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Teachers of the Month

/Season 08 - Episode 09/


Wonder if the photoshoot worked out...


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Dashe’s pout so cute
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The frame was ready, but to never be hanged.

BEautiful work
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The friendship school.... I can't like it conceptually... but... so far all of the episodes with it I have liked so... weird.... the "teacher of the month" thing... and the way they earned it... I felt was painfully absurd... but the lessons learned and the kids... made it fun so... I like the way you captured it :D
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It's all good fun, best way to teach is to show!
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How r u doing this?! The episodes haven’t come out on Netflix yet!

By the way, I love the way u do Applejacks freckles, they look like powdered sugar 😊
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 Throughout the whole episode, I kept saying "Rainbow Dash, AJ, shut up!"
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I love your art style!
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This is amazing!!!
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They look like men...
GJTProductions's avatar
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More like: worst teachers ever. 
Or: they arent even teachers at all
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The episode was frankly meh, but if they put something like this piece at the end, it might have given the story a needed boost. 
TheSultanAkbar's avatar
It's good fun. Kind of the point, they tought them a lesson in the end, you know, all demonstrational and shit.
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I'm pretty sure that despite what the Student Six said at the end, Fluttershy still won Teacher of the Month again.
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(shy pone laughing with all of hers)
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