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The King and The General




I just realized recently, I never got around to draw Pharynx in his metamorphed form. So here it is, together with Thorax (I almost drew him taller than Thorax, but likely I looked it up and turned Thorax is taller.^^"").

In my past drawing of Pharynx it could be seen I had a headcanon that Pharynx being the soldier type he would have scars over his body. I was thinking if they would disappear after his metamorphosis.
I decieded to keep them. It still works so well for the character, because I could kinda see him being proud of them. They showing what kind of struggle he went through for the hive and came out alive from it. Or so I imagine.^^


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Who's the general? Pharynx?