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Part of Me, But Not Who I Am

I'll never be good in title making

I should be writing something in the description, but I have no idea what...., yeah, it was a great episode^^''''''.


Character and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Star brush (c) :iconfrostbo:
Art (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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Worst episode ever! >m<
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Woah... nice...! It's really wonderful... :love: :love: :love:
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Why do I keep thinking of the Persona series with this concept?! Doesn't matter, it's beautiful nonetheless!
Fus-ro-Yay1's avatar
is it me, or does the Tantabus look like Luna? (the body, mane, and tail shape I mean)
Rubylight1412's avatar
This pic is really cool.
good job ^__^
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This is amazing. When I was looking at my inbox, I thought it would be a picture of Luna and Nightmare Moon. But I get what you mean with the Tantabus. That was a amazing episode, and this is a amazing piece of art!
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Probably one of my all time favorite episodes. I was already a Luna fanboy, but after that episode... The fanboy has been doubled!
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Who we are does not matter.. It is how we act that defines us...
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From Batman.
I can see how this relates to this.:)
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Really nice piece. And I love the title too!
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is really amazing!!!! a wonderful work :D
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Really nice, love the way you did this~ I like the sparkly Tantabus, and sparkly Luna mane :D Great work!
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That is touching. :3
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i have a theory. its a part of her, but it has just a unicorn horn. not wings. perhaps luna used to be a unicorn before her acension to princesshood.
LittleAl16's avatar
She was actually born an Alicorn. According to The Journal of the Two Sisters.
ArtGuruSauce's avatar
but hasbro already said that alicorns CANT be born they must be created.
LittleAl16's avatar
Do you have any proof of that? I ask because I recall the notion of Celestia and Luna not being Alicorns at some point earlier in their childhood being an assumption based on Twilight's own ascension to Alicorn-hood seen in Magical Mystery Cure, and Cadence's own ascension to that same status upon getting her Cutie Mark according to "Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell". However, according to "The Journal of the Two Sisters", Celestia and Luna were being raised by other Alicorns before they were offered the crown of the then recently-established Kingdom of Equestria. Which heavily implies that both of their parents were Alicorns themselves, in addition to what I said about Celestia and Luna being born Alicorns.

As for why they became responsible for ruling Equestria, seemingly, Puddinghead, Platinum, and Hurricane, abdicated their political strength out of fear of a potential power struggle that might result from the three of them remaining in power. They felt that the best way to maintain the harmony that they worked so hard to achieve since what ponies would eventually refer to as the First Hearth's Warming was to give the crown to, at the most, a family of ponies that hail from a pony tribe that represents and carries the greatest strengths of Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies.
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Wait, I missed a new episode!!!! DDD:
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Great piece and the episode was bone crushing awesome!
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