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MLP:YL - HC - Grogar

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Grogar were a grand wizard from a far away place. Ponies of the land that later is get to be known as Equestria welcomed the ram to their community, giving him a place where he can practice his magic. Grogar happily helped the ponies with his powers. Something was off about the ram's magic, but the ponies didn't question it. If he helps them and does good with it can't be evil magic. They even let one of their own, a young filly to become his student.
However, there was more to Grogar intentions, just like there was more to him leaving his homeland. As in, his smile hid an evil scheme. Using the animals of the land to morph them into monsters in his experiments. Originally he wanted to use the animals, but Grogar couldn't pass on such powerful and interesting creatures like the ponies.
When ponies started to disappear and monster started to terrorize them, is when the others caught on and found out the truth. They wanted banished Grogar, but he didn't take it. Not so happily, loosing such a great source of a subject, cursed the ponies with his magic, destroying them all. Well all, expect for one. His ex-student, Gusty.
She was the only one powerful enough (and with knowledge of Grogar's magic) who could survived. Later she managed to out smart the ram and steal the major source of his powers, The Bewitching Bell. And she knew how to use it, all thanks to being Grogar's student. With it and her own magic Gusty managed to do what her fellow ponies couldn't, banish Grogar.
However, she could never know that Grogar may able to return one day.


Discord's Grogar disguise: Not 100%, but considering it been thousands of years and Discord created it from memory it's pretty close. He may also put his mental image on it, thinking Grogar is an old, weak man. Some his own features came through, such Discord's eyes and how his own magic look like and works.


Extra infos:
- Gusty and the ponies were a unicorn race that's not around anymore. They weren't part of THE unicorn tribe. In fact they lived houndreds of years before the three tribes found the soon to be Equestria.
- Grogar the reason why monsters exist. Hence the name Father of all Monsters.
- Grogar was the Emperor of Ancient Equestria, but only for short bit. Maybe a few months.
- It's yet to be known where Grogar came from. He did say he used a portal, and his homeland also had creatures similar to ponies.
- Why did Grogar take on Gusty as a student? Probably multiple reasons. Hubris, that he can do what he wants under the nose of one of the ponies. So he could analyze them up close. Thinking he could have a pony servent. Or maybe he saw something in Gusty.


More of Grogar (and Gusty):……


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Markeon007czNew Deviant

Nice comparison

flippedoutkyrii's avatar
flippedoutkyriiHobbyist Traditional Artist

Discords disguise makes Grogar look like a procrastinating alcoholic, lol.

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inunn0549Student Artist
I wish grogar is real in the episode.
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twilycoreNew Deviant

I love the way you drew real grogar, he looks kind of creepy, which is how youd expect the father of all monsters to look. He also looks like Grogar from the first generation of MLP. Thank you so much for sharing!

TheFVguy's avatar

I'm gonna be honest, I prefer the official design.

The red eyes look to cliche to me, and honestly, the yellow eyes are perfect in my opinion.

BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Writer

Yeah, his red eyes are the ones I know it's standing out. But still, I'm no fan of the whole Discord being in disguise.

Fibriel's avatar
FibrielHobbyist Digital Artist

It's baffling that they planned it out that way. It came across as a very rushed decision.

BB-K's avatar
BB-KHobbyist Writer

And when I watched the compilation of streamers reacting to that scene, I don't see that as a positive thing as the majority of them don't like it.

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xAjelandroxHobbyist Filmographer

nada mal

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TheCatkittyHobbyist General Artist

1. It is awesome!

2. G R E G O R Y

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DanDrazen Writer

"Yeah, well when I made a Starswirl the Bearded costume for Nightmare Night, Princess Luna told me I got the bells right!"

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ExplosionMareHobbyist Traditional Artist

That’s really cool!

15firekid's avatar

I imagine the real Grogar would be the kind of villain that pushes the limits of the TV-Y rating

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samuraivalerieHobbyist General Artist

This actually would make some sense.

AilbeStar's avatar
AilbeStarHobbyist Photographer

I love the contrast between menacing and feared Grogar and Discord's memory of him, which is an old coot with sparkly horns.

PeregrinStaraptor's avatar

The more I see of Inuhoshi's HC of Grogar, the more I like him.

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TakakoWooyariStudent Digital Artist

He was just an old, grumpy man...

... Like everyone else, which is less scary than the original.

templar127's avatar

Discord: Pah! I'm even more handsome than this old coot!

ToxicGhost58's avatar

I honestly had no problem with how Discord's disguise looked, it was the matter of how he used it. I'm still bummed that it wasn't the real Grogar, it would've been SO awesome to have him be the final boss of season 9.

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When I figured it out, my reaction was similar to Tirek's reaction = "That was unexpected".

ToxicGhost58's avatar

At first, I thought it was like a time paradox or something. Grogar becomes Discord in the future, then he is sent to the past to some point way before the show started.

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BrightBulb13Student Traditional Artist

i completely agree with this idea i mean the disguise wasn't intimidating enough in my opinion and making him look more demonic like his g1 counterpart makes more sense

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Darthsylar12Hobbyist Writer

Love your understanding and I actually am a big fan of the Grogar twist that was done but, I unfortunately need to make this meme. Just wanted you know I like your interpretation and also loved how the show portrayed things, as they don't necessarily contradict each other as there was a Real Grogar with real power, so there he did exist, was a threat and no reason to believe he can't come back and if Discord, which I do believe, was portraying a realistic Grogar's power...he was quite strong. But, for the sake of memes I must post...

The Virgin Discord vs the Chad Grogar!

That is all.

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