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Please Don't Keep Me On Hold

This thing has over 60 layers. I'm suprised that GIMP didn't died on me.

Welp, anywho, wall of text ahead.

It seems like I can't get away from this pair (not that I complain). It seems like everything push me back towards them. Such as 'On Hold', an awesome song done by YourEnigma and Rhyme Flow (handy-dandy link:…. That song was my inspiration for this pic and suggest to listen to it once to get the story behind this drawing.
I had in my head what I wanted to do, but I actually got some problems doing it.
I know what I wanted to: that I wanted show a picture of Octavia on the phone and to show Vinyl's emotions. However, bringing these two togather wasn't an easy thing. Than I realized what could help: a mirror. Why not show Vinyl fully in a mirror. This way the two can be in a same picture. Also, it ended up interesting, as it has a comic feel to it. What I mean is like 3 panels of a comic is mashed into one.
So it ended up as an interesting experience with the compostion and lights.

Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
CM vevtor (c) :iconooklah:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Don't worry Vinyl, Octavia will never leave you. NEVER
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This is amazing. Have you thought of giving clip studio paint a try? It's SO much better than gimp imo. 
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I noticed that someone reposted this to their own gallery:…

Did he/she have your permission to do so?
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is this the end of the video i am octavia when vinyl tries to call octavia?
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Hmm.. very interesting solution to your problem!
Wonderful art piece... I'm glad I know this songs already haha, done enough crying for one artist's gallery Wink/Razz .

I do love the song though :D, I still listen to it all the time, and I think you've done a really good job putting it into an art piece!
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how in the hell did you do this is with gimp
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This looks absolutely amazing.
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Vynil was bored of watching "Equestria's Got Talent" reruns on her flatscreen. She lazily picked up the remote with her magic, pushing the power button. Looking over at her cellphone, Vynil decided to play some apps, so she picked it up and awoke it from sleep mode. Right then she got a call, it was from Octavia. Vynil became excited, quickly gitting the "answer" button and putting it to her ear.
"Hey Octy! Whatcha been up to?" She asked excitedly, quickly sitting up from her lazy position on the couch and walking over to the window, where it was getting dark outside.
"Vynil, please. I'm just calling to tell you I might be late, the doors are locked somehow and I won't be home in time to make dinner. There's some leftover macaroni in the fridge. If you get bored, there's that new stack of DJ records on the coffee table and I put your headphones on the dresser. Wait a sec, I got to go back to the show, please hold." Octavia pressed the hold button and went back to the stage, beggining to play her violin.
Vynil stared silently at her phone, slumping down against the wall, the screen easily reflecting her image in the mirror next to the window.
"Please don't keep me on hold..."
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aww thats so cute <3
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Woah. Ur a true writer *impressed*
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WolfeyesMLP you and kaya ;-;
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Beautiful work!  Really conveys emotion.  It's an excellent visual accompaniment to the track!
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What a wonderful and touching piece you've made.

But sad, though.
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All of the feels. Omg. :'(
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Icyeyes1234567 Who does this remind you of? :c
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