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MLP:YL - The Dragon Lord's Love Bug

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Some ThoraxXEmber from my AU (yep, they are a thing in it)

Being mushy and soft is something even older Ember still needs to work on, but there's Thorax to feel in for both of them.

And yep, as Ember grew as she got older, there's, well, a "bit" of a height difference between the two of them. XD


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AMCAlmaronHobbyist General Artist

Hmm, now I'm wondering what Thorax would look like as a dragon? :)

Lightening-McQueen's avatar

Awesome! My best friend ships those two!

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BB-KHobbyist Writer

Cute couple I say. :)

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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer

Este concepto tiene muchísimo potencial.

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CartimayProfessional Digital Artist

I love this pic soooooo much!!!!!!!

Coaldust-Anise's avatar

Aaah, Embrax! My preciou buggy boy found a waifu!

IndigoMystiere's avatar

They do make a cute couple.

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charreddragonchi Traditional Artist


Razzyman64's avatar

they gonna make love

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BloodhoundPrestonHobbyist Digital Artist

That is really cute.

DragonTurtle2's avatar

I'm most impressed with that awesome crown you gave her. Goes well with the color palette of her body and scepter. It also looks extremely valuable while still being rustic and kind of barbaric, perfect aesthetic for dragons.

NicoTheTDPinkiePie's avatar

Aaaaaaa this lovely picture made my day!!! :love: It is just perfect! One of my favorite Embrax pics yet!!!

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ZarinaRoseYTHobbyist Digital Artist

I ship this so much just yassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Jamisjon's avatar

THIS IS ADORABLE! Will we see these two with kids in the future?

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RavenHeart1984Professional Traditional Artist

This is Canon! [this is sparta meme]

NightSilverShadow's avatar
Smol bug w/ big lizard is kawaiii :3 <3
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ilove these two, been shipping these two since season 6-7. they don’t get nearly enough love as they should.

lovely bit of art

Jamisjon's avatar

Hopefully we’ll get more of them in the season 10 comics

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JFPierreStudent General Artist

I ship it

templar127's avatar

A ship i never asked for. But i love it!

TheKman100's avatar

If Ember had any concerns about the marriage making her seem soft, they all went away during Pharynx's "Best Stag" speech.

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