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MLP:YL - Captain Tempest Shadow

After her journey of spreading the world of the Storm King's fall, Tempest Shadow returned to Equestria, just around the time it was decided that Princess Twilight Sparkle needs to have her own guards and she specially wanted Tempest to be the captain of them. There wasn't any objection from Celestia and Luna, they knew Tempest was great for the position after leading the Storm King's army for years. Tempest was hasitant to take the position at first, as she felt she didn't deserve this amount of trust after what she done, but in the end she took it, so she could repay Twilight's kindness towards her.
The guards under her said she was rough around the edges, kinda awkward to talk to and sometimes even kinda terrifing, but in the end a fair and great captain.


Time for me to integrate Tempest into this AU. It always been a plan of mine to give Twilight her own guards, but never really thought out a captain for them. I think Tempest is the best choice for that.

Also first time showing of the armor of Twilight's guards (partly). Went through some color varients until I found one I most satisfied with (btw it has a helmet part, just Tempest doesn't wear it most of the time). In the near future I should do a drawing that shows of the whole armor set.


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Characters and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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I feel Shining and Cadence vibes looking at this. :) Twilight was accepting when it came to forgiving her after all and Tempest actually gave friendship a chance and it worked out for her. Yes, the movie wasn't as great as I would have liked it to be. But that doesn't inherently make it bad either; just a staple of the series with an average likeability and an okay cast with the exception of the Storm King.

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Indeed, Tempest is the perfect pony for that position!

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Awesome I can see that happing
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I like that idea. Tempest certainly has the qualifications to be a leader of the guards. Plus, she chose friendship in the end so... win win. :)
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It looks good, it's a good idea to have golden areas in his armor by Celestia's guards, I do not think Tempest likes wearing a helmet because he would look like a terrestrial pony for his broken horn. I like the idea that you design the Twilight guards but Twilight being the Princess of Friendship would not want guards to be closer to everyponies and other creatures, so Tempest would be like a presidential bodyguard
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Tempest is a girl btw 😊
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Wonderful work
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Pretty dope. Though I always preferred the idea that twilight doesn’t want a guard. Princess of friendship and all that 
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tall edgehorse is best guard.
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Yeah, it's about time for Twilight to have her own security team.
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Tsundere Fizzlepop is always the best :3
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* Tempest was hesitant to take the position at first, as she felt she didn't deserve this amount of trust 
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