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Meeting an Old Friend for Advice

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This took me pretty long, but it's not a suprise. Next to collage I can't start working on it when I know there was an update. Or just read the updated chapter.

Anyways, originally I wanted to do a drawing with Cloud Kicker, Princess Celestia and the grave, but I just couldn't sketch it. So I did this. I still want to do a drawing about Cloud and Celestia thought.

I'm sure I draw Shadow's grave wrong.^^'''

Celestia and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Shadow Kicker (c) Chengar Qordath
CM vector (c) :iconblackgryph0n:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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College. Not collage.
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StoneHot316Hobbyist Artist
Awesome! :3
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May I use this in a video I am making, your get credit?
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RainbowDashOfCDHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Prince Solaris: Celestia dear...are you ok?
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*Cemetry warden*
Solaris me boyo, does she look like ok to ya ?
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Prince Solaris: I was only asking!
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A'm sairy, m'laird. A dinnae meant tae sound aggressive. But it hurts me tae see the princess so sad. :'-(
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Prince Solaris: I know. Me too. *puts his wing around Celestia to comfort her*
Princess Celestia: *looks up at him with a small smile*
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*Sighs. Then to princess Celestia and lord Solaris* If thare is even juist a wee thing a can dae, please lemme knaw.

*bows and leaves to the nearby cemetery guard-house.*
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Prince Solaris: Thank you, kind sir.
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*In his kitchen, the cemetery warden prepares some relaxing infusion. Then, by the window, he sees Solaris and Celestia speaking*

"A hope ye'll find the words, m'laird. The lass need ye.", he says.
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Do you think you could do a tutorial for your art style? It's really amazing!
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BraffZacklandHobbyist Writer
This is such a superb picture, would you mind if I used it as a cover image for a fanfiction I'm writing? I'd edit out the name on the plaque, if necessary.
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Real nice piece, but if I may nit pick, I would suggest trying to show signs of aging on the name plate and statue. Unless an "old friend" isn't actually very old.
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Theviper1999Hobbyist Digital Artist
They polish it, lots. XD yeah I was thinking that too.
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DigoraccoonHobbyist Digital Artist
The use of colors really brings out the mood.
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Ahh, I could of knew what this would be as soon as I saw it, haha~ You draw a nice Celestia o:
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Ballman64Hobbyist Digital Artist
Amazing work~
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Time erases all things.
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batosanHobbyist General Artist
Wow.......Can I get away with just saying "WOW"? (read that sad!)
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TikeyxHobbyist Photographer
I found that art on EQD
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