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The Odd Team of Heroes

What a season finale that was~
And I managed to drew for every episode. Well....almost.


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Starlight's CM vector (c) :iconkysss90:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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I just love Trixie’s face.

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I really enjoyed seeing four reformed villains save the day. (Of course, Thorax was never really a villain — just misled at first.
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pft *tries not to laugh at Trixie*
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oml i love this so much 

I love this finale 
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That's what made the season 6 finale so great!
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More like the OP Team + Trixie xD
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Trixie is best poner :3
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It sure was a funny season finale.
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make a jesus pony!!!!!!!!!
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its like teams titans go lol
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Its amazing! even if its the odd team of heroes, THEY WILL FOREVER BE AMAZING!
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    😁    😁    😁    😁    😎    😎    😎    😎    😎    😎 :3
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Discord (yes) plz : So um, King Thorax, Your Majesty, sir... why do you not wear a crown to identify yourself as ruler of the Changeling Kingdom like your recently deposed diabolical predecessor whose name we need not mention?

Thorax: Uh, well, crowns just aren't my thing, like Princess Twilight. Besides, how would it fit on my head? My antlers are my crown, I guess.

Discord Icon 3 : Fair enough. That's quite a lot of hardware to begin with. I think Miss Lulamoon would do well to follow your example. Am I not right?

:icontrixieeyerollingplz: : That's The GRRRREAT and POWERFUL TRRRRIXIE to you, Frankenstein!

Discord Icon 3: Duly noted. It's below me, like you are, to respond in like manner to your juvenile name-calling. Instead, let us bury the hatchet... with the traditional symbol of hospitality and welcome in Hay-waii.

Pineapple Shield A pineapple pops out of nowhere, falls on Trixie's forehead, and sticks to her horn.

Discord Icon

:iconstarlightdozyplz: : (shaking her head) Ugggggh... foals.

I love how Trixie and Discord argue and bicker with each other, like Dr. Smith and the Robot on the old TV show "Lost in Space" or Doc and Festus on "Gunsmoke". In both cases, they are likable frenemies that lean heavily toward the friend part.
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this made me laugh harder than it should have. Especially when Discord just shouts "ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHA!"
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Thanks! I live in the human world's equivalent of Hay-waii :iconstarlightsohappyplz: so the pineapple was just too easy to drop in (literally).
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Discords so poofy floofy! :squee:
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