again. Sombra didn't know why, but he felt this sunrise would be a change and maybe he would finally be granted some rest.
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I love all your arts! :D
(Maybe not all but most of them at the very least! OwO)
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So that's what the orbs in LoZ Wind Waker do if you don't break them.
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You see the new comic right ^^
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You want us to supply the story ideas, huh? Challenge accepted.

With utmost precision and delicacy, Careful Survey scraped the very last bit of dirt off the ancient crown. This was the find of the century! Nopony had found any trace of King Sombra since his defeat at the hands of the legendary hero, Spike Draconis, nearly 500 years ago. It seemed impossible that anything ever would be found, and yet, here it was. There was no doubt in the archaeologists' mind that this was the warlord's crown. Every detail was exactly as the ancient texts described.

The light grey earth pony stallion gazed over the metal bands and cruel spikes of the crown's points, taking in the features of the cruel, yet beautiful object that was sure to make his career. The cold steel glowed dimly in the light from his tent's lantern, the blood red horns at the front almost seeming to glow with an inner light of their own. An illusion, to be sure, but entrancing nonetheless. Careful Survey was so consumed by the beauty of the crown itself that he barely even noticed the thin tendrils of magic seeping out from its edges.

A voice in the back of his mind protested that something was dreadfully wrong as a strange preasure built on his forehead, but grew quiet after a few moments. By the time his coat began to darken and his mane began to shift from it's familiar navy blue to a shiny jet black, the protesting voice was almost completely gone.

With a swift, yet oddly formal motion, he turned the crown around and lifted it above his head. He brought it down decisively on his head, then strode out of the tent to the edge of the mountain dig site. Looking over the valley to the east, he could just barely make out a spire rising above the horizon, bathed in the nighttime glow of the vast city at its feet.

Much had changed over half a millennium, but the reflections sparkling off the buildings and the multi-hued aurora rising into the sky from the tip of the spire left no room to doubt the identity of the city spread out below his hooves. His lips twisted into a cruel sneer and he uttered a single word:

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Nobody is born to be evil ....

Great job, congratulations
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Wow, this is really amazing! OuO

I loved the new comic :heart:
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I'm assuming this is Sombra?
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