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Short Campfire

More Fallout-ish drawing.

And before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone who commented on the last drawing and suggested me audio books and which Fallout game should I try out. Thank you all.<3

My eyes are out for Fallout 3, so I defenetly going to check out that. And I already started to listen to an audio book of Fallout: Equestria. First I thought it's interesting, but as the story progress I starting to like it even more. So who knows, maybe there will be some fanarts in the future.;)

Untill than, a little more Fallout Neon with her dog companion, who is, by the way, called Rad. Now with a griffon too, named Scarlet. I seriously can't draw this character anymore, without forming a fanfiction around it. But it's not a problem, right?^^'

And is she eating a lizard? Yes, she is. Well, the Wasteland is a cruel place.

MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Characters and artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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nice, i like this!
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Message from Kkat:

Beautifully done. I love the color palette. :love:

I'm happy you are enjoying the story. :hug:
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I actually prefered New Vegas to Fallout 3, mainly because it was more open and less driven by a plot. So I could change things up at the end if I wanted to.
Brodnork's avatar
Faces in the background... why do I always see faces in the backgrounds!?
bloody--mascarade's avatar
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Would still argue that Fallot: New Vegas is the definitive Fallout experience.
Lambda462's avatar
They're all equally brilliant! :D

Well, except maybe /that/ one. You know which one I'm talking about.
SirMighty's avatar
Not exactly. Are we talking grim-but-basicly-lacking-Fallout-3?
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No, we're talking about Fallout - Brotherhood of Steel. You know, the one in which they made a sort-of linear action game instead of an RPG?

I'm not saying FO3 was the best in the series (Far from it), but it was MILES ahead of BoS.
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Maybe I should come clean here...

I havn't played any Fallout game beside 3 and New Vegas. Instead, I make sure I know as much as possible about the games, so I can join the conversation. Sorry for that!

Anyway, I will play through the classic games sometimes, but experience have told me that most old games isn't as good as people tend to say.
Lambda462's avatar
That's alright, I fully understand! :)

It's often very hard to get back and play older games as someone who didn't play them as a child - I had the same. I also know the feeling of games being slightly disappointed due to nostalgic hype. Fallout 1 and 2 are really good once you get into them, though.
SirMighty's avatar
Good. Kinda what I expected really.

I have a problem with folk talking about older games being better than newer ones. For example, any Sonic-fan will tell you that the first 3-4 games were the best ever, but I played them and found the controls to be... Okay, but the level design to be almost unbearable to play through. And what were the devs thinking by zooming so close up to Sonic? You can't see a damn thing of what is coming!

I hope that it won't be so with the older Fallout games, though.
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:D wonderful picture!
iamli3's avatar
oh fuck better watch out for those blanks.....
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Love the work! Also if you're a fan of Fallout Equestria (once you read it you will be ;P ) you should check out Equestria Softworks [link] they're currently developing a full fallout equestria conversion of the fallout 3 game and I'm sure they could use your talents as a concept artist! :squee:
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why not start at FO1?
S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar
Scarlet looks serious. Very serious
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:iconfluttershyyayplz:you are very talented!
discordedderp's avatar
Ha. I thought the lizard was licking the inside of the pony's hoof.
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awesome work
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