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Rulers of the Sky

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So many wonderbolts~

It was an old idea from to draw all the wonderbolts without their custom on, but I knew how much work it going to be because how many of them are. Probably the reason it took me so much time to finally make it.


This drawing was a Patreon Special one for April. Patreon Special are drawings I share on 2nd of each month with 10+ supporters over on Patreon and can be viewed only there whole the month. Than it becomes public and be shared on other sites.

You can support my work on PATREON


Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Spitfire CM vector (c) :iconpirill-poveniy:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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This is a bit late, but i never realized i never commented here. This is Calm Wind from Fimfiction. I've been writing for the Wonderbolts for several years now and when i came across this image i ended up putting it on my front page in a section where i talk about my Wonderbolt stories and Characters. (I gave full credit and linked to your page as well :)) I've become very attached to these characters over time and this is one of the best pictures i have ever seen of them :D
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... Until they invented jet planes. 
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OMG Dash Face icon Go, Soarin'! Wahoo!
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In the episode "Newbie Dash", Spitfire said that she had a nickname. It was never said out loud, but my guess is that it's Loogy Hawk. It's cool to see her with her flock. Nice work on this. 
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Inb4 Tirek zapped their magic.
Very beautiful image btw.
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I wouldn't mind one bit to witness this flock IRL.

But... I would avoid at most to be UNDER IT!

Wonderful work. The costume doesn't make the Wonderbolt. The pegasus itself does.
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We all know that Spitfire is the Wonderboltiest Wonderbolt.
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This is so awesome!
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Very awesome!!!
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Rulers of the Sky...HA! What a joke!
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And they were shot down!
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"Preen together with me, my brethren!"
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Hey, did you know that Calm wind added this to his FIMfiction page? I also went though and named all of them as a comment on his blog post about this.
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It's the Wonderbolts!

And they're... NAKED! GAH! *averts eyes*
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Is there a Spitfire twin in the back there?
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And to think: there are certainly many more! :)
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How to enter the wonderbolts:
-Be fast
-Be orange/yellow, blue, or white.
-Have a blown-back mane.
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The mane is not a requirement, membership just comes with a lifetime supply of hair gel.
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