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Lullaby for a Princess

Ponyphonic - Lullaby for a Princess: [link]

Character and MLP:FiM (c) Lauren Faust, Hasbro
CM vector (c9 :iconblackgryph0n:
Artwork (c) me
No stealing. Thank you.
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The years now before us
Fearful and unknown
I never imagined
I'd face them on my own
May these thousand winters
Swiftly pass, I pray
I love you; I miss you
All these miles away
strongbad-joe132's avatar
I’m a guy, and I cried to this song.
TheClanCat's avatar
the video is so sad Waaaah! Waaaah! 
BokunZhao's avatar
perfect for album art of this song.
LunalaCrevan's avatar
I actually cried to that song,and I emphasize with Both sides.
TobiIsABunny's avatar
Yep I like the song I did made a fanart of the song.

It's about a evil demon getting the sun and moon to fight but he succeeded
Tori040403's avatar
flutter-butter55678's avatar
coincidence; I was just listening to that song!
spontaneousme3510's avatar
This song brought me to tears. Nice job depicting the side of Celestia that we hardly ever get to see
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Can I use this as title screen for my review?
princessluna55's avatar
bring back princessluna from the moon
werelightshine's avatar
I started the song I couldn't take it it's kinda sad😭
werelightshine's avatar
See ya Luna, maybe a thousand years in the moon will teach you not to use that kind of language in the castle.
Anthony1l's avatar
Beautiful... :) (Smile)  
CelestialLullaby29's avatar
Oh and can i use this
CelestialLullaby29's avatar
Lullaby For a Princess I'll have this picture and the lyrics
DemPonyGirlz's avatar
Lullaby for a Princess made me Like Celestia even more.This Makes me confused why ppl don't like Tia tho.
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
I love the song! This is beautiful artwork. It reminds me of how I feel sometimes
This is the instant thumbnail for when the giant video for lullaby for a princess comes out
Phenometron's avatar
I totally feel for Celestia.
sonicavenger1's avatar
Essentially, perfect. This is truly incredible.

Would you be okay if I used this as cover art for a story? I'd credit you, of course.
PonyMystic's avatar
One of the best fan-made songs ever.

May these thousand winters swiftly pass I pray.


This song actually made me like Tia a little more.

Arwing's avatar
This shows a side to Celestia that most people I think forget. Apart from being a ruler she is a mare and a sister and so she has the same type of worries as other ponies but her station is one of constant scrutiny and it looks to me she can't cry for fear of looking weak. She has been alone for a 1000 years and I'm also betting she didn't want to seal away her sister but she had no choice. I was listening to Gwyn's theme from dark souls and the pianos really set the mood. The stars must've taken ages to do and Celestia looking forlorn really makes me feel her sorry. A great pic for a vastly underrated pony. 
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